Wearable Wednesday Emma Mullholland

Ok, so I’m not exactly the athletic sort, so maybe thats why I’m not getting this so much.

. em1

Is that a non-skid bib? em2

Wow. I have whiplash. Do I comment on the gargoyle pendant or the fishscale cuffs? Or the reflective neck tourniquet? Mind freezing!!!em3

As a public service, I ask you to please go see Kazz to cleanse your palate of this bomber jacket. Look how it’s bringing the model down. em4

Wha- whe- oh, I don’t know. That bracelet cannot be taken into federal buildings by the way. em5

Tank Girl would not care for this. Neither would her cousin Fishtank Girl. Not to ask a too personal question, but why are her breasts so far apart? Are they trying to escape this outfit too? em6

Oh Shamu no. em7

Aquaman meets Gem and the Hollograms and its not so good for either of them. em8

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

55 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Emma Mullholland

  1. mrsmole says:

    Holy Fluorescent Fashion…my eyes are burning! Make it stop! Bright wigs and neck bands and star bracelets…I almost did not notice the clothes! And I am imagining someone telling those sad models, “It’s OK…think of it as street wear, dear, now go out on that runway”.


    • Its a lot of eye-sear. Perhaps if it were displayed a few pieces at a time in a dimly lit room, we could handle it’s aesthetic delights better. But no black light!!


  2. Faye Ryan says:

    Gem and the Hollograms! !!!!OMG they drove me nuts! My daughters fav video as a girl…. Bad memories reignited by all this starry colour!!!


  3. Shar says:

    Between the ages of 6-9, the ‘it’ store for my daughter was Justice (formerly Limited II). I think Emma’s been taking design inspiration from them. This collection just looks cheap to me.


  4. Phew. I was getting worried for a bit there. I clicked through the first few outfits thinking “have I lost my taste and fashion discretion, I actually like all of these”….in fact I wore very similar in the early to mid 80s. But then thank goodness the whale escaped from that model’s nether regions and awoke me from my wholesale love of this collection. (Still like those first few though, and that bomber, though Kazz’s are prettier obv.)


      • I wish I had a photo but in 1986 I had a pair of neon orange leggings with colour splats all over them not too dissimilar to the third look…..and yet I still pulled 3 times that year, including finally the current Mr Devyne. Do not mock the awesome pulling power of the neon splatted clothing! 😉 And I’d better not show Goth Child these hairdos….she currently has one side shaved and the rest pixie, but we’re apparently bleaching then dyeing hair blue ready for her school ID card photo….oh, that means it’s too late doesn’t it. Doh.


  5. Looking at these, I was thinking, “These really aren’t that bad. Not for me but not bad.” but then I realized I see young people wearing clothes not very different from these all the time. It doesn’t seem weird because I’m used to it. As usual, give me the fabrics and let me play with them.


  6. I must say I’m a little sorry I missed out on the neon hair thing. I would have worn blue hair (or pink, or green) when I was 14 but nobody had thought of it yet back then.


  7. Rosanne says:

    Yes! Gem and the Holograms! My 13 yr old self is screaming with delight over this collection, especially the star braclets! And that Shamu bathing suit coverup and cheeta print bikini – this must be the resort collection. Where would Gem and her Hologram troupe vacation?? Must be somehwere in the Carribean where the scuba leggings would be great on the jetskis (note the goggles in the first frame). Otherwise, the intent of the collection seems to be more wearable pieces with easy fit options: drawstring waists on the athletic skirt, loose fit tunic with leggings, printed bomber jacket over skirt over leggings and all of them with sneakers. Or maybe they are headed to Ibiza? Do you think they travel with their own blacklights?


  8. Is that a grinning animal at the top (divided in two) of the bomber jacket? And if so – what sort?
    Also, it is kinda dark round here and those fluorescent collars may be useful in getting home on dark nights. Just sayin……


  9. OMG – my 80’s self just threw up and I WORE neon-tie-dyed-stretch-lace-edged cotton/lycra matching tops and shorts (you can verify this with my daughter). I’m tempted to say worst collection of they year but then some designer will take that as a challenge…


  10. This is just what I needed tonight. I hope they found most of this fabric in an old warehouse abandoned in the late 1980s, because if people are producing it now, I may have to hunt them down and destroy them.


  11. Ummmm……I don’t even know what to say. The hair, all different and one of a kind funky and unique. The shoes, all the very same! In between…..well, colour anyway.


  12. Atrocious. I don’t think you could pay me to sport these in broad daylight… or darkness for that matter… Sometimes I wonder WHAT designers are thinking. And think it could be kinda fun to design something really awful and see what people say… ~Laurie


  13. I loved Jem and the Holograms. I loved the eighties. I love bright colours. And so I have to admit, I like a lot of this – epecially the crazy jewellery! I would probably even wear outift 2. I hope you’ll still speak to me after this announcement 🙂


  14. Oh my, I’ve finally caught up from my long absence! So determined was I not to miss anything that I even went back and reread some older posts and didn’t realise until I caught up with my own earlier comments, haha. You’re just that good.


  15. Oh man, I could say “You can’t make this crap up” but then somebody goes and does it. They MUST be having a flashback. Maybe channeling Timothy Leary or My Pretty Pony accessories….


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