You thought I was just lazy…but I’m actually a superhero…sort of.

So between performing acts of derring-do and of course complaining, I have finished 2 tops and even wore them! One I have officially worn the heck out of and one I’m still on the fence about. Happy top first! 1619

I seem to constantly need new tops- I am a top loving gal. I also love some sheer material- so there you go.blouse1

This is a really easy make with simple details- the shoulders- they have this nifty drawstring gathery action. This is not a very structured top and so my only complaint is the gathering tends to make the shoulders fall forward and I have to periodically remind them that they have a PLACE TO BE!!! I also enjoy the vague tunnelishness of the arm holes- they go on forevvvver…..blouse2


I got frisky and used a braided cord instead of making self ties and I like my little detail. I initially passed over this pattern thinking it looked dated, but it woo’d me and you know I do woo easy- cheap thing that I am!  It’s a big old boxy top, but in South Carolina in the summer, cling is not king.  This one gets a victory lap and of course, a small doggie collage with Bruder, Liesl and Katze, respectively. PicMonkey Collage1

Blouse 2? Well, I’m still sort of on the fence as I said. In theory it’s very entertaining. It has a cape. Yup. A cape. you can stitch it down in back at the hem, creating a place for your shy lemur, a loaf or bread, a jug of wine, the 1st 3 seasons of Downton Abbey on dvd or blue ray… get the point. I digress. 8907

See the gentle fluttering the model is trying to ignore? Paolo the photographers assistant had just turned off the fan in the studio, realizing that this thing in motion is really not sultry, it is more like a parachute that attacked you from behind. Or like when the cat tries to inspect a plastic bag and gets it’s head caught on it and runs around with it filling up and smacking it in the back and the cat thinks it’s being chased. Yup, I’m less super hero in this than tormented cat, now that I think about it.89073

Now I am cool with the cape, I actually like the way the collar is a drapey business that flows over one shoulder (for business casual archery day, as most offices have now made mandatory) and it has an odd 1930’s feel somehow. I am uncomfortable with the bare-armed-ness of it. I knew one side was material flapping when I walked, but the other was all me of course.89072

So I’m very torn on this one. I liked how I wore it to work- an outfit I have recreated for you here (see how devoted I am?) and of course my co-workers were very nice about it. I tried to leave the room and silently sneak back (yes, I am that paranoid) to see if they were all making mime flapping gestures or calling Goodwill to come and take my sewing machine away, but they are a subtle bunch. I will now rely on all of you to give this one  thumbs up or down. I am afraid I love the fabric more than the top. So sad when bad patterns happen to good fabric…..8907

Or is this the coolest off-sided capelet top you have ever seen? Are you rushing to your drafting tables to see if you too can have such fabness? Oh, do. I can actually think of several sewcials that would carry this off and look swell- but am I one of them?

photo credits: Pattern review, google images, meadhawg. All images remain the property of their owners

81 thoughts on “You thought I was just lazy…but I’m actually a superhero…sort of.

  1. mrsmole says:

    Avante garde my ass…it is YOU! Now you need a few more in other colors to just wipe that smile off your co-workers faces…so chic! The first top only needs some thread loops with small snaps to loop under your bra to keep the shoulder seams exactly where they belong. Your are amazing! You look cool and collected and Lordie I wish you lived closer so we could parade you out around my town!


  2. I think you’ve done a great job on both of them! They also look really good on you, so bonus! The migrating shoulders would drive me nuts (I’m funny that way), and that superfluous caplet thingy I would probably be swatting, but…what we ladies do for fashion 🙂 Going to pass on those personally, but you’ve made them work to your advantage!

    Thanks for leading us through another great pattern review!


  3. Gloria Williams says:

    Oh this is the best top I’ve seen all summer!! It looks FANTASTIC on you and please don’t let ANYONE tell you differently! I can’t wait to make it for myself, and believe me I don’t always love my arms.


    • Gloria Williams says:

      Oh I’m sorry, I was talking about the cape top, but actually like the first one as well, and like the suggestion to make something to snap to your bra strap. Ever think of making this longer and into a dress? This normally pants sewer has been super intrigued by dresses this year.


