Simplicity 1652- Ikat Prettiness!

When you say ‘ikat’ I really have no idea what that means. I hate to break my streak of providing readers with nothing redeeming, but I went ahead and looked up what ikat means. Hmm. Ok, that was kind of boring. We’ll skip it. Phew! My streak survives!

Ikat always makes me think of  EKG strips when I look at it. Healthy EKG readings, very nice. I’m going to try to distract you from looking at the 400 mosquito bites I got in this park by focusing on Bruderlein my  date. puppy1

This is view B. I love these patterns with all the sizing adjustments and whatnot that make it so easy to fit. I made very view changes- I did not make the skirt back in 4 panels, I really didn’t see why I should cut up the lovely  EKG print that much. Also, this is a pretty fraying fabric- the less seams the better! I went thru 5 bobbins on this dress and alot of it was my ‘pink it, then zigzag over it twice fiesta edge finish’ that I used on those skirt panels. On the bodice back I edged it with bias tape- mostly to really keep that open back from drooping and showing off my lovely foundation garments.1652

After all of my fitting tries, I realized that a zipper was kind of unnecessary. It’s goes over my head with no trouble, so why toil in zipper land if I don’t have to? I know it could be a bit more fitted, but I’m good with this- it doesn’t need to be tight for work. The waist seems a bit higher on me than on the cover model, but thats no shock!IMG_2950

Speaking of unnecessary: these pockets. The placement is again in the marsupial zone, but that’s not my issue. They really don’t have much ‘bag’ to them. So for any practical storage they are pointless. Mother didn’t raise me to stand about with my hands in my pockets like a street urchin- so if I can’t even safely keep a twinkie in them, what is the point? Don’t act like you haven’t stored Hostess products in your dress pockets! It’s very common!pup6

The husband likes this dress- especially the back- he thought back cleavage was highly out of character for me. I’m worried that the front is a little bland. I’d better brooch up!pupp4

I really enjoyed making this. Do you find comfort in the old basics of sewing? The making of darts, the gathering, the princess seams? It all felt so familiar and nurturing, like old friends.pupp5

I love feeling like I’ve stretched myself skill-wise with a pattern, but this just felt right. It was done in 1 day except for the hemming. I call it a win.puppy3

Bruderlein says its time to go home! pup7

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

97 thoughts on “Simplicity 1652- Ikat Prettiness!

  1. mrsmole says:

    WOW…it looks better on you than the envelope model! Love the Ikat fabric although I would say it is more bargello inspired. You need to get your serger up and running, girl! If you have ravely edges it cleans them up fast! I agree with the hubby…surprise opening in the back is adorable! Now you need a couple more of these to go with your cute hat!


  2. beautiful job, and the ikat is awesome!! I just bought my first ikat fabric which resembles smeared hearts rather than EKG, but it’s still pretty awesome me thinks 😉 Love the last pic of your pup–so cute!


  3. I don’t think it’s plain at all! It’s all about that great print! And it looks really good on you! It’s a perfect little causal dress with a surprise design detail on the back. Love it! =)


  4. It looks awesome on you!! Just awesome. It’s super flattering and I love that there is enough ease to omit the zipper. Pretty, pretty fabric. The front is not bland at all.


  5. This is adorable. I was weirded out by the chain embellishment on the pattern cover, so I steered clear of the pattern. But made up so beautifully here, the pattern really works. Great job!


  6. This dress is great! The back cut out really makes it special. I have to admit I also googled ikat and was disappointed that the description had NOTHING to do with cats or i’s…. Oh well another mystery to be solved!


  7. The beauty of this dress are the colours you’ve used as well as the back feature. Ikat to meant a piece of Ikea furniture and your dress is better than their furniture.


  8. Oh my, you’ve really found a wonderful pattern for yourself! This is just beautiful, Anne. Love the fabric, color, fit, the back detail – and can tell you do too! Brunderlein the thunder dog seems well, what a coat of fur. Drat mosquitoes…who let them in the park? Hope you make this again soon.


  9. Alas you would have been such a sweet urchin – or hostess with the mostest (stashing Valium perhaps?).
    It’s quite Belladone – although it doesn’t sound like you sussed much ‘French’ sewing it together. Nice job!


  10. jadesabre9 says:

    Looks great on you, and I love the back! Agree on pockets, all garments should have them, but only if they are functional!!! Shallow or fake pockets are ghastly!


    • I agree. I HATE fake pockets. Earlier this year I bought a Vogue dress pattern that I was in love with but then discovered that the pockets are fake. I was so excited to make it but I was totally turned off as soon as I realized that. I’m sure I can add real pockets myself but I feel so betrayed.


  11. mrsfrippery says:

    Love the print, the colors, the back cut out! Very fetching and you look lovely in it. Great dress for a summer’s day. I have a blouse with a back cut out like that. I always manage to scorch my back on my car seat getting into a hot car every time I wear it, but otherwise it’s nice ventilation.


  12. The dress is wonderful and your escort is ADORABLE! I hate that when they tease us with pockets and give us useless folds. You still have Hostess products? They disappeared within weeks of Hostess’s demise out here. Not that I ate them, but it was nice to see something around that I coveted as a child.


  13. I'm in stitches says:

    I can’t believe I’m the only one who can’t believe that you made this in a day! What tonics do you imbibe?! Super pattern on you as ever. I’m with you on the leaving out of the manacle for your pet mink which was supposed to be kept in the marsupial pocket. I really do think you’ll be fine with side pockets as long as your carriables are unbulky (eg no bowler hats etc).


    • I just never know when I will need my marbles or slingshot for an old school throwdown!
      This dress only took 1 episode of project runway and 2 James Cagney musicals to complete!


  14. Lovely dress! Love reading your posts, lost of fun. I particularly enjoyed “marsupial zone” and “zipper land”. Ugh, I try to avoid going anywhere near zipper land if I can help it. You look great in this, the back detail is lovely and looks very neatly made x


  15. Ack…if you’re going to put pockets on a pattern make them freaking serviceable! It drives me further into wild eyed crazy woman territory when they do that. And lord knows I don’t need any help in that department.
    But, despite their best efforts this is a super cute dress. And your escort is terrifically handsome!


  16. This looks just beautiful on you Anne! I love the back ‘window vent’, so flattering. The fabric is also fabulous. And, the shots of Bruderlein? Priceless!! I especially love the one where he’s completely out of focus, running maniacally with his tongue hanging out, lol. So, did you end up leaving the pockets off? I can’t see them in your pics. Or are they just THAT close fitted to the dress?


  17. EKG fabric and dress are a winner for sure and I too love this dress. Very pretty lady:)

    I too like familiar makes but I don’t have many of those really so I smile when I do a familiar technique lol. Side invisible zippers on trousers are making me happy at the moment ….


  18. tania@sewitanyway says:

    Lovely! And such a nice little cut out at the back!
    And I agree- what’s the point of too-small pockets that just pad out hips and bellies but with no useful reason?


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