Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

Buckle up. This is going places! Luckilly our sleeves deploy as airbags!


2014 Sad Clown Formal Night


Is this a real model or a wax figure? Whatevs, I like the dress…..


Seriously, her menace is distracting me from the tragic pleating.




I have shams like this- they match my canopy.


I will hide among the humans dressed as a beach umbrella and learn their secrets…


Go ahead and laugh- I will incinerate you-


I will hide on the weak humans lawns- blending with their sacred icons…..



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A Most Temperate Pub Crawl

A wife must be supportive.


A wife must love her husband unconditionally and guide him toward the light.


A wife finds support in other like-minded Godly women and thru their tireless inspiration, creates a happy home for her husband and offspring.


Or, she can join in and attend his local Brew clubs Zombie Pub Crawl! For this, she must have just the right outfit- to set a proper tone to the event. Simplicity 2581 had no idea what was coming!  I bought this pattern originally thinking Mary Poppins (as I often do) and ended up making an homage to my favorite lady of spirit……Carrie Nation!


How could one not be inspired? I found a vile poly gabardine that is practically bullet proof and clammy to the touch. My veil was free-formed from pictures and a nice snood to cover my less than period appropriate locks.


What could be more supportive?  The sash got my point across and kept the foolish from thinking that  I was just another LIzzie Borden and not a tireless family crusader!


Yes, those are floral Dr Martens peeking out from under there- I can only conform so much- even for Temperance!



The husband said this look was drop dead sexy, but he did end up vomiting near his car last evening- I’m not sure if it had anything to do with me or not.

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Wearable Wednesday- Electric Feathers


Todays designer likens this collection to easy travel wear. I see it, I do. I also see what happens after the plane crashes and you scour other peoples luggage for useables and steal all the parachutes- see what I mean?


This lovely top originally seperated coach and business class


Ok, how is this staying on? I can’t walk 5 feet in a towel and she’s prancing about in a halter diaper?!


Are those luggage straps?


For casual nights tending the SOS fires-


Your purse also doubles as a life preserver!


I like this one-


I do wish I could rock billowy, but I’d just look like a bouncey castle….


I appreciate that even after the crash, she still accesorizes-


Not one bra in anyones luggage?



photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Yeah, it’s Minky. A Burda Minky. want to make something of it?

So last year at MaryJo’s I fell in love with some ridiculous fabric. It’s a Minky paisley print. I believe that the designers intentions were probably closer to this-minky 1

Ooh, look! Giraffe!  Sorry, I got distracted. Where were we? minky2

The designer might have actually had a bad dream about their textile being used to drape my dainty loins in an odd retro sheath mashup, but hey, that’s how I play, right? Scarilly and unadvisedly! So who was my victim? Burda 7031!


A subtle, basic shape with nifty curved darts that were a pleasant challenge for me. This is the first time I’ve done a dart that wasn’t straight, these curve- more so on one side that the other, so there was much slow going and easing along. They also just had to be cut open to lay flat on the hips. I’ve only cut open darts a few times- always makes me nervous! Here they are accented subtly for you-FLEECE3

Once more a dress that didn’t really need a zipper- the back seam is really unnecessary. Other than that, I made no changes- I just wanted to show off my extremely cuddly fabric! Do you feel teased enough? Shall I reveal my foolishness? Ok- but I did warn you. FLEECE5

I have a slight concern about being mistaken for a beanie baby from the back, but hey, it happens, right?  fleece1

I seriously think you more people should check out this pattern, it’s a classic shape and easy to wear- you can hack up your own bears to make one, or perhaps try a sensible fabric. Bruderlein likes this one and the husband titles the picture file  ‘fleece beast’ – do you think thats bad or good? FLEECE6

I’ll give him a pass on this one- he was really struggling to not make me clash with my decor! Ever notice that these photo shoots always end up being about Bruderlein? I think he resents not being the fleeciest one in the room today……FLEECE4

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Edeline Lee


I’m wondering if this designer moonlights designing novelty waitress uniforms….this would be perfect for Nefertiti’s House of Riblets. For some reason that eye is just making me think fondly of Mr Snuffleupagus.ed2

This was commisioned for the girls at Vladamir’s Borscht Bucket

Remember that episode when Emma Peel hid in the modern art museum?ed4

Folk art or Rorschach test? Does it make the designer think about her mother…or Mr Snuffleupagus?


