Butterick 5967- Connie Crawford purrs for me!


Yup, I’m a few days early, but that’s the prerogative of a hostess right? Of course. Lets talk about my new top: 5967

This vaguelly suicidal model shot did not inspire me. The tech drawing did. It has more shape to it than the model gives it and I think they used my fav technique of hiding figure issues with a gaudy print. What it Butterick- I’m having that copyrit!


I was hoping for a frisky little work  blouse and I got a bit of a cropped muumuu. I tapered the sides in greatly and even considered a back pleat, but I decided to just go for ‘figure skimming’. I’m pleased, I think it’s a cute little make and I enjoyed the sew.blue1

This pattern has buttons for show. Seriously, the little devil goes over my head without opening it, so I had one of my debates with the voices in my head. The 1st  voice said, be mature, make lovely button holes for the skill factor. By the by- it was windy at the museum!?blue3

the 2nd voice said ‘yay! I get to eat fabric!’ and sounded alot like Lily my sewing machine. The 3rd voice sounded alot like Edgar Bergen and was just reminding me to buy more postum. charlie

I ignored all three, I think and just sewed the darn thing closed. If the buttonholes aren’t for function, why bother?


Ok, so what is all this leading to? JUNGLE JANUARY 2- Return of the Grrrrrrrrr! 


Yes, this week we gather our pith helmets, set them at a jaunty angle and return to the sartorial jungle! blue6

Remember last year? No? Well where the hell were you? Don’t miss it! Flickr group here! Go reminisce and plot.

JJ1 (2)

****Also, little Anne needs some help. The Blog Button Gods are not happy with me. Any tech help on making the above into our shiny new buttons would be appreciated!

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Wearable Wednesday parties with Vera Wang

Ah the holidays. Vera Wang understands your need to multi task during this hectic time. Outfits must work in many locales! Like caroling with family- Granny doesn’t know you got that One Direction neck tattoo-vw3

Midnight mass and a party at your favorite upholsterer-


Cocktails followed by doing dishes at a soup kitchen-


Midnight Crossing guard duty at the Nativity play-


Glam hunting with Uncle Floyd-


‘Dang- I thought this was my coat, but it’s actually Miley Cyrus’s backpack-‘   An unfortunate moment at the coat check….


Nothing says, ‘Back off from that misteltoe, buster!’  like razor sharp couture accents!vw4

May your holidays be sharp, shiny and lovely!

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Low 5- The misses of 2013


Well, children, if you have a top- you have a bottom. can

Let’s explore mine, shall we? Stop that laughing in the back row- we do this for science! low5

In theory, I just love Vogue 8901. But I can hear it- it’s noisy, rustly, distracting. I feel like I should be strapped to a mast and helping argyle Vikings make it to port.

#4 is a phantom. Its Vogue 1343 and when you see ‘recommend with modifications‘ on it’s only reviews on Pattern Review- translate that in your heads to ‘remake using another pattern’ and walk away. Even the model looks disgusted. We had a little Vogue funeral by the curb for the remains.


Ok, more meh ahead!


Sometimes bad ideas come in  very fluffy packages. This was a skrimp to get enough fabric, too clingy of a choice and just ungainly. I was flipping past that hanger so quickly in the closet that I think the top thought it lived on a dry cleaners conveyor belt. Nope. Just nope.


I’m just not comfortable with a fitted top and bottom in a style. Newlook 6000 is a pretty frock, but I felt really exposed in it. Odd, right? I know you all must think the bunnies are scared of the dark, since I almost always let them out of the tops I make, but this felt too revealing! crowd

Ready for the beast of 2013? Here we go- Simplicity 1619. I think if I add a few more gathered areas and attach more cording it would make an excellent shower pouffy for a giant. low1

Well, I’m not so sad over this. The list took a long time- I was so glad my sucky group wasn’t as massive as the things I’ve worn and enjoyed. Is this the part where I’m supposed to say that I learned something- I did. I’m getting better with knowing whats right for me and incorporating skills and details I want to try into appropriate shapes for me. I’ve sewn less wadders this year. Phew!

Oh, and don’t forget:


Multiple badges to fit your style are forthcoming!

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Top 5 Hits of 2013, or The Gaudy Strikes Back!


Last year I did this and it was such a good focus for me, it really showed me what I need to make more of and what was just unworn whim sewing. This year I was better with the practical, but sort of veered away from blogging alot of my makes, considering them too pedestrian or just repeats of patterns I’d already used.candle

I need to break that habit- which is partially due to my not loving my picture being taken- you know the soul stealing and whatnot….

To maintain the appropriate level of suspense, we will go in countdown format!


