Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli

Ahh…she should look happier than this. Is it because everyone assumes she’s the lost Fanning sister? ro2

ooh…its the shoes. They are hurting their feelings. They are giving this depressed girl the oddest stance- like she’s having balance issues. For the record, I would like to state that this may be too much animal print. I said, MAY BE…..r1

hmm…this is no longer working for me.ro3

Ok, it’s taken me 3 pictures to realize that I was just sucked in by animal prints and am not really inspired by the shapes at all. Lets lose the color and see how we feel. Usually the cut and line of a designers work is my favorite part. Oh, that and the obviously suffering of the models. ro4


Ok, its all about the fabrics for me. There are some wonderful textural layers and such happening here, but the shapes are kind of basic. The white pairings sort of reminded me of Spiegel catalog in the 1980’s. ro6

Anyone for a little boho-age? This styling is quite limp.ro7

The details are lovely- I want to touch these, but not the shoes- they look othopaedically torturous! ro8

The above skirt is like that Project Runway Dylans Candy Bar challenge- is it licorice? I hope so. I think I’d love to have some of these pieces to throw on with jeans and feel quite fancy- they’d definitely get some admiring stares, but all together, I feel like a bunch of quilts and doilies mated behind Grandmas back. Please people, spay and neuter your linens!!!ro9

photo credits: Vogue UK, all photos remain the property of their original owners.

58 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Roberto Cavalli

  1. I have to agree, some workable shapes and lovely prints, but it all looks like someone went on a killing spree of Grandma’s antimacassars. Gosh, those models all look like hey could be in a commercial for dull lifeless hair and styling. I vote we send the lot of them to Clinton and Stacey.


  2. I'm in stitches says:

    I think there’s something wrong with me. I actually like the ma-in-law’s recycled
    crochet creations. Is there a clinic you can recommend? Will they try aversion therapy by making me dive into a pool of doilies?


  3. Lost Fanning sister. Spiegel catalog. You are a treasure trove of pop culture heaven.
    Strangely and sadly enough, I think my favorite things about this collection are the torturous shoes. And the blue pants in the final photo. And that black dress. Hmm, maybe I do like this after all. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. mrsmole says:

    Take me back to 1968…black suede fringed leather jackets and Indian shisha mirrors on everything. The long black dress with the cut outs is just crying out for Nicole Kidman to come and fetch it for her next red carpet gig. The boho sheer nothing dress is what I wore through 4 pregnancies …yuck! But the little white denim jacket with sleeve embroidery is very cute. All in all Robert is inspired by Versace 1993 with swirls and over blown Rococo styles motifs and torturous shoes while the models all need a good shampooing and a milk shake to put a smile on their faces!


  5. Black dress and first animal print one – nice, blue jeans and jacket – where the plain bits of jeans fall is unfortunate, everything else just save for patchwork and be done with it.


  6. That first dress is almost enough to make me love animal print as much as you do. That’s quite cute. (BTW, are you doing Jungle January again? I actually have something to make for it.)

    Also, I love the black dress and the blue outfit at the end but, as others have said, for goodness sake hem the pants! I love the shoes too. Not to wear, mind you, merely to fondle and admire.


  7. Maybe be too much animal print! I was about to pass out until I saw the outfit and agreed with you. Such a waste of good animal print. That being said I love the first dress and the fancy black gown later. Suffer for me models, your pain sustains me.


  8. Can we talk about the models, please?…I was feeling pretty good today until all those depressed looking models crossed my path. Now I feel rather guilty since they are obviously in the throws of severe depression, angst or something! WHY do designers do that??? Pro tip: having your models look down and depressed drags your collection down. Really. Stop it.

    That said, I’m with you on some of these pieces – that black and blue purse I WANT! So cute! There are a couple of jackets that would look great and more interesting paired with something that allows them to shine. Nix on the animal print – liked the tone on tone much more. LOL at your Speigel reference…can so remember that!

    Another fun Wednesday!


  9. You’re not wrong about the styling, although my problem is why they insist on pairing these combinations which in the real world are just not wearable. There’s actually quite a lot here to like but it’s difficult to pull it all apart & look at it objectively


  10. I really do like this collection. There are many details that I could incorporate into my sewing particular the embroidery on the sleeves. As to the models expression, well, ya know modeling is a really tough industry: the competition, all the traveling to exotic locations, the fabulous garments and the simple fact that those poor models have only eaten a cracker and a diet soda since yesterday to maintain their emaciated figures! No wonder they all have a sour expression!


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