Wearable Wednesday Lindsey Thornburg

I can totally see Jared Leto in the grocery store in this- perhaps with less under-bewb.lt1

Steven Tyler on spa day? Or Elton John incognito?


The bride was a devoted Jerry Garcia fan…perhaps having spin art tables at the reception wasn’t the best idea, but sundae bars are sooooo 2011.


These sandals are killing this outfit- even more than Stevie Rays hat. A hat that possibly weighs more than our model.


Arrg- were these sandals a gift? Come on Kristin Wiig, ditch those orthopaedic horrors! No bunion could be THAT bad!


Surely the hat is padded out to fit her- no ones crown is that large unless they are an alien….life….form…..HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!!!


Oh, no. It’s like the suspension bridge to wedgy town.


I can see myself wanting to wear this all the time until my husband has the intervention.


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Lindsey Thornburg

  1. I quite like the prints of some of them, particularly the 2nd photo. The print is kinda white tree of Gondor-ish, don’t you think? As usual, the models all need a damn good meal, and I agree with the lilac sandals – bleurgh! I do like the black dress though.. As for Jared Leto – the comment made me choke on my tea with a splurt of laughter! 😀


  2. The comfy sandals are probably a relief to the model – but it makes you realize why they are usually forced into the high jobs!
    Take out the swimwear and odd hats and I quite like this lot. (Off for a lie down…)


  3. I reckon she hiding her pork pie-based luncheon under those hats. Or, the odd shoe choices in the shoot are the result of the Louboutin heels mysteriously disappearing and it’s those that she’s got under her hats.


  4. If the sandals are supposed to offer some orthopedic comfort, they need to try again. You may notice that her heel is sticking off the back by about a mile!
    Fun commentary as always 🙂


  5. I suppose this is more proof that I have no fashion sense but I actually like most of these. The “Jerry Garcia” dress is okay, the next two even better. I like the shiny coat in the second pic and I like the last dress. The sandals are kinda boring but you all would be horrified by my choice of footwear. It’s nothing but comfort all the way baby.


    • Oh, and the short dress with the heart on front? I absolutely fraking HATE the “shoulders sliding off so I had to put strings on top to hold up the dress” look.


      • Increasingly, it’s nothing but Kalso Earth shoes for me. I still have a few pairs that are other brands and I get frustrated with KE’s extremely limited style choices but once you get used to them there’s no going back. It’s an addiction.


  6. Well I think a lot of those fabrics are great fun, even if they do remind more than a little bit of the Dreadful Grates. I love the long black number. And I bet that outfit was stolen from the dresing room of an Areosmith concert. ( in 1978)..eeeuuuuwwww!


  7. LOL it’s worth it to read these posts just to see what new descriptors you come up with… I barely even looked at the clothes; I’m just happy you graced us with “under-bewb” and “suspension bridge to wedgy town” – and I can totally see you in that last number – you’d give it a lot more personality, that’s for sure!! ^__^


  8. “”It’s like the suspension bridge to wedgy town”” LOL… I am with you on the sandals. In my opinion the models are only worth the money they make so that they can have Orthopedic surgery later in life.. If they are going to wear sandals then they need a cut in pay. I do seriously love that last dress.


  9. Bad footwear choices, odd accessories, and the part where you now have the “Funky Town” song stuck in my head with new lyrics aside, I now really, really want to make another By Hand London Anna dress and tie dye it something like that white one…which will probably also cause my husband to stage a wardrobe intervention.


  10. Shar says:

    I read all of your captions first and then went back to look at the clothes. The colors really caught my eye (or maybe it’s just the dark drab weather we’re having). I liked a lot of these even though I probably wouldn’t look good in any of them. I think Cari Homemaker has a great idea – I’d love to see an Anna in the dark tie dye too.


  11. coni thornburg says:

    I love this collection, love the style and love the colors – great fashion makes a statement and these pieces do so beautifully, especially love the last dress!


  12. Amie says:

    I actually for once like the majority of these! That outfit # 5 is very nice. I really like it, could actually wear that.
    The lavender sandals do look like something I might have worn Easter Sunday, but back in 3rd grade in the ’70’s.


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