Wearable Wednesday Zambesi

Sydney this week gang-


This goes all over the map for- I like this blouse quite a bit- za2

hmm. She seems worried about that mole. I am too. za3

Gee, I suppose if it were lined, we’d get even less detail in this picture. She looks like Hilary Swank, doesn’t she? za4

I think this is the Bride of Frankenstein Summer frock-






You know you like it….


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners

27 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Zambesi

  1. Wow, this is all pretty tame. The models are scarier than the clothes. Sometimes it is a toss up. They all look like they got dunked in said river. Besides not eating it is obvious they are not allowed out until after dark. I like the Bride of Frankenstein summer frock. I think it would make a great easy around the house frock after modifying that neckline so it didn’t choke me….Now men in playsuits…kind of creepy.
    I’ll ask Mr. Camprunamuck if he would like a pair and maybe some Tonka’s to go with it.


  2. mrsmole says:

    I don’t mind most of them except the white frontwards/backwards outfits….not great design, not great fitting. But where did they find a younger version of Anderson Cooper and make him into a zombie? I’m with Theresa on the man’s playsuit…not sure Mr Mole would want something like that for gardening…but without the t-shirt…I’d like to see him in it. The models’ bobby socks just are all wrong.


  3. I’m with Sandy, I want some of that sheer plaid. In every colorway if possible.

    Really, the worst part of this collection was the models, I’m seriously concerned for their vitamin D levels. “Vampire chic” can’t go out of style fast enough, IMO.


  4. Another vote for the sheer plaid. The blouse in the second photo is nice. The rest, just dull. Not weird enough to be amusing but not wearable, at least not by me.


  5. The models have a weird Elvish, alien, Hilary Swank look going on. Is this what happens if Lord of the Rings planet crashed to earth and met Ms Swank first?


  6. I feel like I SHOULD like this, as a proud kiwi, what with Zambesi being one of our most successful fashion labels. But I’m not loving it. (Please kiwiana gods, don’t strike me down! I wear jandals and eat marmite and everything!)


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