Wearable Wednesday De Montfort University

Buckle up- it’s a group show and we are going to see some textural specialness. de1

She looks chapped. Get it? heehee


You know those lines wicker furniture leaves on your thighs? This is worse.De3

Gingham still on your to do list? de4

Cat toys! Also strange Clydsdale platforms.


Oh, my- chain link does not a privacy fence make for ones lady garden. de7

The hairdresser smock is scary! de8

Is that- are those? Does it- um. ok. Whatever.


Oh, no, an attack muppet! de10

Ok- what do you think? de11

Please do not adjust your watches- we are not in Japan.


Yay! I almost don’t hate this one! de13

Oh, she’s crafty!


Belt optional. de15

I like to do macrame on the bus. de16

Oh gees, her crotch is throwing up!


photo credits: Vogue UK, all photos remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday By Johnny

Help me out here. I’m so distracted by her eye shadow that I can’t think. The saran over blouse is kind of cute…. by1

Ok, I love this one- the print, the cut outs. Yup. It transcends blue eye shadow and elfin hair.by2

Are those cups bullet proof? I’ve never wanted to knock on a persons bosom before….I am kind of embarrassed by that. But I just want to hear the noise it will make. Thats not weird, no. It’s not. by3

Is the hem intentionally flippy or just from her heavy breathing. She looks faintly congested. Maybe a chemical allergic reaction to the eye shadow? by4

This one looks like a really hot stewardess uniform to me. Yes, I said stewardess, not flight attendant. I’m a rebel. I also refer to the housekeeper as my chambermaid. But not in front of her of course….by5

Hey! 2 models back they ran out of blue eye shadow, but they found some green, luckilly. by6

I like these shoes, but the way. Altho I think some of these models look like they are about to turn an ankle. I’m not wild about this next one. It’s kind of over-scaled at the shoulders for me.BY7

I like the way the print accentuates the crossover on this one. I still hate the eye shadow- I think she does too. by8

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

Vogue 8901- Do they make Argyle Ducks?

Sometimes I feel a little like Fanny Brice- not for the talent mind you, but for the feeling of ducks among swans.


Sometimes I get so excited about a project and then look on PR and get so inspired by all the versions I see and can’t wait to put mine out there and join the lovely parade and revel in mine and other people creativity. Then there are other times when I look at the only other review on PR and think, ‘Oh, I cannot possibly put my foolishness up next to the only other review posted- they look amazing- like a model in a professional setting with 3 fairygodstylists working on their look and I feel like a sows ear! ‘ Here’s how Vogue sees it: 8901

Well, in for a penny, right? Here we go. I love this pattern. I’ve been wanting to try a maxi dress and this Vogue sucked me in. I chose an argyle rayony business and hand pleated the skirt to make it lay down where I didn’t. The bodice on this is fully lined and is built like a pinafore, the side seams laying over each other and creating a very open armscye. In the interest of science- I reveal this area for you: IMG_2780

It is bra exposurally low, so either add a gusset or throw on a camisole and live with your decisions. I chose camisole, and I’m happy about it. The skirt is lined to the knee- when I cut it out I wasn’t sure how long I’d want the skirt- is too much argyle a bad thing? I was feeling very overwhelmed with all this and am still not sure where one wears such a maxi beast-  another tip of the hat to the fantasy lifestyle I sew for. Well, who isn’t wearing an argyle maxi at the dogpark this season? Exactly. No one of any style would think it odd, now would they?IMG_2765

So tell me in the comments- leave it long? Chop it to the knee? Tea length? The husband votes just at the knee. But he always says that?! I am pondering it here. arg1

So on the whole, I’m quite happy with this, I’m a little embarrassed that I held off finishing it afraid that it wouldn’t stand up next to another’s gorgeous make. I need to keep in mind that if I wanted to look like everyone else, I’d be shopping retail, right? As the self-appointed spokesmodel for bad pattern choices, I need to never hide my light under a bushel, proudly waving my gaudy flag and inspiring other people to let their foolishness run free as God intended.  Sniff, I’d temporarily forgotten my sacred role. I lost sight of the fact that out there somewhere, a sewcialist is rubbing a overthetop animal print between 2 fingers and  thinking doubtful thoughts until she sees her little rubber ‘WQGWAD?’ ** bracelet and feels better about her skills and purpose. It’s important work I do. Sniff, sniff.IMG_2761

**WQGWAD = What Questionable gaudiness Would Anne Do?

photo credits: pattern review, google images, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesdays Maticevski

Wide lapels that get into your soup are bad enough, but when your date ends the evening with an eye-patch….ma1

They were gold leafing backstage, poor girl.


