Wearable Wednesday Liverpool John Moores

Ok, I enjoyed last weeks student show so much, we are diving back in! Don’t miss the tattoo tribute to Bambi’s Father at the end! ljm1


Psst- I think the vertical hold on your dress is messed up- just whack it, like you would an old tv set. ljm3

Is that fruit leather? If not, I’m kind of disappointed. ljm4

Hey! She’s wearing my flux capacitator!


I think I’d like it without the UV filter.


Lets go fly a kite! Up to the Highest height! Lets go fly a kite-


Cupcake Warrior. This fall on the Food Network.ljm8

The angriest daisy in the meadow. ljm9

‘Come on Estella, you don’t need to scratch your nose, jut don’t think about it, just focus on not itching! ARRRGHHH!!!!!’ljm10

Where does she keep the spare balls?


They tried to nail her train down, but she can’t be stopped! she’s a model on a mission! ljm14

Because you’ve earned it.


it would be so cool is a gerbil crossed over from one shoulder to the other… ljm15

Plaid Sith? The Little tartan sisters of suffering?


photo credits: Vogue UK, all photos remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Liverpool John Moores

  1. mrsmole says:

    That poor sad male model…the last two were really into antler art weren’t they? When I moved to Liverpool in 1994 I interviewed for a position at this same college…it was very progressive and I was advised to attend a different one that was more commercially based….my brain hurts just thinking of what went into the pattern making! Love the spikey train…she could be used to stop runaway cars!


  2. I'm in stitches says:

    A penny (okay, thousands of pounds) for the models’ thoughts…
    Flux Cap girl:
    “Mummy’s watching, daddy’s watching, no bare boobs…grandma’s watching, grandpa’s watching, no bare boobs…”
    UV Filter girl:
    “Huge burger with extra cheese and bacon, fried chicken on the side followed by whole tub of Belgian chocolate ice cream…”
    Fred Flintstoney guy:
    “I can’t believe I have to go back to regular clothes after this, I mean it’s so soft and cool and freeeee…”

    You clinched Estella.
    I’m quite partial to the first three homages to Italian Renaissance nude sculptures.


  3. Oh my, not near as awful as the last student selection, although the Our Little Tartan Sisters of Suffering may be the phrase I think of looking at any plaids in the future.


  4. Oh my, that poor dude!! Hope he was well paid. Love the comments, as usual, I’m not suprised that poor girl with the flux capacitor jacet is holding on so tight, probably scared to death she’ll take off & everything will be on show! πŸ˜€


  5. Kite is dress is best. A lot of hips and shoulders going on here – not a look for everyone! Your commentary is brilliant – I really do think you should write for Vogue


  6. Honestly, these were at least easier on the eyes (generally). A few had potential with some minor (oh, okay, probably major) changes. I want to know the story behind that poor guy.


  7. Just a few of my thoughts from looking through this trainwre…*ahem*…collection.

    I’m guessing that guy was playing a bit too much grab-ass and someone got fed up?

    Someone should tell the makeup artist that (apparently) there’s a fine line between sexy/sultry and domestic abuse victim.

    Who doesn’t love a jacket that gives your nipples frostbite?!

    I never thought myself capable of fully hating something made out of plaid, but “The Little tartan sisters of suffering” has me rethinking that….which takes no small level of skill! However, you did come up with the absolute perfect name for it. πŸ˜‰


  8. Ooooohhh, boy. Gotta love the students. Pro tip: do NOT do your designs during any session where your mental state has been altered. Trust me on this.

    Totally revoking the tartan license…no more tartans for this designer(s). Loved your “Plaid Sith/Tartan Sisters” comment…and the fruit leather was spot on! Clearly there was some sort of fabric shortage and a late night/altered state run to the mini mart was in order. (see Pro Tip) Only thing I can come up with that would explain the fruit leather as fabric AND that awful thing on the male model (another Pro tip: If you’ve been partying, NEVER agree to help your friend out by modeling until your see the garment. NEVER. Just don’t)

    Another fun fest – thanks for a great Wed post!


  9. mrsfrippery says:

    I like the second look, but I kind of need to see the back view. I suspect she is harboring a set of Gregor Samsa wings behind her back. I think Estella is modelling the latest idea in minimum security. We let you out into the streets during the day, but your hands are inaccessible. She is wearing a prison orange jumpsuit under that correctional pom pom. Sheriff Joe has nothing on this girl. I think the first Hartford Insurance look has potential. It just needs more, er, coverage.
    Another excellent show! Thanks!


  10. Call me crazy but there are a few of these that I actually like. The second one and the “vertical hold” dress are okay. And of course I’m a sucker for bright colors so I like the “UV filter” dress but, as you said, without the UV filter. How about some nice, bold jewelry instead? I’m also sort of attracted to the kite dress but probably just the fabric.


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