Ok, this Grecian business is totally out of left field- but I like it. I think its made out of a small countries flag- pole included.ed6

Oddly, this is my favorite, I wonder if in a lighter color you could see the awful bustal snowcone darts. I am quickly getting tired of these boots?! Did the model forget to shave or something?


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

New Textiles to caress and croon to….

Back in July, my beloved Aunt Magi gave me a gift card to fabric.com for my birthday and it has finally been deployed! Help me plot and scheme, will you? As usual, please remember that all sensible suggestions will be ignored.hat

Now, I couldn’t locate the yardstick- I think I didn’t return it to it’s rightful place the last time I threatened the cat with it (I kid! Flannery would hurt me in my sleep) so I will use the Teutonic measuring system to show scale. Dachshund!!! Katze will not reveal her weight to you, but she states that she is perfectly breed standard. DSC08585


I thought this border print would work well with Mccalls 6600- 6600

Next: DSC08584

Perhaps Simplicity 1585? 1585

Or Simplicity 2308?


Hmm…. yes, I know it’s brown, Ma, but I only bought 1 piece of brown fabric, I swear! DSC08587

I’m thinking about Victory Roxanne- 2001

Ok, this is my Red October piece- maybe a Mathilde? DSC08593

These next pieces I just needed, you know- NEEDED! DSC08591


This would be Katze’s favorite, I think- who can blame her? Its pink and snakey?!


Have a lovely saturday everyone who made it thru my rambling- I must go make room in the Chamber of Textile Hoarding for these treasures!

Magi, if you are reading this- I love you and thank you so much!!!!

photo credits: little me, google images, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday House of Holland


Bootsie Collins, come in Bootsie……hh2

This is the House of Holland paper plate design contest- all designs must be made out of party tableware and printed with potato block stencils…..Go!


This shape is good, but the collection just seems so plastic.


when Amish children go Rumspringa- this is what they wear to blend in!


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Roses, Leopards, Comets and Burda 7301

Ever wonder what would happen if Betsy Johnsonabc_betsey_johnson_

and Joan Holloway


were trapped in an elevator and a comet struck the building and radiation started to melt them and …….ok. I’m about to let you know inadvertently that most of my science has been formulated watching Michael Bay movies. Oops. Anyhoo. The fusing of Betsy and Joan is my point. Here is what I think you would get: IMG_0648

Yup. Me in Burda 7301. It’s a little retro, a little sweet  a little classic. So it needed gaudying. Of Course.


I’ve had this pattern forever- I think it’s even out of print now. Once more proving that I either make the dress EVERYONE has or the one no one has. Lets defend my choice:


It’s perfect for a bit of gardening. Did you see? I touched nature!! It has these frisky little pleats at the bust and little useless pockets- I’ve pulled the belt down ‘undergut style’ so you can see the raised waist and nifty darts and breastal pockets. IMG_0669


I can’t decide if I need to take in the upper body or just use a little more giving fabric next time. It’s boxy, but I think intentionally, but one can be too boxy, right? Perhaps not for my alter ego ‘Boxy Le Smut- ineffectual Spy Girl!’ IMG_0687

I’m fairly certain that the folks at work were a little overwhelmed by my floral predator action. They seemed not just nonplussed, but maybe even a little negativelyplussed. Deplussed? Reverseplussed? Oh, you know how coworkers are. Ouch! Got to watch those thorns!?

PicMonkey Collage

Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Felder Felder

She looks like someone has rubbed her the wrong way! ff2

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur……her butt has got to be sweating.ff1

Is this Kyle Mchlachlen??? Pull your pants up, Kyle!ff3

Dear God! Hip bones or alien antennae???


Its Umpire Barbie! Her dress converts to padding for game day!


Stylish and bulletproof. It’s a formal hot pad. ff7

I’m sorry, if I squint at this it looks like a teddy bear going thru a carwash backward.




photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.