Swingin’ and Swappin’ and gettin’ real merry!


Last year I enjoyed Kestral’s Swap so much, I had to do it again! I was paired with Musings of a Seamstress – go check her out! She is a  gal on a very special mission this year. Her mission wasn’t to send me the perfect fabric, but it could have been! Check out my loot!!!


You all know how I like to be giddy and this almost broke the giddymeter! I wouldn’t have been more pleased if the Swinton had dropped it by on her way to the Planetary Summit. The nappy coral formation fabric is my favorite actually- even tho it’s sort of like a solid color! Strange! DSC08551

I must be getting too predictable. Thats 2 lovelies in a row that threw we some gorgeous beastie prints and tunicy spendidness! I think this suit will be my next make to throw you all off track: V8887

It will be in a sensible beige and I will wear it with nude heels and a sensible slip……… Ok, that was even hard for me to type! Do not send out a search party- I will not do this! I love that I am a bit gaudilly predictable to my webbie friends- who I am very thankful for!mabel-normandkiss

Now I have to go find a special place in


for my new treasures!

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, all images remain the property of their original owners.

12 thoughts on “Swingin’ and Swappin’ and gettin’ real merry!

  1. Nice! I like the look of that Simplicity top, and is that a retractable tape measure I see lurking? I’ve seen a few of those in swap parcels this time around and continually profess my love for them in my comments.


  2. Oh dear, I am toatlly green with envy. The orange print is beautiful but the other is delectable. The coral textured fabric! oh oh oh…A structured dress with some black to offset the color? Some pants? Black dress with green color block?


  3. Wow! Such fabulous treats! I’ve just posted about my goodies from the lovely Philippa – do come and take a look! Thank-you Kestrel for setting this up 🙂


  4. mrsmole says:

    That suit says, “I mean business, Buster”. It must be the fabric printed diagonally, surely a person would not choose to make every section on the bias…or would they? You see you have created a persona that everyone can get their head around… people can send you perfect fabrics even though they have never met you…how does that work? Work your magic girl and stay cool!


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