Wearable Wednesday De Montfort University

Buckle up- it’s a group show and we are going to see some textural specialness. de1

She looks chapped. Get it? heehee


You know those lines wicker furniture leaves on your thighs? This is worse.De3

Gingham still on your to do list? de4

Cat toys! Also strange Clydsdale platforms.


Oh, my- chain link does not a privacy fence make for ones lady garden. de7

The hairdresser smock is scary! de8

Is that- are those? Does it- um. ok. Whatever.


Oh, no, an attack muppet! de10

Ok- what do you think? de11

Please do not adjust your watches- we are not in Japan.


Yay! I almost don’t hate this one! de13

Oh, she’s crafty!


Belt optional. de15

I like to do macrame on the bus. de16

Oh gees, her crotch is throwing up!


photo credits: Vogue UK, all photos remain the property of their original owners.

72 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday De Montfort University

  1. You’ve finally done it! Presented a Wearable Wednesday of irredeemable awfulness! No wonder all those girls look like they’ve just swallowed castor oil!


  2. Aah student shows. Not to be taken seriously. Anyway, the brief was probably ‘assemblage of anything you find on the studio floor this morning’, or ‘take something almost wearable and wreck it’, or ‘use the worst bits of your friend’s submission for the textile module to the dreariest effect’. They’re not to blame.


  3. kazzthespazz says:

    I wonder what the brief-breakdown was, looks like the students were doing magic mushrooms and this is what their minds-eye captured, a bad batch methinks.


  4. You are funny. Irony? Satire? Political statement? Social comment on the status of world economics? No, just hilarious! Did you miss the animal prints in all this mayhem?


  5. Well….. I like the colors. And there are some pieces there that I could, perhaps, do something with. (with which I could do something? Oh screw grammar this morning.)


  6. ellecsews says:

    Well you certainly dialed up the crazy this week, didn’t you? Unmedicated schizophrenic street people would find this show to be too much.

    Just because you can make it, doesn’t mean you should.


  7. Eileensews says:

    Were these models from the Veronica Lake School of Modeling?
    All of the outfits are way out there.Thank you for sharing them.


  8. Could the animal snout be some sort of anti-mugging device? Wear that out in the city and you’ll look so superbly crazy that even criminally crazy isn’t going to want to mess with you.


  9. Clydesdale shoes, crotch vomit, lady garden fences…still laughing here! Great comments on a ridiculous show.

    Yes, I understand this is a student production no doubt…but keep in mind that someone’s resources are funding this junk! Looks like they sent students to Michaels with a way-too-big budget. I mean, these aren’t even aesthetically pleasing…and wearable? Not even close. Kind of makes you wonder what’s being taught (although it does kind of explain that last season of PR…!)


  10. Hmm, well, I like loud and gaudy, but apparently even I have a line that I think crosses into the ridiculous and this show is definitely there. While I can kind of appreciate the Monsters Inc. influence in some of these, I think they’d be better suited to children’s clothing. The gingham one is almost wearable, if not for the peak-a-boo I see your nipple aspect. The cat toy tunic looks like a dream catcher went there to die. Did you notice the chain link dress has an accompanying giant EYEBALL jacket? The effect from a distance is that of a distorted face sticking it’s tongue/legs out at us. I almost like the coat with the nose. Cat, you think? I was going to guess raccoon, but perhaps that’s because it appears she’s been rooting around in trash bags.
    Excellent post, these are fun!


  11. mrsmole says:

    Last week when the guy on Project Runway went into the garbage at Mood, he must have left a few bit and pieces and these designers found them….monster fur, wicker straps, macrame string and leftover lumberjack plaid really does not go together but as Tim Gunn says, “Make it work” and they did…The last couple with macrame did have some very nice stenciling…the best part of the show…thanks for waking us all up with a jolt!


  12. Wow… you’ve had some, ah… stunning, collections, but this… it’s… wow.

    So let’s see…
    Should someone check on Telly monster and Barkley? Just to be sure they still have fur?
    Are some of these intended to be beach coverups? Although they really wouldn’t provide much sun protection.
    Miss Crafty looks like she is about to graduate from Grade 7. She’s probably young, but the styling really makes her look juvinile.


  13. I'm in stitches says:

    No plant or animal fibres were harmed in the making of these…er…um…outfit thingies. There was, unfortunately, gratuitous massacre of Artistry, Thoughtfulness and Common Sense. We are, however, glad to report that Taste escaped unharmed from this carnage, having abandoned the scene long before the havoc began.

    (I do think the gingham one is quite fun, as long as you have a singularly pert bosom).


  14. The raincoat thing is interesting. It is for those freezing winter rains. But so your monster fur arms don’t get soggy, they have their own raincoats.
    But the boots are so very icing sugar teeth hurting.
    Who would have thought you could do day-glo pastel?


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