Butterick 5870- Cowls and Covetousness


‘Who Wore it Best?’ Is one of my favorite cheesy magazine features.julianne-hough-jennifer-hudson-peter-pilotto__oPt

These are fun, aren’t they? mrs-doubtfire-kim-kardashian-met-gala-who-wore-it-better__oPt

Sadly, it reminds me constantly that I have taste that is off the straight and narrow. Usually when Blake Lively is in a fashion faceoff with Helena Bonham Carter and are both wearing a gorgeous Westwood,  I always heavily endorse the actress with the bird on her head and the Lulu Guiness handbag shaped like a fireplug. helena-bonham-carter-vogue-42-29may13-rex_b

Ok, that wasn’t really fair, no one ever wears the same things as Helena Bonham Carter…..But , my point is that  I am never shocked when the other BORING actress  wins the popular vote.  Where was I going with this? Do I even know?  OK, Ok, I remember. It was about 2 people in the same dress making it totally their own and looking totally different but both totally nailing it. I’m not so into the competing, it’s seeing the same piece worn with a totally different spin.  I have a blogger that I just love and we have made the same dress many times and I’ve bought patterns just because I saw her in it and the Coveting Fairy whacked me in the face. You believe in her, don’t you?


Sewmanju, I’m looking at you, Girly!  When I scroll thru your posts  I’m all ‘got it, want it, dang- she’s good! write that number down, oh, I made that!  ‘Go look at her stuff- it’s girly, tasteful and sharp. I’m not sure that anyone this tasteful would be honored with a ‘I made mine because yours looked so good on you- even tho yours wasn’t dayglo metallic zebra…..’

We aren’t going to play ‘Who wore it best’ – since hers is blousey bow fabulous and mine is a somber silver salute to algae. But lets talk about me and mine.  I think this is a wonderful everyday kind of frock.  I debated making it a tunic length – you know I think everything should be cut to tunic length- I’d run thru the First Ladies gown display at the Smithsonian looking for leggingsworthy dresses if I could- Watch out Bess Truman- I have my pinking shears out!   The husband saved this from tunicville- he thought the length was good as a dress- he wasn’t so sure about bright tights with it, but this is like a solid color- you know my solid color kryptonite issues. It needed the tights!!!  It wasn’t gaudy enough.chorus

Butterick 5870 went together so easily- I almost let one of the pups inset the sleeves while I watched a Jean Arthur movie, but Bruder hadn’t seen Easy Living yet, so I didn’t bother him. Maybe next time. Hey, this is like a solid color- I’m sorry, I really just can’t get over my personal daring. I’m like Amelia Earhardt, but with less activity and more snacking.

Other than tacking down the cowl neck- I’m a bit cowlphobic. I love the look, but hate how it never stays put. I could sling Flannery around my neck and have less wiggling all day. Hmm….I wonder how she looks next to the Pantone color of 2014- Liver Failure Orchid…… so I tacked my cowl down. The Husband thinks I should make another as a hoodie. Hmm, the lad may be right. I do love a hoodie. These pics were wedged in between work and a charioty event that the husband was taking pictures at. So no, these aren’t my presents and isn’t that just the shame of it. I’m really quite deserving you know.Algae 2

To me this is just  is one more example of a pattern envelope giving you the’ hairy mehs’ when you flip thru the book. God Bless the sacred work of Pattern Review bringing us daily interpretations that rise about the bizarre poses, odd textiles and general beige blandness of the standard envelope and entice us to try them.  Go see Sewmanju’s profile– it has hauled me into the Hancock fabric more than once to buy a pattern I just didn’t ever remember seeing.

Ok, now me vs Butterick:

WHO WORE IT BEST!!!algae 15870

 photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, google images, redcarpet fashion awards, Perez Hilton, Vogue. All images remain the property of their original owners.

54 thoughts on “Butterick 5870- Cowls and Covetousness

  1. This is one of the things I love most about your posts: You’re always jumping out there and trying things that others of us less resourceful pass right over! I swear this must be a brand new pattern, because it looks like just the sort of comfy, great little dress I’d love to make for hanging out…but I’ve never seen this pattern!

