Wearable Wednesday L’Wren Scott

I know, I know, I get all gushy over this designer, but look at this?! Preferably while not focusing on the knee wrinkles…..


Flannery the cat wants me to have these shoes. The catbox will get interesting!


I know it’s a little derivative, but I can’t help it- I like it! Plus, I plan on adding a floor show to my tuesday evenings until Walking Dead comes back on in February….


ooh- scalloppy hem love.


I totally wore something like this just yesterday at the Burger King. I asked for extra napkins.


Yes, this is me, sooo me.


This is one damned sexy BBQ apron!


Mrs Ming the Mercillous always resented her husband insisting on matching outfits at events…..


Just take off one accessory before you go out, Bettylou!


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday L’Wren Scott

  1. Surprisingly wearable in a Oriental Star Wars sort of way. The shoes are real ankle breakers though and the dangling bits would certainly end up with a cat or two going for a ride and clinging on for dear life.The BBQ apron and the last black dress are killers…I imagine Grace Jones in the last one with some wild hair-do. Wonder if hanging with Mick Jagger inspires her at all?


  2. Oh darling Anne! You actually gave us a real honest to goodness Wearable Wednesday! I will take one of each please. Except for the shoes. And if the first dress comes in more than one colour, one of each.

    But wasn’t the long white dress worn in LOTR by Galadriel?

    BTW-it isn’t only cats that would attack the footwear, I have a few canine who would find them very entertaining, because making humans fall down is their sport.


  3. Shar says:

    I think I need to learn how to BBQ just so I can wear the apron dress! Then maybe I can renew my wedding vows in dress 5. Really I want all of them…


      • Shar says:

        Hmmm. Depends on how wild the party would be. Dress 1 or the last dress would work for my conservative office (love how the last dress would give me the illusion of a waist, plus it would be perfect with the contrast fabric in an animal print). Dress 3 would be the most fun though!


  4. Hey, that’s a pretty darn nice collection. LOVE many of the fabrics and some very beautiful flattering necklines. The models, well presented but still, really designers, let’s have some T & A, these girls are too thin and this collection would sizzle on curvy models.


  5. Other than the shoes (egad!) and the blue sequinned thing (Dolly Parton would like that back thankyouverymuch!), I like most of these. The off-shoulder look works for me, and I would love to purchase most of the fabrics. I also noticed that these dresses nicely accentuated the model’s figure–THAT is how it’s supposed to be done. 🙂


  6. I kind of love most of this collection! Something about that kimono-inspired third dress is particularly enticing 🙂 I agree though, those shoes are better served entertaining cats – anyone who wore them in my house would likely have some ankle damage by the end of it LOL.


  7. Looks like someone’s been hitting “Memoirs of a Geisha”…! Beautiful fabrics, and that cream gown is stunning! The apron dress has real potential, too.

    Cats across the fashion world are rejoicing at the shoes…! LOL at Mrs Mole’s mental picture of the wearer strolling down the street dragging cats along!


  8. These are just stunning, love them! Of course the footwear is simply dangerous but the added cat toy danglees make them a hit for Kitty. The outfits are very creative, love the fabrics.


  9. Oooh, these are really pretty! I could do without the Elvis cape and I don’t like the shoes either. Sadly, I have no where to wear a Galadriel dress. I could go stand about in the forest in it, but then only the unicorns would be able to appreciate it.


  10. Strangely appealing. Though not in white – i am clumsy and that looks like it would stain.
    I also would do without the shoes. (Has anyone else wondered if L’Wren would get nose bleeds at that height if she wore them?)


    • My friends and I enjoy poking at the unreality of what is considered ready to wear, its meant in fun. Im sure Ms Scott is not losing sleep over it. Was there one that you liked best? These posts are about opinion and all are welcome.


    • I like reading this blog because Ms. Petty Grievances creates quite frequently, as do many of us who read and comment. I agree these designs are quite inspired and I certainly did not find the commentary disrespectful at all. If anything it comes across to me as self-deprecating humor. Juxtaposing a life that includes Burger King with fantastical clothing design is funny, that’s all.


  11. I love your Wednesday Wearable eye candy!!! While we all can’t imagine wearing these high end inspired fashions we can judge the practicality of them and shoes are really a place where clothing designers fall down (sorry). Every week we all get to say “what were they thinking” before browsing the pattern sites for similar designs to make that have been adapted to real normal (non- skinny model) people. Thank you for keeping me abreast (sorry) of current offerings for I have little time while cranking out bridal gowns to do the ferreting out myself! Here my opinion counts and that is what is important…I don’t have to design cars or shoes or furniture to know what appeals or what doesn’t…if something reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, I can say it!


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