Simplicity 2774, but no pie….

Greetings from the automat! Wait- where’s the pie? I thought this was like the Doris Day movies….dang.


Oh well, today I am bringing you an action packed pattern review as I mail out my correspondence.  You know how I search for locations that won’t compete with my gaudy business and this seemed perfect. On to the show! 2774_LG_EN_AA_BB.indd

I’ve honestly ignored this pattern for a while now- it’s that lower right picture. Turtleneck strangulation is all I see. It’s almost Burkha-esque. But look at details- lovely darted bodice, lots of frisky tucks. Looks like a job for my Alter ego Boxy Le Smut- the wearer of inappropriate garments!IMG_2299

I love it. It’s actually crossed over into LURVE. The shape is….shapely. Yup. Just that. Now I do have some issues about maxi dresses. Are they super dressy? Too much for work? Do I look like Endora at a PTA meeting? ….and is that so wrong? il_fullxfull_354804700_orgl

The husband admits to the dresses loveliness but thinks it’s too much. Thats pretty daunting- this man endorses my personal right to Loondom like no one else would!


About the pattern for those of you that want to join me at the post office on formal day:

Why do knit dresses need zippers? What would be the point? Had I thought this out more clearly (Lord, how many times have I put that in a review, or a deposition? Anyone? Over 50 at least I’m sure) I would have skipped the back seam. It made my print matching slightly off but I think it’s alright- for a first time  with knit border prints. I’m easing out of my knit fears now that I have found the perfect stitch. Also, if I do this again, the sleeves have 8 tucks. Oops- I wrote tusks at first- well, I am a big girl……anyhoo. These tucks are made separately on each sleeve piece before the shoulder seam is done while watching Boardwalk Empire. IS Dr Valentin creepy hot or what? Ok, sorry, I digress. Could I not sew that shoulder seam then do the tucks to create perfect tucks instead of matching, matching, crying, screaming? Get back to me on that you greater sewist minds.


This really was a joy to sew. I really enjoyed all these little tucks and pleats and details and seeing how the print would end up- I like how abstract it is and am really quite pleased with the end result. Anyone working the maxi or just having  any thoughts about their postal service?maxi4

photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

102 thoughts on “Simplicity 2774, but no pie….

  1. I like Maxi’s a lot as you may know (or maybe not!) I actually PREFER a Maxi… probably goes back to my being a child in the 70’s… I love yours- I love the fabric and I think you did a grand job… I do want to say- when I first glimpsed your picture in my reader I was instantly taken to Flashdance- Manhunt… when she spent half the time dancing up against a brick wall. Don’t really know why that came to me but it did! ~Laurie


  2. mrsmole says:

    What a photoshoot!!! Endora…the star of that crap show…glamor and mystery all rolled into one and men could not resist her!!! Your bunnies look happy and the colors…OMG, sheer perfection on your skin and hair color. The drape is perfect and the sleeves are super! I don’t know about the sewing sequence but I think next time you will just do whatever the hell you want because the results will be striking! What a cool cocktails on the patio dress!!!!! I want one!


  3. The photos on the pattern envelope definitely don’t do the pattern any justice at all. They should change it and use your photo instead. You’re totally rockin it and I definitely don’t think it’s too much at all… sorry hubby. I love the style and I adore your choice of fabric 🙂


  4. That is lovely, and the fabric is perfect! I would not give the pattern a second look either, and I am so glad that you have. Best add it to the shopping list now! I have always been a bit concerned about maxi dresses – I am a cuddly person myself. Thoughts of ‘tent’ dresses flit through my mind, but this is very flattering. Thanks for clueing us in!!


  5. Mystery solved. Now I know why the Post Office closes at Noon on Saturday. It is closed for photo shoots, apparently. (I had no inkling of this and my Father was a letter carrier.) You’d think I’d have a clue.

    I love what I see here, though. I love the fabric and think the maxi style really shows it off perfectly. I hope you enjoy wearing it as it looks so flattering on you.

    Also, please keep us “posted” as to the next formal day at your zip code- we’re missing out!


  6. I can’t believe that Mr. B thinks it’s too much! I have to disagree! It’s fan-max-tasmic!! Caliope has asked that you wear it to her first pta meeting. Although she is asking that you add a fancy cigarette holder for effect.


  7. Shar says:

    I think this dress is fabulous! Maxis are the best (no tan or leg shaving required). Please tell – what is the perfect stitch for knits? I loved the photo shoot, and I learned a bit of Zip Code trivia today!


  8. I’ve seen this pattern and wondered how it would look in the real world. I really like it! Flattering cut for you and I love that fabric. I only have one maxi dress and it is a summer knit. For some reason maxi dresses remind me of summer sundresses.


  9. I seem to think of maxi dresses as summer-wear, but I love your autumnal take on the look. Your photo shoot location is just awesome, makes me wonder what the lighting is like in my local USPS branch.


  10. I love this! I have this pattern and now that I have seen yours I MUST go and cut one out immediately! I can only aspire to look as wonderful in mine as you do in yours. It is very very cool and of course it isn’t too much – more is never enough!


  11. I like this on you – does it have a cut on sleeve or is the sleeve part of the bodice – I couldn’t really understand about the pleats and am too lazy to check the line diagram. I think the choice of fabric pattern works really well as a maxi and on you.


    • The sleeve is all one piece with the bodice- I really dont think i explained the sleeve pleaty business well, you make them while the pieces are still seperate, then sew the shoulder seam.


