Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

Buckle up. This is going places! Luckilly our sleeves deploy as airbags!


2014 Sad Clown Formal Night


Is this a real model or a wax figure? Whatevs, I like the dress…..


Seriously, her menace is distracting me from the tragic pleating.




I have shams like this- they match my canopy.


I will hide among the humans dressed as a beach umbrella and learn their secrets…


Go ahead and laugh- I will incinerate you-


I will hide on the weak humans lawns- blending with their sacred icons…..



photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

57 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Vika Gazinskaya

  1. Dobermom says:

    Look, it’s a real live dead model! She has mastered the fine art of wax figure imitation and is ready for the starring role in a remake of Vincent Price’s “House of Wax”.


  2. I love the trees and flamingos border print on the first one. As usual, send me the fabric and let me make something wearable from it.

    And that model… poor thing!


  3. Amazing fabrics. The next time I think a great fabric will carry a blah design, I’ll rethink it. That model is just plain old creeeeeeeepy! The designing is kind of awful.
    Maybe Tim Burton had some input on model choice…..


  4. I like the 3rd dress – the bound keyhole opening and the shape of the sleeves is really a nice combo – and as weird as that flamingo coat is, I like it, too! That would be a great conversation garment for walking down hoity-toity street. As for Ms Zombie Stare, well, I think I’d be spaced out in lala land somewhere just concentrating on not falling over if I was as nutrition deprived as she obviously is.


  5. The coat dress at the end is ok. The collection as a whole makes me think ‘flat pack and lost the screws’. The prints are nice enough, but continue the Ikea theme, (first seen on a duvet cover?)


  6. Dude!! She is terrifying. Very fitting for Halloween. How can she not be happy when she’s got flamingo print clothing?! Unless she’s actually a sad lonely albino flamingo who’s been shunned from the flock. Awww


  7. OK…I swear the top of my head has been singed or something…! How creepy is that model??? Geez…from first pic (I’m from planet cockroach…!) to those seriously disturbing wax-life pics later on…yikes. Great Halloween grab is all I can say. I was too frightened to actually LOOK at the clothes…but I don’t think she appreciated your ‘shams’ comment! I swear she glared at me and DARED me to snicker…!

    Trick or treat? These were definitely tricks…and angry ones, too! #darkalley 😉


  8. Shar says:

    Good post for Halloween Eve! I do really like the flamingo/tree print and I’m seriously considering if I can hold up a mirror to deflect any eye rays and sneak in to steal those shoes. (I shouldn’t have read the comments since now all I can think about is hot cinnamon donuts).


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