Wearable Wednesday Daks

On the whole I like these, I think adult fabrics may be growing on me!

Ah, who hasnt longed for a business onsie?


I cant figure out what this one is doing. If you pull the cord, does it deploy?


See? Lame is a neutral! I knew it!!


Ok, I think marsupial pockets just met their match!


This vest is very cool, me thinks.


This is an old lady raincoat inside out, right? Is she tattooed to match or is it the most embracing turtleneck ever!?

This last one is what I will wear when Mycroft hires me!


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Daks

  1. mrsmole says:

    The vest and the last grey dress are so practical! The rest with the rust floral plaid pattern…you nailed it as raincoat lining…yuck! And since 2 of the models are wearing that lame crop top with titty pockets we might just start seeing these in all permutations soon…I hope NOT!


  2. Shar says:

    I always wonder with jumpsuits – how are you supposed to use the bathroom without it dragging all over the stall floor? The marsupial pockets may be handy if she’s going jogging after the show and forgot her sports bra. I do like the vest (and the shoes in the last outfit).


  3. OMG!! Is THAT what happened to my old couch?!?! Somebody better jump on that–it’s limited edition!! 😛

    I do like the long coat in the third picture. It looks sexy, and dare I say it? Practical.


  4. Lamé as a neutral ! Like that. Very unsure about the office jumpuit, and not just because of the bathroom issues. Is all that grey worsted comfortable or flattering? Doesn’t it say plumber’s boilersuit more than fun onesie? The skirt under the marsupial pockets is nice.


  5. Not bad overall, though not terribly exciting. Those mammarian pockets might do for the nursing businesswoman. If they were constructed, with secret openings, one could whip the girls out for a discreet pumping in the break room. I rather like the lame.
    I share the bathroom accessibility fears with the business onesies. I don’t suppose they have incorporated a drop bottom like the union suits my grandpa used to wear?


  6. You never fail to make me chuckle with your witty observations – thank you! I quite like the last one, not sold on somefof the others though!

    P.S. just realised lame is what I’d call lamé (seriously not trying to be a dork). The while time I was thinking “lame? A neutral? What does that mean?!”….now I get it, gold-i-licken-chain lamé is now a neutral…..makes SO much more sense! Lol


  7. Oh thank you for the okay to use lame as a neutral, as to the pockets….I can only imagine the comments I would get at home. The last look, love it and the trench with the plaid skirt.


  8. Love all of these, this is the quintessential Autumn/Winter collection! An OFFICE onsie!!?????? Oh, yes please. You know I’m a fan of the jumpsuit, whether it be for skydiving, discoing or jaunts around the beach and I had NEVER thought of making an office-worthy one. I see this in my future.


  9. Ehhh, not so much on this collection. There are pieces that have promise, but they look boring and old lady to me…and that’s an insult to most of the ‘old ladies’ I know! The “mammary pockets” (good one!) are just plain stupid.

    I do like the shiny lame used as a base top, though…kind of fun 🙂 LOL at ‘lame as neutral’…:)

    Can’t for the life of me figure out the appeal of those business onesies…! Excuse me, I must leave the board meeting and will be gone quite a while since I basically have to undress to get anything accomplished…! Just silly.

    Personally, I think before anyone sends something down the runway that’s meant as a serious, actual garment, they should be required to wear it for at least 4-5 hours FIRST. Just my two cents (and about all it’s worth!).

    Thanks for another collection to cross off my list 😉


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