A Spearmint Dynasty!


A dandy new coat pattern has popped up on the horizon! Lolita has done it again with another very girlish design. I was asked to do a testing and I am smitten. A quite smitten kitten.cross

Now, I don’t usually need a heavy coat- yes it snows here once every 3 years, but really, a girl like I does not traditionally need to face the elements. The driver always brings me right up to the portico, don’t you know.


But this pattern was definitely for me! So I used a light weight suiting material to give it a fab dramatic office entrance flair. This turned out to be a very good choice for me- it meant no major sizing adjustments were needed to accomodate  major winter wear sleeves under it and I still had enough ease for all of the day to day work issues I face.


This pattern features a single bound buttonhole that cinches the waist and creates a lovely waterfall effect with the collar.


This was my first bound buttonhole and part of why I wanted to make this- even a tunic gal needs to add new skills to the hamper, you know? I was so proud of my buttonhole that I even put it on facebook. The majority of it’s viewers being nonsewists. They were polite, but I could sense that they didn’t know that for me, this was like splitting the atom in the garage.


Foolish mortals!!! My Father appreciated the grainy phone pic I showed him- thank you, Father! As my first one, it’s a little bumpy, the chiffon shows a bit, but over all, the ratio of cursing/finished product was acceptable! In the final version of the pattern, the buttonhole has been moved in a smidge- with all those layers it was getting tres puffy!

The husband  thought a deep view into the pocket would be an excellent selling feature. So I removed my yoyo and gummy bears for you.


I can see this coat in so many ways! In fact, I have this week- so much gorgeous fabric has been twirling about in this- you must go see the Lolita website and while you are buying that girly 3-pack of Amitys patterns, check out the  makes- they are all head turners!full

Now, a slow artististic collage to really bring it home: pinkCollage

My only major hurdle was the lining attachment, The sleeve portion was great- very well explained and I got it! MY lining hem just never seemed to lay right. It was total turn and flip and no hand sewing. It didn’t lay so well- maybe the fabric being thinner didn’t give it the weight it needed to hold it down, so I fudged on it, but, intrepid sewists- please do try, it sounds like a ginchy way to go with it!

OK, I may have gotten a little embarrassed partially disrobing in the yard. Who walks their dog at this hour?!dis

photo credits: meadhawg, Lolita patterns, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

46 thoughts on “A Spearmint Dynasty!

  1. What lovely coloring on you! The whole outfit and the lighting that is.

    And is that a fabulously funky lining you used – I can’t really tell. How about a coat wide open shot? I’m sure it can’t be a straightforward gingham coat. Not from you!


  2. For us real sewers…please toss in a close up of the bound buttonhole and the lining…gingham and paisley make such a cool combination. Did you have any issues with the construction? Did the collar co-operate with all those ruffles?


  3. Wow! Just wow at that pattern you lucky tester! I was starting to look for a spring pattern for a trench coat type thing and this would be lovely. Also really like the fabric you’ve chosen.


  4. Fantastic as always! Though I’ll say I was a bit disappointed at your rather low-key fabric choice. I was hoping for hot pink cheetah or something. 😉 I kid, I kid–this way it can showcase all your glorious fabric choices without being obtrusive. 🙂


  5. Love your version and how you made it yours with a belt (and belt-loops)! Really pretty button and lovely job on the bound buttonhole! It’s so interesting seeing how this coat looks in so many different colors and fabrics. (Eventually, I’ll get some decent photos of mine for a blog post.)


  6. Seriously serious fabric but with your inimitable touch within. I really like the belt with this coat too. Mmmmm, what carolascallin said – laugh more! Can’t say I blame you feeling happy with a coat like this.


  7. That is a great coat and very you. Love the button hole (and the button – and the boots for that matter) Great job.

    Your artistic collage reminded me of a now iconic Aussie clip from a red faces show (talent show for those with not much talent).. It was called the Hyde Park Boys. Have a look and you will see why.


  8. Yelena Alexander says:

    What’s wrong with all you people?
    It’s the one ugly coat. Bad design, poor choice of fabric, and not flattering at all.
    Why u cannot tell the truth ?
    Cannot handle constructive criticism ?
    How somebody will know , if anything wrong, if you all lying, in attempt to be ” nice”?


    • Excuse me!. It is a lovely coat and looks great on Anne. People have different tastes – hence so many different outfits on the web. Who are you to tell me what I should like and what I shouldn’t like. If it is not to your taste then that is fine – but don’t dare say to me what I have to like or not.


    • Maybe you missed the point Yelena…Anne was asked to make a test garment for the designer and there are plenty of others who were given that duty. Each sewer used fabric from their stash and interpreted the pattern and improvised and conquered the small issues as well as the large. What I have seen is the collar needs some adjusting on all the versions and some have left out the heavy duty interfacing so we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. It is a princess line coat that has a very open front and I like Anne’s the best as it suits her wacky personality. Her construction and techniques are of high quality so if you have a beef maybe you should track back to the designer and tell her?


  9. This is gorg! Love it!
    I’m jealous of your lack of snow. We’ve had enough and winter isn’t even half over here in the Canadian prairies.
    Anyway, this is lovely. And your workday looks like mine!


  10. Ooooh, I’ve never seen this as a blazer, what a great idea! You can wear it year-round, this way. I do love ruffles and feminine clothes, but the neckline of this coat does seem to be too open for me. I prefer a jacket that you can either have done up and closed or opt to leave open. For instance, I like the neckline the most, in your last pic, where the neckline is more closed and creates a more circular ruffle. But, it’s certainly a lovely and different style! LOVE your black and white fabric and bound button-hole. I’ve never made a bound buttonhole, looks intimidating.


  11. Shar says:

    I really like your version of the Spearmint! You’ll get so much more wear out of it than if you had used a heavier fabric. I’m glad you added the bound buttonhole shot – kudos! Don’t let Blake mess up the fabulous neckline! Love the last photo :).


  12. I am staring at your bound buttonhole and am having an epiphany. What if, instead of trying to make the lining not show, I made it show.

    Yours looks really good this way. Really good. LIke a little picture frame. Maybe in a contrasting color.



  13. Piper Springs says:

    My first visit to your blog and I must say you are really witty! Lots of laughter on this side. Yes, I totally get what an amazing thing it is to make a bound buttonhole. I have been sewing forever and never tackled one. Hurray, you!


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