Seren-gaudy Scheming


With great fanfare and dignity, we at the Grievances present the first ever PANT-TONE Color Chart for 2014!!!!!  Whoo hoo!! Your guide for animal print trend selection!

Pant-tone 2014

Yes, I am gearing up for ‘Jungle January 2: Style Safari’ ! I hope that you are too. last year I was amazed and thrilled by the talent and rabid enthusiasm of our trekkers. This year I hope it will be Louder and Fleecier! If you missed it- highlights can be found in the archives here or in the amazing flickr group!

Need some inspiration? How about Vogue 8961 V8961

in a Fabricmart charmeuse?


Even McCalls knows a good idea!


Not sure you are ready to leave the barn yet? How about  Fabricmarts Minky Cuddle Cow!  Large_EF-577

its perfect for cold winter nights in Butterick 4406


Bonus points will be awarded for this little number to wear while picking up the groceries:


Vogue 2962  in a lovely chiffon from Fabricmart


You can even start with a more discrete wearing:


Now remember folks- wearing real animals is not being encouraged- we strive for animal homage on our Jungle Cruise. Animals are for inviting over for tea!


photo credits: Fabricmart,, pattern review, google images, meadhawg, Harpers Bazaar. All images remain the property of their original owners.

53 thoughts on “Seren-gaudy Scheming

  1. Yay! I’m so glad Jungle January is coming back! I’ll probably have to sit this one out, but can’t wait to see what everyone else makes! You also need to come up with another “themed” month, so we can spread the fun out. 😉


  2. Shar says:

    Before last year’s expedition, I’d never, ever worn an animal print before. My only contribution last January was a zebra print apron but I did go on to sew a Cordova with a leopard print lining and a Tiramisu with a (very subtle) snake skin print skirt. I intend to go all in this time around – save a seat for me on the cruise!


  3. Hip, Hip, Hooray! Last year’s Jungle January unleashed my own inner animal-print wearing beast, and it’s only continuing to escalate. I may recently have thought it a good idea to acquire multiple yards of a tiger-print flocked taffeta with intentions for a puffy-skirted vintage-y dress. Subtle it will not be, but sometimes subtle is over-rated anyway.


  4. Woo hoo — I dared to hope – I dared to pray – I dared to dream – and Goddess Annie has answered!!! I am so glad I read this today and not yesterday morning – I saw a beautiful silk leopard in Tessuti’s yesterday – pure silk but almost AUS$100 per metre. I was tempted then….. imagine if Jungle January had been announced!!! Now let me go out and raid my stash. Then I will wash, prep, brush, primp, preen and prepare (and that is just me – not the fabric) …. save me a seat on the bus.


  5. I’m coming on safari too! I already have a top planned – didn’t manage to make it last winter, so I thought I’d save it just in case you decided to host JJ again.


  6. What fun! Might have to dip my toe into the animal pond…maybe something very subtle, though…animal jammies? I’m LOVING that sleepwear pattern you posted above – I’ve never even seen that one, but I can see some very nice loungewear coming up…in animal print?!


  7. After just doing an elephant dance in the middle of the jungle (AKA Jungle Book style) I will gladly spend Jan 2014 listening to the jungle animals wisdom, and sewing!!!


  8. SharonM says:

    How did I ever miss this last year? I LOVE animal prints! I’m in…just need to decide what to sew. The purple/black cheetah knit? The faux fur leopard? The giraffe print silk? Oh the decisions!


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