Palette Play!

Gillian always makes me feel like a little kid heading to art class- the best part of the day after graham crackers, of course! Last week after I donned one of my Fathers old shirts to protect my dress, I sat down to read what she had for us now. So this post is about palette creating! This willย  not be a tutorial- Gillians post is perfect- I just had so much fun with the idea, I wanted to share my work! Self-Portrait_with_Palette

As a non-tech gal, I found this quite draining- I wrestled with it and of course ended up on picmonkey collaging this bad boy. So here it is: pile-of-leaves

Ok, actually, that’s pretty close. Here is the real thing. Do you think I’m coordinating my clothes to match the dog and cat hair that finely covers it? Perhaps. palette

I was having trouble adding the colors to it, but really, when do I wear solid colors? So I used the seasonal swatches on Picmonkey and other thanย  wishing for a slightly more tealy green, I’m pleased. Altho a few animal print swatched wouldn’t have hurt my feelings.

Have you done your palette yet? Do you stick to a set color zone or let the muse take you? showgirls_vlv1

photo credits: meadhawg, little me, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

29 thoughts on “Palette Play!

  1. Every couple of years, I plan a palette, plan my whole SWAP but I never stick to it. I think my palette has evolved on it’s own to black, white and red, but I didn’t really plan that.


  2. Shar says:

    Very nice fall palette! I made up one this week too after reading Gillian’s post (along with Sweetzels Spiced wafers instead of graham crackers since it’s fall). Mine’s a bunch of plain rectangles done in MS Word – very low tech and boring compared to yours. I hadn’t really thought about a color palette before, but hopefully it will help me create whole outfits instead of one-offs all the time.


  3. I gravitate towards the same colors pretty much but sometimes I break out of my mold and surprise myself by buying something that totally is against my usual… and sometimes I LOVE it… other times… wellll… ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I love your colors but I can’t wear any of them! ~Laurie


  4. Sadly (?) I always gravitate towards the same colours with almost NO deviation: rusts, deep chocolates with chili pepper thrown in for good measure, and barf-green pea soup nonsense. Oh! And mustard! Gotta have the mustard! Anything smacking of royalty i.e. deep purple and gold is also a good choice for me. I must say, though, that as I’m getting older I’m starting to like colours I wouldn’t necessarily choose first – like the pinker end of purple and the baby-ier end of teal blue – so maybe it’s a fluid thing as we walk through life. And having said all that, I would so wear your palette, hands down. Fave fave colours all around!


  5. Very nice choices, very you. The pattern and colours remind me of William Morris prints.
    I’m heading over to Gillian’s post and try and get me some gaudy foolishness! I so wish I could be more adventurous, here’s hoping!


  6. I love your fall colors.

    If you looked in my closet you might think it was being shared by 5 or 6 different people. (except that it’s too small for even one female person) I have some browns and greys and dull greens but I also have bright orange and outrageously girly pink. Purple, red, brighter greens, blue. About the only color I avoid is a particular shade of lavender that makes me look rather corpse-like.


  7. I love your palette! I feel like if I saw all those colours, I’d know it was you who it matched! You look so good in those colours, too, and I love how the teal looks mixed in with rust colours. Awesome. Does your stash match the palette too?


  8. Jenny says:

    Oh, I do love these colors on you! I love to look at autumn colors but can’t really wear them very effectively (I tend to look “muddy” which is generally not the goal).


  9. I honestly don’t know what my colour palette is my life. All my life I have had pale ashy blonde hair and pale skin. But recently, I have dyed my hair red and as I get older my skin tone is less ,vibrant so have no idea what looks good on me anymore.


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