Wearable Wednesday Edeline Lee


I’m wondering if this designer moonlights designing novelty waitress uniforms….this would be perfect for Nefertiti’s House of Riblets. For some reason that eye is just making me think fondly of Mr Snuffleupagus.ed2

This was commisioned for the girls at Vladamir’s Borscht Bucket

Remember that episode when Emma Peel hid in the modern art museum?ed4

Folk art or Rorschach test? Does it make the designer think about her mother…or Mr Snuffleupagus?


Ok, this Grecian business is totally out of left field- but I like it. I think its made out of a small countries flag- pole included.ed6

Oddly, this is my favorite, I wonder if in a lighter color you could see the awful bustal snowcone darts. I am quickly getting tired of these boots?! Did the model forget to shave or something?


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

66 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Edeline Lee

  1. Wednesday morning with someone you enjoy, interesting commentary, the smiles on my face…..priceless! I actually like the first skirt and the black and white pants. Interesting! Thanks.


  2. mrsmole says:

    Too many different decades represented here…Art Deco, Mondrian, and Grecian all accompanied with stovepipe boots that could have worked on Carnaby Steet in London in the 60’s…Make up your mind, Edeline Lee, and settle on a solid look and get the bust dart placement right! The first outfit is a winner for moms….as in “I’m keeping my eye on you”….ha ha


  3. Shar says:

    My mother always used to say ‘laugh before breakfast, cry before lunch’. Well the first outfit and your comments had me laughing before coffee so I’m in trouble! I love the second dress and the last dress. The Grecian one has me thinking about a color blocked wrap dress (or would that be too Xanadu?).


  4. I actually like most of these. Not love, just like. I sort of like the eye t-shirt but it would be better if it wasn’t white. The skirt is sort of weird, not in a good way. I like the second dress. Three and four – no. The gold and white Mondrian dress – NO! The Rorschach garment – too shapeless but I like the “Rorschach” design on it. Maybe repeat that around a circle skirt instead of on this hospital gown. And the last two – like.


  5. Hmm, I appreciate the technique that went into the white tunic and pants outfit. I think it’s beautifully done and compared to some collections at least show a high level of skill in sewing and I like the color blocked jacket. The pants though, those pants need to be in a medical clean room or something. But that first look, was this a nod for Halloween?


  6. Lynn says:

    Oh, Star Trek! That explains everything. What bothers me now though is why I didn’t see it in the first place since I’m a trekkie from waaaay back.


  7. Well, once again I am in the minority (is it me???) at Wearable Wednesday as I LOOOOOOEEEEEEERRRRRRVVVEE all of these (save for the first one, it DOES look like Snuffelupagus). But the other ones, I really like the colours and the crisp lines and, yup, even the Star Trek influence (although personally, I see much more of an East Indian nod in many of these clothes, which I find really pretty).


            • I’m having that issue with my Bella done. I think part of it is essentially just that some people don’t need darts. I and the model are good examples. If there is not a curve present, a dart will just look out of place. And another reason, I just learned from the ladies at the sewing community centre is that I didn’t fade out the dart enough towards the tip. I’ve unpicked them (again) and will be re-sewing them today. I hope they are right and that fixes it!!!


            • Is it nipply? Is it made out of mink????? I suppose that could happen even with curves underneath to support them. I think it’s also fabric choice. Mine is dupioni silk, not the softest fabric to bend around a dart?


            • Oh, yes, the minky fabric! This will be definitely something different!!! Looking forward to seeing that one. Curve on the side, you say? What pattern is this? I want to look up the darts. I wonder if Princess Seams would also work better for non-pointyness and fit on a less curvy person.


            • Looking it up now! So exciting! I think that’s my problem with the bodice fittings, I need to find different types of darts and/or perhaps try the princess seams. Also, I was just searching this morning and found some patterns with pleated necklines and crossed over darts at waist that would appear to eliminate that pointy dart effect when they point at, well, not a large curve. I think DOWN with traditionally placed darts!!!! 🙂 Can you tell I’ve been having some dart fitting issues?


            • Oh, it’s very pretty! I can see you in this, for sure. I do wonder if it will suit my needs. I’m finding the main problem seems to be the waist darts that come up and point at the apex (nippleeeze). Because I don’t have a big difference b/w waist and bust (flute shaped), it would seem that a dart placed here is not useful or necessary. Maybe these would carve out more of a waist and not create that pointy or bubbling effect?


            • Yes. Good plan! It’s surprising how many of the indie designers, like the SugarPlum dress, which I love, are using the pleats like in the Belladone. I can say with some certainly, it does not work for my body type. It’s too bad. I currently also have Lisette Passport and Portfolio. Both of these look to be perfect for a flute body type. They have more of a pleating and gathering effect than darts which should soften everything and not make ‘points’.


            • Pig in a blanket! An….interesting look. 🙂 But, why would you think that? Too many pleats? They seem to be very subtle. Of course, I’ve not made the dress.


  8. While the eyes don’t have it here, I do actually kind of like one or two of the designs. The white dress with the frog belt and the multi-hued grecian dress are my favorites. Otherwise they are fairly boring pieces that will probably appeal to those with *ahem* “disposable income” more than the crazytown other designers seem to love churning out.


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