    Personally, I think the pattern companies should consult a select group of sewists (I’m nominating YOU!) to select fabrics, etc to market their patterns! There are so many I’ve passed right on by because of the disastrous sewing job and fabric choice!

    Thanks again for the great insight and fun dress! Enjoy!


  2. Your version definitely poo poos over the packet striped version – I mean really – why wear unflattering stripes when you can look a vision in such a lush looking pewter. Your dress is beautiful – I have fabric envy.


  3. Shar says:

    I’d like one of each please! I love a cowl in the cold weather to keep my neck warm, but the bow tie version is very cute too. That’s the great thing about sewing – many people can make exactly the same pattern but each with their own twist so it never looks the same. Tell me – did you ‘borrow’ any of the presents?


  4. I am a sewmanju and prttynpnk admirer — I even have that pattern already! — but I am very slow…..it will probably take me another year to get around to making it. I love your version — pretty and the fabric looks so soft. It is a pity those gifts are not all for you:)


  5. Your fabric rocks! It is nice enough to just throw over the bed and cuddle into it!!! And that collar…you can hide all sorts of things in there…candy canes, mistletoe, carrots for the reindeer…wow! I did see the bow version…very tidy…not as dramatic as yours but the envelope version…stripes on a tummy…who does that? The bow version needs a slash and spread across the back to get that thin collar to sit higher up, so watch for that if you make it! Your dress will just make all the Santas want a hug for sure!


    • The back did give me issues- it gathers at the yoke then spreads into the skirt- it felt odd, but I wasnt sure why that bothered me. Like my butt, i pretend i dont know what it looks like back there!


  6. redsilvia says:

    OMG! Butterick needs to hire a flotilla of workers to paste your dress pic over that horror show of a sample they displayed! And I expect you to make them pay well over the odds for your image. Seriously, they used horizontal stripes on a dress with non horizontal style lines. That is probably warned against on the recommended fabric options on the back of the envelope.

    Good dress, well done!


  7. Oh anne of course your version is far superior to the dodgy pattern envelope version. I LOVE your fabric! It looks perfect for this time of your…snuggly but glam! Great job and glad you tried this one out. Looking forward to the bow tie version….


  8. danvillegirl says:

    Your version is the best! The models hemline is not even and yours fits much better!!! I love reading your posts; you have a great sense of humor and I need that daily. Truly your version looks good on you.


  9. I’m having some serious fabric envy right now! Grey/silver is my other weakness (after teals/emeralds 😉 ) and you matched fabric to pattern perfectly! You look amazing in this dress, great job!! 🙂


  10. AHAHAHAHAHA! I snorted out loud at work when I scrolled down and saw your “solid” dress– you tried to sneak a print in under our noses, naughty minx! This is so lovely and drapey and nice, and I like the longer length!


  11. Classy fabric – something very luxurious about it. As for the skinny girl on the envelope – her stripes don’t match up, so yours is by far the best! Brill post LOL


  12. Love your cozy new dress. It definitely looks like it’s a good idea to always listen to the coveting fairy, not the least because she looks like she could mess a person up if they don’t pay attention to her.


      • mrsfrippery says:

        I don’t know, you’re rocking the silver here! I’m actually looking forward to the orchid, as long as it doesn’t veer into mauve or lavender, which do make me look like a corpse, it’s a pretty good color for me. But then I’m a “winter” and I’m guessing you’re an “autumn”. Does anybody do the seasonal color draping stuff anymore? Or am I just dating myself? Wait, don’t answer that!


  13. Hmmm, you both look pretty dang good in this gorgeous, cowly dress. I love cowl necklines, they are so flattering and such a great use of fabric. I think you look lovely in this dress, I like the shine of the fabric as well. And, I am still at work on my silver Belladone, so I do not shy away from the shiny metallics either. Okay, I do draw the line at gold or silver lame stretch leggings. But that’s about it. And, now I’m following Sewmanju! I had never heard of her site before. Thanks!


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