Wearable Wednesday Giles

Just you wait until she gets warmed up- seriously- she is a dance machine! A petulant dance machine in sleepy pants.g5

Look, her dress matches the backdrop! Which matches nothing else!g6

Did she get attacked by an angry paintball brigade?g7

One more button wouldn’t have hurt this look! Shake that invisible martini shaker! g8

Psst- I can see your nipples thru this air filter you are wearing…..g4

No, not a ruffle cuff jumpsuit. I can only take so much! Bring back the paintball Assassins!g9

Huh. I almost like this. On Goldilocks or as a hamper lining.g10

Sadly, this is not Mr Darcy in the lake scene…..


Photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

48 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Giles

  1. LOL at the ‘Darcy’ comment…! Maybe the wet hair, but miles away from the shirt!

    Interesting fabrics, awful design, more ridiculous styling…yawn. yawn. yawn.

    I’m still kind of in shock that we caught the model SMILING and looking HAPPY in that ‘coat’ pic, though…! Got to be a runway first.


  2. With the extra buttons and the occasional bra/vest they are all too wearable. Just not innovative. I mean, who hasn’t answered the door with dh’s jacket hastily pulled on over pj bottoms, and I’m sure there’s a decent enough for hospital nightie or two in this collection.


  3. While I wouldn’t say that I like any of these pieces, I actually find this shoot kind of refreshing. I love the motion, the different backdrop and the fact that she’s SMILING! The whole thing looks quite fun! Still, didn’t sell me on anything, did it?!


  4. That one dress gives muffin top a new meaning…she could certainly keep warm a few hot cross buns in there. Well, what do you expect, they could only afford one model and at that, snatched her from the shower…


  5. I sort of liked the first photo – though I don’t know I could carry off pj trousers in public. The rest left me a bit cold. They could have dried off the model, poor girl!

    Sewbusylizzy has found the reason I was so bad at zumba! Now I know that I may give it another go ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. mrsmole says:

    That black nipple teaser top was made from what is left after they punch out huge sequins, I think it is called “scrap”. Too bad they didn’t save any of them to place in strategic positions. The rest are a yawn and the pink dress with a pouch for a “breast dog”of your choice was made for Dolly Parton, not this happy clappy model.


  7. ellecsews says:

    Some of these bring to mind someone doing the walk of shame in the morning while still drunk. Or staggering to Starbucks the morning after while still drunk.

    Although I am not in like with any of the clothes, it is like a breath of fresh air to have a model smile and display any degree of enthusiasm. I wonder how she will make a living once the word gets out that she smiled while being photographed. Poor girl.


  8. Shar says:

    My only thoughts are – comfy and I need to sew up another pair of Tofino pjs (maybe in pink). I agree that it’s nice to see a model actually having fun!


  9. So this is how to deal with a smiling model….Slime her!
    The pajama and tux look is my fav, takes me back to my student days. I often used to go to the corner shop to get a newspaper (to make sure I wasn’t in it) and a bottle Irn Bru (hangover cure) like this, after a particularly heavy night….Ahhhh!


  10. Mary says:

    I just saw a slide-show titled Rick Owens Spring 2014. It is insanity, and I’d just love to read your take on it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mary in Thailand


  11. Two words “oh dear”. I feel sorry for that navy blazer in the first picture. I was so horrified by the rest of the pictures that I almost missed it, it’s actually kinda nice,


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