Wearable Wednesdays Maticevski

Wide lapels that get into your soup are bad enough, but when your date ends the evening with an eye-patch….ma1

They were gold leafing backstage, poor girl.


Ok, so what is going on here? I expect the model to get to the end of the runway and fling her panties at Andre Leon Talley….ma3

I would whisper to her that she needs to adjust her thingy, but I’m not sure what to tell her to adjust…ma4

She looks like she is about to bowl a strike with that head of cauliflower- lets watch…ma5

Her date had no idea where to pin it, so she’s stuck carrying her corsage all night.ma6

If Nana had any idea she was wearing her apron like this, she would be in serious trouble!ma7

Is it attached?


I like the stripey action- looks like she likes cauliflower too. ma9

I am in love with this one. I know not why. But, I have to ask- is her tattoo a tiny biohazard sign? ma11

photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesdays Maticevski

  1. LOL at the cauliflowers! The first two cauliflower carrying models are wearing dresses that actually look interesting – and lovely colors – although that second one looks a little dicey. Love the light pink one! The gold leaf thing…she looks miserable! And that front – is that supposed to be flattering? Yikes.

    The ‘needs adjusting’ dress…where WOULD you start? Hard to know what’s what there. The belt was easily identifiable even if it appeared 10 sizes too big, but the random red band…what’s up with that?

    The ‘apron gone bad’ was definitely the worst. What. Did they have a major sale on that fabric or did he lose a bet and HAVE to use it? Was this a Project Runway “you must incorporate this granny apron fabric in your design” challenge I missed. Awful. Really awful. Run.


  2. mrsmole says:

    Love the last one with the roses lining! The rest are not so bad and the gold leaf garment just would be perfect for a garden party!


  3. Do you know, I quite like some of these! I really really like the dress with the thingy (is it an extra belt?) and I like the pink and pale blue dresses that come with cauliflour bags. Maybe this is the start of a veggie bag trend! I think the gold leaf dress would also look better on someone a bit more curvacious…


  4. I see some possibilities with some, as to the cauliflowers…LOL, I had a good chuckle at that one. Maybe that’s all the girls get to eat, sure looks that way.


  5. Shar says:

    Great commentary as usual! Reading your blog is the first thing I do every Wednesday morning (it sets the tone for the day). I really like all of these (except for #3 and the floral cape). The flow-ey, girly-ness of it really appeals to me.


  6. The first one might be nice without the pointy vest. The second one is lovely… well, the fabric is lovely. I’m not sure I like all that complicated business going on with the skirt. I really like the light pink one. Lose the cauliflower and add some nice, normal accessories. They wouldn’t have to be terribly normal, just not vegetables.


  7. Interesting laughs the two lads at the back were having during the stripey cauliflower and the last one with the random rose tubes at the side.
    the 3-point tattoo was also on the inside right shoulder of the grandmother’s apron. some secret society?


  8. jadesabre9 says:

    The one with the flowery giant collar makes me think of the dinosaurs from Jurassic park that spit black goo at people …


  9. I have to say, I sorta disagree with the masses, i actually like these outfits! I think the colours are grand and the drape is lovely! But do not understand their need to carry produce. Weird.


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