Yeah, it’s Minky. A Burda Minky. want to make something of it?

So last year at MaryJo’s I fell in love with some ridiculous fabric. It’s a Minky paisley print. I believe that the designers intentions were probably closer to this-minky 1

Ooh, look! Giraffe!  Sorry, I got distracted. Where were we? minky2

The designer might have actually had a bad dream about their textile being used to drape my dainty loins in an odd retro sheath mashup, but hey, that’s how I play, right? Scarilly and unadvisedly! So who was my victim? Burda 7031!


A subtle, basic shape with nifty curved darts that were a pleasant challenge for me. This is the first time I’ve done a dart that wasn’t straight, these curve- more so on one side that the other, so there was much slow going and easing along. They also just had to be cut open to lay flat on the hips. I’ve only cut open darts a few times- always makes me nervous! Here they are accented subtly for you-FLEECE3

Once more a dress that didn’t really need a zipper- the back seam is really unnecessary. Other than that, I made no changes- I just wanted to show off my extremely cuddly fabric! Do you feel teased enough? Shall I reveal my foolishness? Ok- but I did warn you. FLEECE5

I have a slight concern about being mistaken for a beanie baby from the back, but hey, it happens, right?  fleece1

I seriously think you more people should check out this pattern, it’s a classic shape and easy to wear- you can hack up your own bears to make one, or perhaps try a sensible fabric. Bruderlein likes this one and the husband titles the picture file  ‘fleece beast’ – do you think thats bad or good? FLEECE6

I’ll give him a pass on this one- he was really struggling to not make me clash with my decor! Ever notice that these photo shoots always end up being about Bruderlein? I think he resents not being the fleeciest one in the room today……FLEECE4

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

67 thoughts on “Yeah, it’s Minky. A Burda Minky. want to make something of it?

  1. Pah! to co-workers, I think your dress is all kinds of awesome. I’ve tried to sew a similarly curved dart, very nearly defeated me, but then I’ve got the patience of a hungry cat passing a bowl of kibble.


  2. Minky (autocorrect tried to replace that M with a K – naughty iPad!) is so cozy and wonderful to cover up with, so I can only imagine how good your dress feels! I’ve never thought of making clothes with minky – a pair of lounge pants would be heavenly.. Where did you buy your beautiful, paisley minky, pray tell?


  3. I think your minky makes a great dress, and I can only imagine how comfy. I do laugh about you scaring your coworkers — I think I am scaring the ladies at church! But there is something about sewing that compels me to try more and more out-of-the-box things, mainly because I can:)


    • I used to feel so depressed shopping- nothing spoke to me and it all made me feel huge- now I dress a little more foolishly and don’t mind it- let the girls in the next pew gawk!


  4. Marsha says:

    So, really, you’ve been playing the pick 3 game, right? You put pattern names in one bowl, fabric contents in another, and garment types in the third. Then you drew out “paisley,” “fleece”, “shift dress” and that’s what you made. Fess up or the intervention is on its way.


  5. mrsmole says:

    You look darling and I love the fishnet tights!!!!! You are right out of the late 60’s and making a curved dart probably worked better using the Minky than a woven. Now that you have this one down pat…make a couple more and ignore all those jealous babes who wish they could pull this off and look so hot!


  6. You sewed a curved dart in minky .. deep breath .. I am seriously impressed. Love the 60’s vibe of the dress and this is the perfect shirt dress pattern for you. More??


  7. Shar says:

    I think ‘fleece beast’ is a compliment! Wild and untamed, yet cuddly. Now I want to make one of these. I love stylish comfort. This looks great on you and it looks perfect with the fishnets.


  8. I’m on board with you on the Minky Fabric- it’s not just for kids anymore! I made a raspberry pink Minky cardigan and I absolutely love the soft coziness of it. I bought the fabric online, and without the “dots” I think it passes as an “adult fabric”. Your dress looks fab, enjoy it and be comfy!


  9. I really like this shape and it works so well with a busy print that might overwork a more tailored design. Burda published this pattern in one of the magazines I have, so might give it a go with one of my ‘what am going to do with this’ prints.


  10. rory says:

    Yesterday at the fabric store I watched two little girls petting the Minky and arguing very loudly whether or not it was softer than kitty. I think it was about to get violent and cause a riot, much like your dress.


  11. LOVE Mary Jo’s 🙂 I feel like I want to just reach out and feel your sleeves or something…! I’ve never thought of using that for clothes, but what a great top for someone (like my mother and me) who get really, really cold and are miserable during the winter?! Must investigate at once.

    Also, that’s a pattern I’ve looked at many times, but have never actually purchased. Glad to know it sews up well.

    Thanks for another fun post. I have a feeling you’ll be making more minky-based clothing 😉


  12. Cuddly with curvy darts to boot – what better pattern/fabric combination is there?
    Seriously… I’ve been dying to try these curved darts… Is it Burda’s devious plan to take a dead simple shift & make it tricky?


  13. I love this! It totally works! And I love the pattern– it’s just what I’ve been looking for! I have a vintage pattern with lovely curved darts like that, but they hit, like 4″ too high and I just can’t figure out how to shorten them without turning them into horrible points! I’m thinking I may just pick this one up and save myself the suffering…


  14. Barbara says:

    I worked in the fashion industry in London in the Swinging 60s – what a great place to be at that time! One of the designers made that same pattern but sleeveless with a keyhole neckline and the same cut-in armholes. I made that dress many times and loved them all – never in minky though. It would be beautifully cozy. My favourite was in a big bold swirly black and white print.Very op art! I could whip that dress out in under two hours.
    My suggestion for the dart is to cut it in the middle almost to the point then ease one side. I never had a problem with it.
    The interesting thing is that I was was wistfully thinking about that dress the other day and wishing I still had the pattern. And there you are! Thanks so much


  15. Ooooh, it turned out great, I love it!!! I will check out the pattern, I think it will be flattering to my body type as well. Love how you pointed out the darts to us. 🙂 And, the doggies and kitties must LOVE this dress. I can picture them fighting over each other to snuggle with you when you are wearing it.


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