Wearable Wednesday By Johnny

Help me out here. I’m so distracted by her eye shadow that I can’t think. The saran over blouse is kind of cute…. by1

Ok, I love this one- the print, the cut outs. Yup. It transcends blue eye shadow and elfin hair.by2

Are those cups bullet proof? I’ve never wanted to knock on a persons bosom before….I am kind of embarrassed by that. But I just want to hear the noise it will make. Thats not weird, no. It’s not. by3

Is the hem intentionally flippy or just from her heavy breathing. She looks faintly congested. Maybe a chemical allergic reaction to the eye shadow? by4

This one looks like a really hot stewardess uniform to me. Yes, I said stewardess, not flight attendant. I’m a rebel. I also refer to the housekeeper as my chambermaid. But not in front of her of course….by5

Hey! 2 models back they ran out of blue eye shadow, but they found some green, luckilly. by6

I like these shoes, but the way. Altho I think some of these models look like they are about to turn an ankle. I’m not wild about this next one. It’s kind of over-scaled at the shoulders for me.BY7

I like the way the print accentuates the crossover on this one. I still hate the eye shadow- I think she does too. by8

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

46 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday By Johnny

  1. To be honest, I like his work. And I would love to own those shoes.
    Actually I love those angles and colours.
    The ruching on the last model’s dress is very interesting too. He collection is wearable to moi.


  2. mrsmole says:

    I don’t mind the eyeshadow…wore the same in the swinging 60’s. The flippy hemmed skirts are cute and so I get the feel that some argyle influence has crept in?If these dresses were put on real sized women with curves you might see some strange angles and shapes but these thin girls rock the silhouette. Nice shoes, nice thin ankles…so not normal. That big shoulder blue top and skirt just screams Demi Moore. Overall all wearable for the young thin crowd. Maybe he was going for a snakelike look with #2 and 3?


  3. Shar says:

    I like these looks (the lines and the fabric) – but I would need some Spanx to pull them off! I think we can do exact knock-offs of the skirts with By Hand London’s Charlotte pattern.


  4. Marsha says:

    Wow, a designer with feminine lines, pretty fabrics, and dare-I-say fairly modest contours. Not a nipple or a labia in sight! I’m truly impressed.

    I was surprised to see the shiny cream blue/green eye shadow. I thought the last of that was used up in the disco era, circa 1979. They must have opened up a time capsule.


  5. I like several of these, though I don’t think I could wear them myself. Slim skirts don’t do me any favors. Anyway, I like the “bulletproof” one – the whole outfit – and the next two. The striped t-shirt isn’t bad but I like the skirt better.


  6. Eyeshadow aside, for the most part, I really like this collection. You always find designers that are new to me and it makes Wearable Wednesday all the more fun. Although your commentary is the true highlight:)


  7. ellecsews says:

    I love them. All of them. Could I wear them? Absolutely not. Picture it, a middle aged woman with protruding belly, massive ass, and boobs that have forgotten where they started, squeezed into any one of these. So wrong. But the clothes are lovely.

    However the makeup artist should be beaten to death with a bottle of oil free eye makeup remover. Clearly he never read “Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal by Paua Begoun.



  8. Well, I knew this would be a fun post when I read “…distracted by eye shadow…saran over top…” and it didn’t disappoint! I actually think some of these clothes have possibility (straighten out the confusion on the first item – sports bra? and the random fabric pieces slung over shoulders). The fabrics are interesting and some of the cuts are really nice.

    What I totally don’t get is why the use of ALL the eyeshadow? I mean, it makes the models look horrible – even they look like they’re not in love with any of the looks. Why do designers do this? I want pretty on the runway…! If I’m cringing over the models’ looks due to poorly chosen makeup/accessories/fill in the blank… am I really going to be seriously considering the clothing itself? Sigh. Maybe that’s why I’m not a fashion editor…;)


  9. I like this one, can’t wear it, but I love many of the fabrics, the architectural feel of some of the pieces without being ridiculous and I love that the flouncy skirts look lined. Nicely done and nicely fitted. The eyeshadow didn’t distract one bit for me.


  10. I like these looks! Especially the flippy hemlines. I mean, not for me, but for someone. Eye shadow? What eye shadow? Just focus on those hemlines, we’ll all be ok….


  11. I concur with your liking of the skidmark dress. I like pretty much everything about it except for the tread mark print. I also like the white and blue dress with the cutouts. So while still not a total winner for me, not bad. 🙂


  12. Not shocked by the eye shadow but then I remember wearing green eyeshadow and green mascara. It was the seventies… I love love the second dress, everything about it. I want to knock it off and wear it.


  13. I actually yawned. And the eye shadow circa 1974? Dull. We did NOT wear eye shadow like that by the time we were hitting the discos, we were into sparkles and smokey : ) There isn’t enough interest here to keep me engaged but I do appreciate your snarky dialog : )


  14. I like these! The fabric prints are great, love the colours & the silhouettes. The little flippy hem is cute too. Not sure about the eye shadow, but we’ve seen worse, haven’t we??


  15. I too, love the collection and agree about the eyeshadow. Even in our worst offender moments with blue, we at least stuck to the eyelid crease, and not up to the forehead! By the way, Prttynpnk darling, why do you let Tiffany spam your comments? She probably wears blue eyeshadow, too.
    Your fervent admirer, Tina in San Diego


  16. busylizzieinbrissie says:

    The silhouettes are really interesting and appealing, but the styling definitely leave something to be desired. Are they trying to distract us?


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