  12. ParisGrrl says:

    This dress may be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever made. As for the zipper, while they’re not always necessary with stretch fabrics, they make garments easier to get in and out of…with the V neckline you can certainly try a second dress without the zipper, and have a go at your simplified sleeve construction idea as well. Go for it, because this pattern suits you!


  13. As usual, you have created a thing of gorgeousness *and* you have taught me something about zip codes — I’m now wondering if the same is true for postal codes. Probably. Probably.

    I know what you mean about maxi dresses, but this one is too beautiful to save for special occasions. The shape is really flattering. I think it’s just a matter of people not being used to long daytime dresses anymore. Bring them back! If anyone can, it’s you.


  14. I have this pattern and have passed over it too, mostly because it is for knits after all and I have yet to find that perfect stitch. But your print and execution certainly make it a WOWZA maxi. Where’s that pitcher of martini’s?


  15. geebeew says:

    I lurve it too!!!! I would wear that to work … ok, I’d cover up the ladies, but I work with kids! 😛 The colours and print are gorgeous on you, and the cut is awesome! You are going to make more, right? RIGHT??? (Make more!)


    • I might admit to throwing on a camisole when I went to work- the glare of my pale bosom is too much for people. I will definitely revisit this pattern- since YOU showed me the wisdom of making repeat pattern friends!


  16. mary says:

    I just bought some ETRO stretch velvet and was wondering what dress to make for the dinner party next weekend. Now I know what to make……

    Why not maxi’s in the fall, winter or spring?



  17. What a great dress! I LOVE it. I love the colors, the big, wild print… I don’t think it’s too much. Well, maybe too much for the office but you could wear it out shopping or for an elegant garden party or maybe just at home when you have a Lady of Leisure day.

    And I love the shoes.


  18. HAA HAA HAA HAAA, I so want to join you for formal day at the post office. I also want to be there while you’re taking photos for your blog. It would be the most delightful outing ever. I think you’re working this dress like no bodies business. Great use of a boarder knit and the little jewel at the bust line is delightful.


  19. You rock that look. I love the maxi dress and tend to wear mine on the weekends – shopping, grooving with friends, picnics etc. Love the exotic feel of it flipping around my ankles. Your version is fab. Love the dress and fabric. I have the pattern but it sits in with the hundreds of others that I bought and then ignored. I may get promoted now.


  20. Oooh! I like! But, if you are concerned about it being “too much”, you can always cut the skirt down some. I’ve eyed this pattern several times myself, but I’ve always been put off by the versions on the envelope too. I think I can now safely say it’s not frumpy in real life. 🙂


  21. Great dress!
    Some of my coworkers wear maxi dresses to work. With light sweaters or shrugs to de-fancify them. Keep the shoes simple too.
    I feel they are too vacation-y for work. Mind you it depends on the fabric choice.
    Anyway, lovely dress. So you!


  22. Too much? No way. It’s just right. I thought the model was wearing a hajib on the pattern envelope (which would be great because yay diversity), but that’s just her turtleneck blending in with her hair.


  23. Love love love this dress! and fabric. and pattern. You look terrific in this! Anywhere, even the post office! My favorite of all the lovely things you’ve sewn.


  24. HAHA! I love that you’re laying on the parcel prep table in the post office. I would likely be escorted out of the our post office(s) if I tried anything like this. I don’t think the dress is too much. Not at all, actually. I’m a big fan of the maxi dress.


  25. nishi says:

    I think this is perfect for work! I may have a slight obsession with prints though, so maybe I’m not the most unbiased person in the room…! The dress looks sooooo comfortable and elegant at the same time, and the colours look great on you. I’m actually rather jealous of this dress because I want one now…


  26. Anyone could forgive you for feeling lukewarm about this pattern based on that photo… it’s pretty bad LOL. Your dress, however, is ten times awesome. I love the print – and that’s coming from me, Queen of Solids LOL. I love a sexy bodice paired with a maxi length – it’s so lovely on you 🙂

    As for me, I’ve had about enough of the post office (although the staff are delightful enough to make up for it a bit)… our mailboxes got broken into a few months ago and we’ve been having to trek it out to the PO to get our mail ever since – I wonder what they’d think if I did a photoshoot there LOL.


  27. I love this make on you!! The print is absolutely fabulous and combined with the style really flatters your figure.
    I think it’s also crazy to put a zip in knit make, unless it’s a stable knit like ponte or something.


  28. Evidence that no husband is perfect, as this is meant to be a maxi and nothing else. Sorry hubby, this print is too gorgeous to be on something smaller.

    Boxy le Smut has impeccable taste, awesome photo locations, and is a total babe.


  29. Bookishredhead says:

    How does this fantastic post have so many comments and it leaves out the question that has left me breathless with anticipation- where the heck did you get those fabulous shoes? Brand please.

    Love the dress. I would never be brave enough to try the print, but it really does work on you. I feel the same way about maxi’s.


  30. Sew Sometimes says:

    I have this pattern and I tried to make the tunic. The collar directions make no sense. I managed to figure out how to do the front but not the back. Directions are horrible but the overall pattern is nice. I will have to try the V neck tunic or dress next. (I still have to figure out the back of the tunic.

    Love your dress by the way!


  31. Joanne Grundy says:

    Hi I have just started this dress view E mading it in a spandex material. Just sewn the 1st piece of front facing on to bodice which has gone ok, just can’t find out what the 2nd piece of facing is for 😛


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