Wearable Wednesday Rhie

I’m getting so jaded- I can almost look past the models obvious suffering, but not today. Where is her butt!?


Her spirit looks as droopy as this pocket-


Even this didn’t cheer her up…


So they sent her to a facility-


But she rebelled-


After being expelled she found work as a shower liner at a sleazy motel.


Eventually finding her way to the Little Sisters of Bagginess Convent


Now she’s a motivational speaker and model. Fashion saves!


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

63 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Rhie

  1. Wowzers. Normally I can find something I like in these (other than your wit of course!), but I’m struggling today. The biker jacket is easy on the eye (but when aren’t they) and I *almost* like the penultimate dress…but she just.looks.so.sad… Poor wee poppet! 😉


  2. The last outfit actually has possibilities…! The rest, oh, woe is me! She carries the weight of the whole world on her shoulders, clearly…and it ain’t purty!

    Enough with the rail-thin, depressed models. I feel like I’m viewing REALLY bad art.


  3. I suspect if she had been fed she might have looked happier. I always do.
    I’m with CarolinasCallin. Enough with the painfully thin models. Clearly even the designer expected someone a bit larger judging by the fit of the clothes.


  4. mrsmole says:

    Every shot says, “I’ve been ill, feed me before I collapse, you can see how much weight I have lost, these wretched clothes used to fit me”. Your analysis in each shot is so spot on…the fabrics looks so old and nasty, no glamor to entice would be buyers…who is going to say…”I love that, I want it”? That grey dress with the white side zipper is almost an exact copy of the gym clothes for PE that were required to be worn when I was in Catholic High school back in 1964, clearly that was the inspiration.


  5. LOL, her butt must be on vacation in Rome and it should have taken all those old worn out clothes with it. Phew, not fun, funny or terribly creative, just sad. Please someone give the designer some Prozac and the model some food. Just do it.


  6. Kerry says:

    It looks like somebody pulled this kid out of a police lineup before lunchtime and gave her the wrong clothes. I thought fashion was all about fun and feeling good! Dummy me…..


  7. I like the biker jacket and maybe the skirt in that same picture and I like the last outfit, though I rarely wear white. The rest all look like Good Will rejects. Or maybe clothes found while dumpster diving.


  8. Wow. Just wow. No wonder she’s so unhappy. Her silver pants look like something that isn’t talked about in polite circles, the dresses make it look like her boobs are sagging to her belt, the shower curtain leaves nothing to the imagination…

    I do like the motorcycle jacket though.


  9. Wow. I shall go on record saying, I am not a fan. Much of the time, I seem to root for the ‘underdog’ on Wearable Wednesday and like the fashions that the majority hate. But, ya. Not in this case. Seriously. Lol.


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