Oh, the Humanity!

Ah, me. What to say in the wake of a tragedy……..untitled

Yup, the husband and I returned from dinner to find the ‘Closet of Infinite textile hoarding’ had violently collapsed.  Flimsy shelves with no respect for animal print, says I!  I have it on good account that this is what the neighbors saw: 628x471

So today instead of doing any actual sewing, I’ll be sorting and putting things away- ugh. So not a job for a spoiled creative soul. Where are my minions??? Look at this mess! It makes me want to just run away. DSC08559

I tried to get the dachsies to wear safety helmets, but they are rebels.Arrgh. How did I get all this in one closet? DSC08569

This begs the question- how to sort- by weight, color, breed? DSC08562

The husband has reinforced the new ‘Textile Panic room’ to support 1-2 tons of fabric hoarding. I appreciate his efforts, I truly do, but now that the cupboard is bare, as they say, that closet looks a little small, don’t you think?DSC08564

Wouldn’t it be better, I mean really, I’m thinking house resale and the future of course, to just bust out the attached wall and turn the computer room into a little more storage? Nothing fancy- tumblr_m6yz0iFnuM1raiy98o1_500

perhaps just a little extra shelving-


How about this one?design-f8dec112d6b4070af5c1c6370fe828f5_h

That Dita Von Teese has a nice closet- maybe if I fill half of it with corsets, the husband will endorse my idea.

Well, off I go. If you don’t see my again by Wearable Wednesday, send cookies and a rescue team!

photo credits: google images, little me.

53 thoughts on “Oh, the Humanity!

  1. Cleaning the studio….Independance Day, hmmm, seems like they have something in common 🙂 I too have done a little sorting and cleaning lately although, things are still a mess. Wishing you God’s speed in your endeavours today. You’ll be in my thoughts 😉


  2. Oh dear!!! this explains the tweets regarding fabric discoveries! Good luck in getting that all back in there, you know what they say about digging a hole. The dirt never all goes back in. As for sorting, I do mine by type, silks, cottons, wools, etc. Seems to work ok for me. Good luck with it all, & happy 4th of July!


  3. Shar says:

    I’m sure the neighbors just thought the fireworks started early and had no clue about the real extent of the devastation! I was sitting on the floor of my tiny sewing room next to its even tinier closet just last night thinking how am I going to store the small stash I have – I gave up and went to bed. My husband wants to add on a garage at some point so I suggested added a sewing room above it. We haven’t won the lottery yet though… Best of luck and happy 4th!


  4. !!!! Well, look on the bright side: it’ll be like going on a shopping spree as you discover long-forgotten gems! I sort mine by type, too: silks, wools, cottons, laces, polys, tweeds, etc., etc. Good luck, and happy “shopping”!


  5. And I thought it was bad when a sign fell off the wall yesterday and knocked my thread racks down, spilling thread all over! At least this will give you a chance to organize and arrange things like you want, even if you don’t get a bigger space!


  6. Re-organizing because you want to is one thing, but being forced to do it makes it no fun. If there is any seamstress out there that I would suspect of having minions at her bidding, it would be you.


  7. you are not alone, I have had the shelf collapse of doom as well. fabric is heavy! I sometimes imagine a demise not unlike the wicked witch of the west, with my legs sticking out from a gigantic pile of fabric which has toppled over me. eeeeek! must sew faster 🙂


  8. I heard the crash all the way on the West Coast! Have you ever thought of renting one of those PODS? I have friends who quilt who rent containers at secure rental storage facilities and then they “visit” their stuff on weekends after the buy more on other “trips” with their fabric hoarding friends.You doggies are fearless!


  9. You understand, don’t you, that no actual living person possesses a storage space equal to the storage porn photos on Pinterest? They’re great, though.


  10. Now wait a minute here…..can we all come and shop your fabric stash before you re-cram? Think of all the room you would have for….NEW stash….Seriously, weed out, give away, resale, donate, but I would not so much go on a fabric diet but only purchase what I use. Use a fabric out of stash, I get to buy a new fabric.:) I have a very small space and keep a modest stash of favorite fabrics, organized loosely by fabric content. Linen/cotton/wool. That’s about it. Oh and I wrap two or more fabrics together that I think might play well in an outfit. I also find I am much more creative if not over loaded with too many choices. You’re lucky no dog was lost in the rubble…
    How was dinner?


  11. “How did I get all this in one closet?” No wonder the thing exploded! You may need a packed lunch and a surveyor’s wheel to sort that out. Couldn’t play the video. Apparently Aussies need to be protected against such things. It says that the downloader hasn’t made it available for viewing in your country so I guess I will just have to imagine.

    I would be interested to know if you come across any fabric you had “forgotten”.


  12. I hope you found some treasures – I love sorting through my stash and remembering what I have! I would love a walk in robe so much, stupid hubby doesn’t think we need it. We don’t, I do!! Why can’t he see that???


  13. Oh Dear!!! Well, at least no person, furry or otherwise was hurt in this disaster!
    Can’t wait to see the new fabric storage closet situation. My recommendation? (Not that you asked, but when has that ever stopped me???) Do up a closet Sex in the City Movie 1 Penthouse apartment style. Hire Mr. Big’s contractor immediately and just replace shoe storage with fabric! Problem solved!


  14. The same thing happened to The Fabric Closet of Requirement. Even though it was upsetting, I actually did enjoy visiting and fondling my treasures.

    Tell me, do you think you have reached SABLE (Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy) yet? No, you can’t say no, because you are going to live to 120. Be reasonable. If you haven’t, keep shopping.


    • I think you have forgotten the noble work I do- it takes heart and a charitable spirit to adopt homeless textiles and bring them into your life. I give, and I give. Sniff, sniff, dab eyes lightly with lavender-scented hankie…..


  15. Robyn Jorde says:

    Eeek! That closet does look awfully small for what needs to go back inside. Perhaps a new wing would also add value to the real estate?


  16. You actually hang your fabric on hangers? I’m so embarrassed. That would be pretty organized in my world. Of course, much of my stash is concealed, so it takes me a year to find it before my husband does!


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