  4. You are a super hero completing 2 tops in a single bound. Love them both. My favourite is the first one. Only because I could wear it (in a larger size though!!) LOVE the look of that one and may just have to add that pattern to my stash. The second one is gorgeous too and you can certainly carry it off. Fab fabric and I love the asymmetrical look to it. It looks great on you and is certainly not a boring top. Very nice.


  5. I’m a HUGE fan of floatiness, though in an Auckland winter it’s really more appropriate to wear woolen blankets. Both of your tops looks great for sticky summers.

    The cape top is two thumbs up from me! It’s interesting without being “weird” (a fine line with some of the Vogues, especially).


  6. I actually like both your tops! I am trying to make myself sew more of them — they are what I need the most of and what I have the least of. But when I read the description of “a parachute attacking you from behind” I busted out laughing. Your “sewcial” commentary is the best:)


  7. Oh, very nice, I actually like both tops! The first one is, of course, very cute, with the sheer fabric and tied shoulders, but, I have to say, I like the second top even more!! It is so unique and the cape is very flattering, it streamlines your body and the asymmetry is really lovely! Different and very posh looking. Nice doggie photo collage. I am addicted to photo collaging now, as well, since finding all the free software for it. 🙂


  8. I love both tops. The blue one is really neat with the detailing you’ve added.
    The cape top would be perfect for a sewist high tea! Drapey is definitely king when the weather is hot and sticky!


  9. I think they both look great! Really! I think I might even like the cape one a bit more, though if the cape portion makes you feel uncomfortable you may be able to trim it down to match the front or something. From the front though it makes you look slim and elegant. 🙂


  10. You had me at the jug of wine. I will make the top just for THAT reason! 😉 I actually really like them both. The capelet one is quite nice on you! I can understand how the two different sleeves may feel awkward though. Especially if you aren’t used to Super Hero action! ~Laurie


  11. The shoulders on the happy top are meant to fall forward – so just let them and revel in the toga-like gathering. You’ve said it yourself – wear the happy top for everyday and keep the super-hero one for special. Both are good, maybe the cape just needs getting used to as it is an unusual design. Nice sewing, especially with drapey chiffons: you’ve tamed them well.


  12. I'm in stitches says:

    Yes indeed, Wonderfashionista Woman strikes again! You have an incredible knack for finding patterns that suit you perfectly. I think both would be fabulous made again in different fabrics (except maybe not in tartan for the capey one unless you want people asking you where your bagpipes are).


  13. I’m with mrsmole. I wish you lived closer too. I would certainly want to be seen with all that top side goodness you’ve been stitching up. I like both tops but think the cape top is the more flattering of the two. And you wear it with such panache! Go forth be cool and do good works Super hero! I think the 3 little furred sidekicks need capes too!


  14. Oh my God, you just made me snort my coffee I was laughing so much. Can you fit a shy lemur and a jug of wine in the super hero cape? If so I’m making it. And my cat does that with bags all the time. Love them both, but the super hero cape one wins.


  15. I think your wrong about the cape top. It looks really good on you. I actually like it a lot better than the first one. The cut makes you look longer and draws attention to your lovely face. Its very different than anything I’ve seen before and that is always good. Who wants to look like everyone else? You look very cool. I think that maybe its just a bit out of your comfort zone which is why you are hesitant about it.


  16. Kathleen says:

    If there was ever a call for an action photo!

    I really like the cape top. It looks great on you. Perfect color. Plus it is perfect for those times you know you are going to be dealing with people who have no concept of personal space. Or people who annoy you. You can turn in a huff and say “Eat my cape!”

    As a girl who also doesn’t like her arms and totally understands how you feel….I think you look awesome.


  17. I think, to be honest, I like the cape top more than the other one. Now don’t get me wrong, I did giggle at several of your descriptive comments, but in the end, it’s a really chic little top that looks mighty fine on you. If anything, your coworkers are mumbling about how you always look better than them and that you’re a diva because you never sew THEM anything 😛


  18. I discussed this briefly with my lemur, but as he’s not shy we’re not sure the second one is aimed at our demographic. Extroverted lemurs and their people everywhere are put out. But nonetheless, I think the cape top looks stellar on you, and you should wear it and rock it and look down your nose at people occasionally when you do. Both tops are fabulous.


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