Wearable Wednesday….Ostwald Helgason

Inca Sock Monkey apron. It never goes out of style. oh1

Is she saying, ‘No, really, I’ll just take a check instead of keeping my overskirt’?oh4

Ostwald sure can do edging! The seaming on this intrigues me.


More monkey! It’s like ‘more cowbell’ for fashionistas!oh3

How many pieces do you think this is? I’m not digging the collar tips- it gives the illusion of a silly bowtie. It really brings down the obvious sophistication of ones monkey tunic. oh6

I think we can all agree that this shorts length is awkward on any leg.


Here’s my favorite, but not by much. oh2

Please share your monkey related feelings with me.

photo credits: Vogue UK, all photos remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday….Ostwald Helgason

  1. mrsmole says:

    I like the green dress with diagonal seaming and bindings…the rest…not so much unless I have a need for dipped collar tips and plackets. The monkeys…a gimmick but the fabrics with the leaf motifs could have been used in a long dress and been spectacular and drapey.


  2. When did designers start modeling clothes for toddlers? Those monkeys are just creepy weird. I do like the lines on the green number…lapped seams maybe? Certainly beautiful precise construction. Do you think maybe it was done by monkeys?


  3. I can not take my eyes off that monkeys long wiggly arms. Does he have a super power or is he just over caffeinated? Honestly I think the crazy monkey is the best thing about these clothes. But that could be my dislike of over exposed grumpy models talking.


  4. Monkeys creep me out a little bit.

    I think I might like the second one without the jacket and the wrap. Also, the last one is okay. It looks like something I might wear around the house.

    Aside from the clothes, this show is just weird. It simply screams, “I took these pics of myself using the timer on my camera so I could post them on my blog.” In other words, very unprofessional.


  5. Funny, no one has ever talked about what happened to the monkies once the wicked witch melted. Could this be?!!!! Actually, monkies aside, I rather like some of the designs and I too like the final dress, more the print than the dress though.


  6. While I have to give mad props to the sewist/seamster that sewed those interesting seam lines in a shiny fabric with nary a pucker, the monkeys just ruin the whole effect. Especially the blue robotic flasher monkey, thank goodness that little guy wasn’t anatomically correct, because that would have just been tacky. πŸ˜‰


  7. Nice seaming, shame its wasted on those clothes.
    PS I think the monkeys are actually aliens, who have two dimensionally invaded the models and taken over their brains.


  8. Those shorts! My daughters Charter School actually has a new dress code- the shorts have to be THAT length. Let me tell you NOONE can even find shorts that length so I will refer them to Otswald… Other than that- monkeys don’t really do it for me… The last dress/ tunic/ shirt is about the only one I would wear- if it was given to me for free. ~Laurie


  9. Hmm, well, I like the dress in the second look without the extraneous overskirt or jacket. I think that print looks like alien heads on stalks rather than leaves though. Still, I actively like it. HATE monkeys. Creepy, creepy monkeys. Eliminate the monkeys and this set is wearable. Not by me, mind you, but I wouldn’t gasp if I saw someone walking down the street in one of them.


  10. Oh I like most of these, some nice ideas and shapes #3 is a beauty. I would never have put emerald green and pale blue together, but it really works. Not sure if I need a monkey in my closet tho!


  11. Do you think the brief was to create something unimaginable? I’ve got the biggest frown on, trying desperately to be open minded but it really isn’t floating my boat any! x


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