Wearable Wednesday House of Holland


Bootsie Collins, come in Bootsie……hh2

This is the House of Holland paper plate design contest- all designs must be made out of party tableware and printed with potato block stencils…..Go!


This shape is good, but the collection just seems so plastic.


when Amish children go Rumspringa- this is what they wear to blend in!


Photo credits: Style. com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

57 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday House of Holland

  1. It kind of looks like they took some designers quilting coordinates prints and sewed them up using a random collection of vogue easy option patterns from the past 10 or so years….and then gave them several coats of lacquer. Not a really inspiring collection.


  2. I’m trying to get past the fact that there are only a couple of shapes there that would be flattering on me or Ms Average – and those are the bog standards of design, zippered sheath dress and A line dress with short sleeves. I like the colour/print effects, not a fan of big droopy shoulderlines.


  3. While I find this collection um, weird, strange, plasticy, juvenile, and probably a dozen other adjectives that I am too sleepy still to come up with, I applaud the designer for using a model of colour. A nice from the racially pure (aka white) models that are normally used.


  4. Shar says:

    Interesting juxtaposition of pieces that are very fitted and not fitted at all with a bit of a 70’s vibe. I think there’s just too much going on here for me – or maybe it’s just too early in the morning to handle all the bright colors/patterns!


  5. Skip no’s 2, 4 & 5, but otherwise I can see daughter no2 in all of those! Just up her quirky street, without looking too wierd! Love the jacket in the first photo, in a different colour, I’d totally wear that!


  6. I almost like these but there’s something just a little off about them. The stiff, plastic thing others have mentioned. I think they could be modified to fit a real woman though.


  7. OK, if I had her figure, I would totally rock out that zipper front dress in the 3rd pic. I also kind of like the crop top (it needs fluffier sleeves, preferably in a coordinating chiffon), though I’d pass on the crazy quilt skirt. I am happy to see designers embrace quilting cottons though, because dammit, the prints are just too cute not to wear sometimes!


  8. Well, gosh…I was kind of excited at your title: House of Holland? Surely that would be really exciting. Some of the designs come SO close…but then they’ve sprayed like an entire case of fabric stiffener on one dress and kind of ruined it.. Maybe they were trying to save on model costs by having the clothes walk down the runway on their own? No idea.

    Anyway, the buttons are intriguing, the sleeves are just home ec god-awful and yes…potato print seems to about cover it. I will confess to liking the orange and blue combos…but, then I’m a FLORIDA GATOR! 🙂


  9. Oh my gosh I want it all! That orange starry jacket and blue starry trousers! That beautifully colourful squarey angley bottom frilly skirty-wirty with the frill that looks like the Little House on the Prairie had an explosion in a paint factory (though the explosions were very linear and not messy at all)……the beauty of this collection is over-powering my ability to make any sense….


  10. Hey!! Only Bootsie can be Bootsie. Blasphemy to compare vacuous models to him. I saw George Clinton and P-Funk in concert many, many years ago! A completely religious experience. I cannot describe. Oh, now I have to go listen to some now.

    Love all the colours in this collection. Very 70s.


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