A Most Temperate Pub Crawl

A wife must be supportive.


A wife must love her husband unconditionally and guide him toward the light.


A wife finds support in other like-minded Godly women and thru their tireless inspiration, creates a happy home for her husband and offspring.


Or, she can join in and attend his local Brew clubs Zombie Pub Crawl! For this, she must have just the right outfit- to set a proper tone to the event. Simplicity 2581 had no idea what was coming!Β  I bought this pattern originally thinking Mary Poppins (as I often do) and ended up making an homage to my favorite lady of spirit……Carrie Nation!


How could one not be inspired? I found a vile poly gabardine that is practically bullet proof and clammy to the touch. My veil was free-formed from pictures and a nice snood to cover my less than period appropriate locks.


What could be more supportive?Β  The sash got my point across and kept the foolish from thinking thatΒ  I was just another LIzzie Borden and not a tireless family crusader!


Yes, those are floral Dr Martens peeking out from under there- I can only conform so much- even for Temperance!



The husband said this look was drop dead sexy, but he did end up vomiting near his car last evening- I’m not sure if it had anything to do with me or not.

photo credits: Pattern Review, google images, Meadhawg. All images remain the property of their original owners.

73 thoughts on “A Most Temperate Pub Crawl

  1. mrsmole says:

    Holy Crap, Anne….are you for real? How many personas can you acquire? It might actually work as a duster coat if not for the poofy sleeve heads…you are really a hoot! Maybe the hubby was imagining a corset and stockings under that trenchcoat…don’t know about the barfing though…has he gotten into some bad candy corn stocks lately?


  2. Well, no respectable pub crawl ends without at least someone tossing their cookies!
    GREAT costume. It almost made me want to swear off the demon drink…almost. πŸ˜‰


  3. Shar says:

    This is brilliant (and more than a bit scary)! If I saw you coming at me with a hatchet in this getup I might have tossed my cookies too, but I really think it was your husband’s total disregard for your message. (Love that you were wearing the Dr. Martens).


  4. Woo – that is scarily authentic looking. Almost enough to scare me away from the glass of Southern I have at the end of a hard day’s work (for purely medicinal purposes)……… I did say almost. Although if you lived closer…….

    At first I thought those pics of you were of someone eons ago. Great effects.


  5. Ah, ha ha!! You are my hero! I love how your costume came out. Dead ringer for Carrie. I hope the pub crowd was dutifully impressed. Or afraid, that would mean your costume was REALLY authentic.


  6. I love it! Still hooting from the photographs – magnificent.
    Sympathies to your poor hubby. I understand drinking out of wet glasses can create that reaction. And green glasses. Both to be avoided.


  7. Wow!! What a brilliant costume!!! Love it! I’ve never heard of Carrie Nation, but one look at her photo makes me think that I wouldn’t have wanted to get on the wrong side of her… :O


  8. I just love this! I need this costume, it would terrify my husband. I think I would also need a few pints to recover if you approached me in my local wearing that lot. Hope your husband is feeling better – better out than in as we say.


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