Burda 7031- I love this pattern. I love how cozy this is and how it is just a lot of fun. Shouldn’t clothing be fun? #4

Simplicity 2774. I don’t wear this as much as I should- I still get daunted by the length- then I wear it and I’m asking the pups ‘Why am I not wearing this constantly?’ they have no idea why not. #3

New Look 6802 totally defined ‘goto’ for me this summer. Why have I avoided knits? They come in some really frisky prints!


It looks like I am inching toward more fitted looks until you throw Butterick 5815 into the mix. I LOVED this fabric so much. I have held back on wearing this too much, cuz it is so memorable, I don’t want this to start to bore me. You know how  psychedelic zebra floral can do that, right?


Yup, little old Simplicity 1651 was the frock of summer. It was frisky, shapely and I could even wear it to work with a little snap in breastal dickie I made. Its hard enough to work under florescent without your office mates cleavage giving off blinding glare, right?



In 2014, I’d like to advance my skills a bit- this year filled out my wardrobe with wearables and broke my ‘I will buy this even tho I don’t love it because it fits me and if I stay in this store any longer I will cry and scream’  pattern I had been in with retail. I’ve felt more confidence as I go out in things  make that I really love instead of feeling like I am settling for what is available in my size. Now I need to build on this and enjoy!

I hope your sewing brought you creativity, stress relief and joy this year- mine sure has!

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Wearable Wednesday shows VPL

OH, my heavens- they broke the model!


What could you keep in these pockets? Is that the only way to stand the avoid a visit to wedgie town?


Model attempts to find water:


Is it active wear? An homage to active wear?




First the personal trainer will explain how to put this on, then we’ll head over to the equipment…..


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

A Spearmint Dynasty!


A dandy new coat pattern has popped up on the horizon! Lolita has done it again with another very girlish design. I was asked to do a testing and I am smitten. A quite smitten kitten.cross

Now, I don’t usually need a heavy coat- yes it snows here once every 3 years, but really, a girl like I does not traditionally need to face the elements. The driver always brings me right up to the portico, don’t you know.


But this pattern was definitely for me! So I used a light weight suiting material to give it a fab dramatic office entrance flair. This turned out to be a very good choice for me- it meant no major sizing adjustments were needed to accomodate  major winter wear sleeves under it and I still had enough ease for all of the day to day work issues I face.


This pattern features a single bound buttonhole that cinches the waist and creates a lovely waterfall effect with the collar.


This was my first bound buttonhole and part of why I wanted to make this- even a tunic gal needs to add new skills to the hamper, you know? I was so proud of my buttonhole that I even put it on facebook. The majority of it’s viewers being nonsewists. They were polite, but I could sense that they didn’t know that for me, this was like splitting the atom in the garage.


Foolish mortals!!! My Father appreciated the grainy phone pic I showed him- thank you, Father! As my first one, it’s a little bumpy, the chiffon shows a bit, but over all, the ratio of cursing/finished product was acceptable! In the final version of the pattern, the buttonhole has been moved in a smidge- with all those layers it was getting tres puffy!

The husband  thought a deep view into the pocket would be an excellent selling feature. So I removed my yoyo and gummy bears for you.


I can see this coat in so many ways! In fact, I have this week- so much gorgeous fabric has been twirling about in this- you must go see the Lolita website and while you are buying that girly 3-pack of Amitys patterns, check out the  makes- they are all head turners!full

Now, a slow artististic collage to really bring it home: pinkCollage

My only major hurdle was the lining attachment, The sleeve portion was great- very well explained and I got it! MY lining hem just never seemed to lay right. It was total turn and flip and no hand sewing. It didn’t lay so well- maybe the fabric being thinner didn’t give it the weight it needed to hold it down, so I fudged on it, but, intrepid sewists- please do try, it sounds like a ginchy way to go with it!

OK, I may have gotten a little embarrassed partially disrobing in the yard. Who walks their dog at this hour?!dis

photo credits: meadhawg, Lolita patterns, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Zimmermann

When I have that strolling along the beach looking absolutely rail thin fantasy, I see myself in this. Im also surrounded by muscular men in 1930’s bathing apparel. Don’t ask.


Is any one seeing Art Deco bedroom suites and Fred Astaires personal casting couch?zim5

She is NOT losing these shoes! What is that trying to swat her butt?


I’m intrigued by this one. Can we get that E! 360 cam in there to tell me how this one ends? Does it come with instructions?


This next one comes with it’s own dimmer switch and 2 extra bulbs. It’s honeymoon sexy in a 1960’s movie.


It’s like her breasts are wearing glasses…..regrettable tan lines. But her breasts do look really smart.


I love the shape of this and the silhouette. This skirt is just gorgeous to me. Together it may seem impractical at first, but look at all of the places to hang an employee badge or some reading glasses!


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.