Wearable Wednesday Zimmermann

When I have that strolling along the beach looking absolutely rail thin fantasy, I see myself in this. Im also surrounded by muscular men in 1930’s bathing apparel. Don’t ask.


Is any one seeing Art Deco bedroom suites and Fred Astaires personal casting couch?zim5

She is NOT losing these shoes! What is that trying to swat her butt?


I’m intrigued by this one. Can we get that E! 360 cam in there to tell me how this one ends? Does it come with instructions?


This next one comes with it’s own dimmer switch and 2 extra bulbs. It’s honeymoon sexy in a 1960’s movie.


It’s like her breasts are wearing glasses…..regrettable tan lines. But her breasts do look really smart.


I love the shape of this and the silhouette. This skirt is just gorgeous to me. Together it may seem impractical at first, but look at all of the places to hang an employee badge or some reading glasses!


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Zimmermann

  1. Jo says:

    Oh god I’m dying – these are some gorgeous fabrics and the shapes & drapes themselves have got something very nice about them – but the comments. oh the comments are spot on. I bet designers weep when they see themselves crop up here.


  2. Love the dresses and I can see why they are all carrying such puffy purses filled to the brim with ACE bandages to keep their shoes on! The 2 piece black with the optical bra top and grocery bag/drawstring waist on the shorts just is so modern! I’ll take that first one too as long as you can share some of the muscular men??? Please?


  3. Okay, the bathing suit reminded me of something you’d knit as a kid, wear to the beach and then have it stretch in fall off, leaving you in tears and a towel. I want to like the first look but I am not a floral girl or flutter sleeve kind of person, but the last look, just right. I love that one. Now where did I leave my goldy locks and hot porridge?


  4. Shar says:

    I’m fascinated by the bra/bathing suit top. How exactly is that middle piece staying perfectly in place? I do like the fabrics and shapes and I agree that the last skirt is beautiful.


      • Actually, I was just worried about saying I like something and then later realizing that it is hideous when I see it on a bigger screen. PC is still down but I’m using my husband’s Surface so I feel more confident about commenting.

        I love it when we get “Oooo pretty!” and “WTF?” in the same Wearable Wednesday. The second one is “oooo pretty but one half of the bodice needs to overlap the other. The last one is “oooo pretty”. The third one is a maybe. Four, five and six are “WTF” and the first one, the fabric is “oooo pretty” but the style is “WTF?”


  5. I am sure that I saw a sofa at the Salvation Army upholstered in exactly the same fabric as the first outfit, Yeah, I am not a fan of that one,

    Holy painful underwires Batman! All I can see when I look at the bathing suit is the potential for pain. But then again some people might enjoy that.


  6. I’m trying to figure out if those straps are some sort of orthopedic insert–for the model with weak ankles and falling arches.

    I love the fabrics though, I take some of each! 🙂


  7. Ooooh, these are fun!!! I love that first outfit, and I wish I could wear the gold jacket/black swimsuit thingy combo– so cool! I even like the ’60’s honeymoon dress (very Trudy Campbell, no?).


  8. Interesting looks – and beautiful fabrics! That last outfit is lovely, and I like the black and white swishy one, too, although perhaps with a more friendly ‘v’ neck…!

    Nice to see happy models, too, instead of the very tired and over done sullen models thing. LOL at the bandaged shoes, too…very prudent indeed to prevent ankle rolling!


  9. That back and white dress with the tiny tiny shoulder strap – you know, the dress where the bag is eating her bum – is pure genius. I Want It.
    The asymmetrical jacket that’s gone round the twist is a no no though


  10. mrsfrippery says:

    I love the first and last looks, but, even though they’re pretty, the tops have openings in unfortunate places for anyone with any pudge. I shudder to think what I’d look like in them. The fabrics on all of them are beautiful. I’m curious about the outfits on the models pictured walking away in a few of these too. They look like they have potential as well.


  11. Oh My Goodness!!! I absolutely love all of these. I would wear each of them with pride. The silhouettes and fabrics are all so different while still actually being wearable. The first, third and last ones are exquisite. Guess whose ‘pinning’??


  12. It’s so good to see ankle support straps making their fashion debut! I wonder if this is indicative of protecting those ankles or a fear of being robbed for one’s shoes. Strap ’em on ladies, they’re too expensive to lose.


  13. What is there to say after one reads about smart looking breasts? You said it all, as usual! 🙂 I’m having a love-hate relationship with those shoes… they speak to the inner ballerina and the practical walks-everywhere me simultaneously LOL


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