The Thistle and the Swinton


This week I was alerted to the culmination of a strange and powerful union by Amy on twitter.  Amy has earned her merit badge for Swinton spotting and is now an official Junior Swintologist! Applause, applause!  It seems that the Kaiser has contracted an alliance with our favorite galactic being. I wonder if Haider Ackermann is behind a force field somewhere…. but he should have seen this coming- remember the Versailles Chanel show on Wearable Wednesday over a year ago? He doesn’t understand her lack of accessories, but he understands the power! tilda-main_2

Obviously plaid is no kryptonite to her! This collection is so lovely and textural and looks so good against her rawness. You knows? More of the collection is here2 e


I think the Lagerfeld has been planning this for along time!Perhaps ever since he and Choupette sat down to split a diet coke and watch Orlando. Choupette-Lagerfeld-Cam-NET-A-PORTER


I’m going to need this all boxed up and sent to the Grievance headquarters, please. Merely for further analysis. Formal study, you know. That may or may not include me rolling around in it with 3 dachshunds. tilda-swinton-collection-chanel-paris-edimbou-L-zw952L

photo credits:,, Google images. All images remain the property of the original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Red Valentino


Ok, just who is this person? Who is the customer for this collection? There are some lovely bits here, but all so spun into fluffy clouds of sugar that they scream anime Goldilocks. va3

Does Madame Alexander have a corporate staff uniform? va4







This is like career day at Lollipop land.


Here are my favorites:


Just add 12 inches, please.


I solve tiny little pretty crimes! Involving missing teddy bears.


Take me seriously damn it, I’m a Nobel Laureate.


Yes, I am jealous. I want all of these shoes!


I’m a velveteen corporate shark in my Red Valentino! val15

As a gal who has made doll clothes alot, I am seeing someone familiar here.


photo credits: Vogue Australia. All images remain the property of their original owners.