Wearable Wednesday Agnona

Sigh… I miss my dishtowel cape. I was my own hero.

What the- is her hip out of joint? Shes like a living wishbone!? Dressed part ad exec- part satyr.


I don’t know where to start- but I think it’s going to be her shoes…..or the wash rag she forgot she had tucked there. Maybe she has a drooly dog.


Looks scratchy and unpleasant, but hey, we’ve been making Pomeranians wear this for years…..ugh, wooly camel toe. Or is it alpaca toe?


I don’t think I’d care for this sloped waist/gut hammock on me. I hope she has an alternate blouse in that bag.


Does the bow draw the skirt up theatre curtain style? Are we going to see a show? Do we have to?


Why she looks saucy and mossy for her first day of school at Thigh Gap Tech.


Isn’t that what George Constanza’s father wears in Boca?


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

56 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Agnona

  1. Plenty thermal regulation experiment subjects popping in again. Undernourished convent orphan sent to find work as nanny checking in too.
    The maroon skirt and top, (with cut about cowboy boots replaced with strappy sandals) could go places.


  2. Nevermind the “meh” clothing, that girl needs sustenance, fast! I’m suprised she could stand up under the weight of those garments. I like the print on the “gut hammock” skirts, the rest – meh. As for the ginham socks/drooly dog cloth – I hope she doesn’t have a boxer, she’d stand no chance! 🙂


  3. I love the fact the number 3’s foot wear is so bad, it makes what I wear look stylish.

    I also enjoy that the designer threw the rules out the window when it comes to cutting on grain on the second to last garment. Who cares if a garment hangs straight, right? That just a societal convention anyway. What is straight? Are straight hanging garments prejudicial against our LGBT friends. Free the grainlines in support of the LGBT community Sewists.


  4. You know, clothes aside, and since this thigh thing is reaching a national or international epidemic, I thought most designers had decided not to showcase ultra thin models years ago. It’s not healthy, it’s not beautiful and the damage it does to make this some sort of ideal is scarier than looking at a young girl barely this side of emaciated and noticing her clothes…. Now I could see that yellow green suit being a real standout on a model with a figure, think curves, Rosalind Russell esque, lose the cloth except to catch the drool from the guys. I got nothing to help the gut sling, except maybe the gut….


    • It is disturbing that designers think that this is the best way to present clothing- on figureless, expressionless drones. It makes you wonder how some of them really feel about the models or women in general. It feels like they’d rather have a dehumanised hangar than a muse.


  5. There are a few pieces that I actually like, the maroon skirt and top would be pretty on someone who has a shape. And I like the back to school dress. The yellow outfit is on its own fine, but the slides with socks. Oh, and then to make sure that it’s a coordinated look, they added whatever that is hanging from the waist.


  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA George Costanza – LOVE it! That aside, I kind of like the green/white back to school outfit. I actually don’t look at models – I didn’t even realise they were different people until I read some of the comments (sorry models) – so for me they may as well be coat hangers. If I ever do notice them though, I wonder what the marketing team/designers are trying to achieve – using models that are too young to have the place to wear the outfits (or the money to buy them for that matter)… so I just ignore them, non-touching thighs and all! Rachel 😉


  7. Ugh! These looks are all so gross. I don’t understand why you would want to showcase your fashions on people that look miserable in them. Also, the hem lengths and proportions work together to make these girls look pretty dowdy. If a 15 year-old, six-foot-tall Hungarian looks dowdy, how would anyone look good in these clothes?


  8. I can maybe see myself wearing the first one, MAYBE. And it goes without saying that I’d leave the dishtowel in the kitchen. I tend to agree with Gingermakes, if a 6’+ super thin model woman looks stumpy and frumpy, there’s no way I’m going to be able to pull it off.

    I can’t decide if it’s just my mood today that makes this seem like a fashion crime, or if it really is just such a crime that it’s hard to find it humorous. I did get a couple of chuckles though, and I needed them, so thanks for that. 🙂


  9. So, do you get to see who rates the individual comments and the post itself? Or is that done anonymously? Do the individual commenters get notified if someone votes their comment up? Sorry, I’d been wondering that for a while.


  10. I’m pretty sure Frank Costanza would look better in that jacket than her… or me, or anyone… at least he had the attitude to pull it off LOL. And NO ONE needs a gut hammock… seriously ^__^

    I think that wooly onesie is gonna appear in my nightmares… it’s so damn disturbing 😦


  11. LOL at George Costanza’s father’s outfit…I have definitely seen that look on Seinfeld! That purple blazer actually looked nice until I reached the ‘wishbone’ part of the outfit…then I was totally muddled and disoriented – not to mention majorly creeped out!

    And would designers STOP with the high/low/uneven hems already??? They look incredibly dated after like…a couple weeks!

    Another fun mid-week fiesta 🙂


  12. The clothes look too big (on the lower half of the body and the length of the skirts are dowdy at best. The thigh gap HAS to be airbrushed! And what is up with the slipper shoes on the yellow sack outfit??? They look like someone wearing their house slippers with socks. The sweater leotard? Yuck!! My kids walked in while I was reading this and were pretty horrified by it all!


  13. Well, some nice design ideas are there, but the clothes don’t seem to fit properly. And, why is she wearing a handkerchief cape? My nephew does that. He’s 3. I have pics of me when I was young in some pretty crazy outfits (no havn’t put together the blogpost yet) and I was pretty thin. Some folks really are naturally thin, especially as teenagers. BUT, the lack of animation, joy and life, well, that’s all her.


    • I know a healthy lithe gal- like you- but these ladies look pitiful and underfed- I worry about their bobe density and possible depression issues! Glad you noticed the cape- maybe she was posing near birds?


  14. Maybe that’s why they aren’t wearing trousers…to avoid panty lines. And did the drooly dog eat the toes out of the shoes.
    Joking aside. WTF re the emaciated models. I do understand that some people are naturally very slim, but is this really the image that designers want to portray as the ideal of womanhood. Or is it just that they are too damned lazy to do the work and design clothes for women with curves?


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