Pyramid Drawing and New Look 6802

As we all know from Ms Gjeometry a good warmup is essential before an event. So, before the BIG DRAWING!!!! for The Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid, my stars needed a little exercise. So, in a failed attempt to make it all about me, I reveal one of my favorite unblogged pieces from this summer. New Look 6802. 6802

Mine is of course tunic length, my favorite thing! Now this pattern is one of those ‘pass over you 4 million times, now I’ve made you where have you been all my life?’ patterns. I enjoyed the make, loved the little knotty twisty business, didn’t even get any knit wedged under the throat plate. Yippee! My only changes involved the side panels. As the pattern is designed, they come down far on the hips and perhaps on another, create a svelte line. On me they felt confining. I likes a bit of swish to the skirt, so I gathered it up to just under the bust. I got the look without the confinement. walk5

But what exercise were you speaking of Anne? Here I must tell a tale. But you won’t repeat it, will you? Last week Bruderlein was cruelly looked upon by his physician and declared portly. Um, ok, I knew this was coming but what can I say? He is his mothers pup- his hobbies all involve reclining, watching, commenting and light snacking. So now we have a nightly jaunt planned. With sisters of course for encouragement.walk4

From their standpopint, it went well.

PicMonkey Collage

One more shot of the tunic then onto the drawing- I’ve made you wait long enough, right?walk2

Now. My little assistants have all been sequestered while we set up the intricate drawing area.IMG_0576

All names have been put on a beloved toy ‘rave wristband’ style. The first toy to be claimed and carried off will be our winner. Will it be Mr Jingles, Liesl’s stuffed rat? One of Katze’s prized smurfs? Perhaps Bruderlein’sΒ  meerkat? Many other popular and well-chewed contestants are in the box and we are all ready! IMG_0579

They circle, they look……..bored

They ignore. This could take a while, but its a marathon, not a sprint here at Chez Barnes! I should have put a bands on one of the cats. Hmmm. Ok, Flannery vetoes that.basket

Oh, they are on it now! Here we go, it’s looking like a real pressure cooker situation here- Down in front! We can’t see the action! I knew I should have invested in a ‘toybox cam’ for this! They’ve moved the box onto the floor, looks like they are getting serious now! IMG_0601

Ok, I think we have a winner! It’s Liesl with Mr Jingles for the win!!!! The crowd goes wild! I really thought she was leaning toward the gator, but no, the squeaker was faulty! IMG_0621

Now, who had their name on the winning toy? I know, I know, this is all very exciting. Perhaps we should pause here for a public service announcement about spaying and neutering……..NO!!! We are going to announce our winner.

It’s Tanya Maile – our Mrs Hughes!!!!winner

Tanya, please email me at bmoviemouse(at) hotmail(dot)com with your address and thank you for playing!!!! Now let’s get these players to the showers!!!

photo credits: Pattern Review, meadhawg,On the Road tho Sew where, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

79 thoughts on “Pyramid Drawing and New Look 6802

  1. Oooh, I *love* your tunic… It has most all of my faves — it’s a knit, fabulous print, perfect length. Smashing. And I can’t believe how LIKE-NEW your dogs’ toys look! My husband and I pick ones we think are sooooo cute, and then they’re all missing appendages by the second day. πŸ™‚

    Congrats, Tanya!


  2. That is one fab tunic. Really suits you. I have the same sad experience when I take my cats to the doc. They take one look at Tiff (who weighs almost 9kgs – for a cat that is big) and they immediately ask “what do you feed her!!!??”. I think I need to put the cat on a leash and take her for a walk. Your dogs look like they have you under control! Love the draw for the PPP. Glad you reviewed the dress. I will look at this pattern now.


  3. Love the print you chose for your tunic top! It’s a very flattering style and looks so comfy!

    What an arm workout you have walking those three! Looks like they had fun with the drawing even if it took a while for them to get into it. =)


  4. Oh my! I was just enjoying looking at a hot lady in a hot tunic with three cuties and I keep reading to find that I won!!!! Wow!!! The doggies know a dog lady when they sniff one! And what a clever way to choose. πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!


  5. I must be the only person who hasn’t seen this pattern before, which is a pity because it looks so great on you that now I want it really badly! Great spring/autumn top.


  6. Okay, I am just in awe that you have 3 dogs and many stuffed toys..intact. Those are not just toy “skins”!!! What is the secret???? And don’t you look GREAT walking that flashy trio of well behaved toy caretakers. I’m impressed with the top. It looks beautiful and comfortable. A winning combo.


  7. nishi says:

    This is awesome! It really looks good on you especially in this print! I’ve never seen this pattern before, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out of it now…!


  8. Great tunic – I can see why you would want more. What’s not to like with a great tunic?
    And they will make great dog walking outfits. You can try to keep sartorial pace with your increasingly svelte furries πŸ™‚


  9. Nessa says:

    Such fun! Congratulations to Mrs Hughes. And your tunic is fantastic! that will definitely hide my cake baby! another pattern added to my list.


  10. Jaine says:

    I think perhaps we the Australian people should have borrowed your dogs last weekend to choose our new Prime Minister – we might have ended up with a better choice ! Anyway your little dogs and you look totally cute – loving your new tunic.


  11. mrsfrippery says:

    Love the top! The colors, print, and style are all very flattering! I keep looking at those twisty patterns. I’m going to have to try one. Or five. Cute doggies too!


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