New Textiles to caress and croon to….

Back in July, my beloved Aunt Magi gave me a gift card to for my birthday and it has finally been deployed! Help me plot and scheme, will you? As usual, please remember that all sensible suggestions will be ignored.hat

Now, I couldn’t locate the yardstick- I think I didn’t return it to it’s rightful place the last time I threatened the cat with it (I kid! Flannery would hurt me in my sleep) so I will use the Teutonic measuring system to show scale. Dachshund!!! Katze will not reveal her weight to you, but she states that she is perfectly breed standard. DSC08585


I thought this border print would work well with Mccalls 6600- 6600

Next: DSC08584

Perhaps Simplicity 1585? 1585

Or Simplicity 2308?


Hmm…. yes, I know it’s brown, Ma, but I only bought 1 piece of brown fabric, I swear! DSC08587

I’m thinking about Victory Roxanne- 2001

Ok, this is my Red October piece- maybe a Mathilde? DSC08593

These next pieces I just needed, you know- NEEDED! DSC08591


This would be Katze’s favorite, I think- who can blame her? Its pink and snakey?!


Have a lovely saturday everyone who made it thru my rambling- I must go make room in the Chamber of Textile Hoarding for these treasures!

Magi, if you are reading this- I love you and thank you so much!!!!

photo credits: little me, google images, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

33 thoughts on “New Textiles to caress and croon to….

  1. mrsmole says:

    I live vicariously through your fabric purchases and garment production!!! Damn, Anne you can sure make a girl drool over her keyboard! Using an ancient method of measurement like Dachshund eliminates the need to convert from inches to metric or back again. Have a super weekend pre-shrinking all those delicious fabrics!!!!


  2. What a great selection of fabric, clearly I am jealous, paired with the patterns you have selected will make lovely garments. I like your measuring stick (aka Dachshund) much better than mine, I tend to throw them on my tile floor in my kitchen and use the12″ tiles. And much cuter too!


  3. Okay, you are both a devil and an inspiration 🙂 First, the devil, I am going to to see if I can get some of that border print and a piece of the first pictured “needed” fabric. Hopefully, you didn’t buy it all 😉 Fabulous pieces. Now for the inspiration. I have been working on an illustration this morning and I was looking for moss to hang on a mushroom hat. Decided to take a break and check my email and there was your picture of that fabulous hat. PERFECT!!!! You saved the day!!!!
    Shhh, I actually think you are quite the angel:) Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Awesome textiles! With me recent bday I received several fabric GC… they are the BEST! I love Simplicity 1585- I have never “noticed” that pattern in all the forays I have made through the pattern books! Now it is on my pattern want list! 🙂 Happy Sewing! ~Laurie


  5. Marsha says:

    Do Simplicity 1585 first. I have the pattern but haven’t made it up yet. I’d like you to make it first and report on any problems. And since we have similar figures, I’m thinking that if it looks good on you, it’ll look good on me. I’m nothing if not completely selfish.


  6. ooo I like your fabrics (and project ideas)! Especially the last few that you “just needed”! Such a nice aunt to give you should a wonderful gift card!

    I like Simplicity pattern 2308 for the second fabric – it has fewer fitting issues to deal with than the Project Runway pattern. =)


  7. I love 2308 – I’m also loving the fact all the day versions have sleeves and one should only go sleeveless in the evenings… clearly I’m a hussy… Great fabrics – love the colours in the first one.


  8. Nice! I particularly look forward to seeing the first of the ‘just needed’ ones , swirly stripes made up. No Teutonic scale on this, so I’m filling in with imagination.


  9. Drool drool slobber slobber… Those purchase are so yummy that I would lick the screen if I wasn’t using my brand new tablet (needs to be at least a week old before I lick it). I used to order from on a weekly basis but have been on a self imposed prohibition…. now I think that I may have to trot over to their website – you enabler you. Love your plans too. I would love to see you make up the Simplicity 1585. Looking forward to seeing your finished makes.


  10. Oh oh OOOOOOHHH, I wonder if a long bodied low rider Russell would work in the measurement department. Are we talking measurements with or woithout “tail length”? As they say in science, such an eloquent solution. Having said that, I think you should wrap up both dog and first fabric and pack them off to me for a blind testing of the method…..LOVE that border print and it shows off Katze’s beautiful pelt to perfection!


  11. OOooh pretties and then the fabric!! I am a sucker for a dachie!! When the kidlets leave home I am repopulating it with dachies. I will await to see what awesomeness you do with that collection. I have a new buying policy – so boring to go on a fabric diet. So I have an evil little plan – as long as I make up one piece in any fabric purchase I may continue to indulge. Brilliant it I must say so!!


  12. LOVE that border print! And thanks for showing the patterns you’re considering as well. I don’t recall having seen most of those…! It’s so easy to miss patterns. Also have to check into the Victory patterns blouse – that’s so cute!

    Have fun with your stash! Can’t wait to see what you create!


  13. Oooo! What a great haul, and what a wonderful aunt you have! I can hardly wait to see your finished garments.

    I like the paisley (I always like paisley) and the brown. I think the bold floral print makes it sufficiently gaudy.


  14. Oooooh, some very pretty textiles there, my fried. My fave is the inexplicable swirled fabric 3rd from the bottom. It’s hypnotic! But, the border print and McCalls 6600? Totally you!! That’s my pick for your next project.


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