Roses, Leopards, Comets and Burda 7301

Ever wonder what would happen if Betsy Johnsonabc_betsey_johnson_

and Joan Holloway


were trapped in an elevator and a comet struck the building and radiation started to melt them and …….ok. I’m about to let you know inadvertently that most of my science has been formulated watching Michael Bay movies. Oops. Anyhoo. The fusing of Betsy and Joan is my point. Here is what I think you would get: IMG_0648

Yup. Me in Burda 7301. It’s a little retro, a little sweet  a little classic. So it needed gaudying. Of Course.


I’ve had this pattern forever- I think it’s even out of print now. Once more proving that I either make the dress EVERYONE has or the one no one has. Lets defend my choice:


It’s perfect for a bit of gardening. Did you see? I touched nature!! It has these frisky little pleats at the bust and little useless pockets- I’ve pulled the belt down ‘undergut style’ so you can see the raised waist and nifty darts and breastal pockets. IMG_0669


I can’t decide if I need to take in the upper body or just use a little more giving fabric next time. It’s boxy, but I think intentionally, but one can be too boxy, right? Perhaps not for my alter ego ‘Boxy Le Smut- ineffectual Spy Girl!’ IMG_0687

I’m fairly certain that the folks at work were a little overwhelmed by my floral predator action. They seemed not just nonplussed, but maybe even a little negativelyplussed. Deplussed? Reverseplussed? Oh, you know how coworkers are. Ouch! Got to watch those thorns!?

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Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

61 thoughts on “Roses, Leopards, Comets and Burda 7301

  1. I love your photos & your expressions! 😀 Great little dress, that fabric really works. You’ve definitely got something there, florals & animal print together – fab!


  2. mrsmole says:

    Killer fabric…not so killer pattern. Boxy is not bad if it works to your advantage and this may be even nicer in a knit or stretch fabric but for the time being, throw in some narrowed shoulder pads and take in under the arm from armpit to elbow. Not digging the breast pockets unless they could be covering up some dandy side bust darts which they are probably not doing. Even is baggy tops like this one with cut-on bat-wing sleeves, I throw in side darts so at least I can remove some excess fabric and get the right shape to my boobs. Pin out the excess like a dart and see what happens and if you can still raise your arms to accept floral bouquets and presents from the hubby you are OK.


  3. That fabric is YOU! Love it and the pattern is one of the few Burda offerings I’ve even looked twice at. I have to agree with mrsmole, it’s those cut on sleeves that can be a grinch to make look right especially if it is a crisp fabric and not a knit. I like the seaming details and the higher waist seam. When I look at it I see tunic, not dress but it sure does look nice with heels. Kudos to you!


  4. Shar says:

    While the pockets are not my favorite (although you could definitely fit a Hershey’s Miniature or two in there), I do like the neckline and high waist. The print is perfect – I expect nothing less from you! I wish I could have seen your co-worker’s faces (some people just don’t know style). I just realized your belt has the cutest bow closure – I want!


  5. I was thinking along the same lines as Mrs Mole – take in it under the arms a bit. But I love the useless pockets and the fabric is great. It reminds me of the heady days of Jungle January.


  6. Very cute dress! The fabric is just fabulous, I love it! “I’m touching nature” LOL. The only thing I can think of to de-boxify it some, besides what folks have already said, is to make the side seams bigger on the bodice/sleeves. Not sure if that would impede movement or not. And, duh!!!!! Those tiny pockets are so Obviously for kitty treats!

    PS, I am patiently awaiting your response on my blog re: Andy’s funeral!!!!!! OK, not patiently at all…..I’m vibrating and sweating a lot.


  7. ‘Roses and leopards and pockets… oh my!’ That fabric is amazing! I love the high waist on the dress and the cutaway and I love when co-workers give me ‘that look’. Makes me feel I know more than they do! 😉


  8. A dress that Betsy would be thrilled to call her own. Well, she would probably chop it off and some how add a petticoat, but let’s be realistic, most of us have to live in the real world 😉 Didn’t
    notice the pockets until I saw M. Moles comment, so obviously, they didn’t bother me!!!!


  9. All I can say is WOW. Your fabric choice is insanely cute, pair it with a perfect pattern selection makes for one hell of a dress. It definitely is a Gold Medal winner. I love your photos, they tell us about you. Perhaps your co-workers just have no sense of style or even jealous. I would have stood up and cheered!


  10. Boxy Le Smut! I love how you write, you always get me laughing. That dress is well fierce! (this is a compliment, I heard it on a bus). Any excuse for a bit of animal print – it’s practically a neutral, right?


  11. HAAA HAA HAAA! Breastal pockets! You crack me up. But see what happens when you touch nature? It’ bites you back. I think this is pretty cute, probably snug up the kimono sleeves a bit if it was my dress. But I know that Boxy Le Smut and wear anything with panache.


  12. Killer fabric! I am torn between the gentleness of the ‘so-you’ fabric, and the fierceness of the savage thorn? Wonder if you need to stick with prowling through the jungles and not the rose gardens in future… (love the dress, by the way) … J


  13. The fabric is gorgeous! Floral leopard, my new thing I didn’t know I needed but now I do need it. Its a great dress, love the raised waist. But I’m mostly impressed you saw past the fact the envelope cover had a woman wearing a dress made of rubbish bags.


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