Ok, so what is going on here? I expect the model to get to the end of the runway and fling her panties at Andre Leon Talley….ma3

I would whisper to her that she needs to adjust her thingy, but I’m not sure what to tell her to adjust…ma4

She looks like she is about to bowl a strike with that head of cauliflower- lets watch…ma5

Her date had no idea where to pin it, so she’s stuck carrying her corsage all night.ma6

If Nana had any idea she was wearing her apron like this, she would be in serious trouble!ma7

Is it attached?


I like the stripey action- looks like she likes cauliflower too. ma9

I am in love with this one. I know not why. But, I have to ask- is her tattoo a tiny biohazard sign? ma11

photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

Wearable Wednesday Emma Mullholland

Ok, so I’m not exactly the athletic sort, so maybe thats why I’m not getting this so much.

. em1

Is that a non-skid bib? em2

Wow. I have whiplash. Do I comment on the gargoyle pendant or the fishscale cuffs? Or the reflective neck tourniquet? Mind freezing!!!em3

As a public service, I ask you to please go see Kazz to cleanse your palate of this bomber jacket. Look how it’s bringing the model down. em4

Wha- whe- oh, I don’t know. That bracelet cannot be taken into federal buildings by the way. em5

Tank Girl would not care for this. Neither would her cousin Fishtank Girl. Not to ask a too personal question, but why are her breasts so far apart? Are they trying to escape this outfit too? em6

Oh Shamu no. em7

Aquaman meets Gem and the Hollograms and its not so good for either of them. em8

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

Oh, the Humanity!

Ah, me. What to say in the wake of a tragedy……..untitled

Yup, the husband and I returned from dinner to find the ‘Closet of Infinite textile hoarding’ had violently collapsed.  Flimsy shelves with no respect for animal print, says I!  I have it on good account that this is what the neighbors saw: 628x471

So today instead of doing any actual sewing, I’ll be sorting and putting things away- ugh. So not a job for a spoiled creative soul. Where are my minions??? Look at this mess! It makes me want to just run away. DSC08559

I tried to get the dachsies to wear safety helmets, but they are rebels.Arrgh. How did I get all this in one closet? DSC08569

This begs the question- how to sort- by weight, color, breed? DSC08562

The husband has reinforced the new ‘Textile Panic room’ to support 1-2 tons of fabric hoarding. I appreciate his efforts, I truly do, but now that the cupboard is bare, as they say, that closet looks a little small, don’t you think?DSC08564

Wouldn’t it be better, I mean really, I’m thinking house resale and the future of course, to just bust out the attached wall and turn the computer room into a little more storage? Nothing fancy- tumblr_m6yz0iFnuM1raiy98o1_500

perhaps just a little extra shelving-


How about this one?design-f8dec112d6b4070af5c1c6370fe828f5_h

That Dita Von Teese has a nice closet- maybe if I fill half of it with corsets, the husband will endorse my idea.

Well, off I go. If you don’t see my again by Wearable Wednesday, send cookies and a rescue team!

photo credits: google images, little me.

Wearable Wednesday Bless’d Are the Meek


Blessed are the meek, for they shall achieve browedness!


Blessed are the braless, too apparently.


Are these leg stencils supposed to make them look like barber poles at formal events?


This is a mixed bag for me- some great pieces, some good shapes…


Some strange clingy crotch curtains.


This is my favorite.


Ok, what celeb can you see wearing this? It would be a babystep toward Rhianna buying a bra….


This sweater business makes me think of Linda Evans trying to seduce John Forsythe.

photo credits: style.com, all images remain the property of their original owners