Wearable Wednesday shows VPL

OH, my heavens- they broke the model!


What could you keep in these pockets? Is that the only way to stand the avoid a visit to wedgie town?


Model attempts to find water:


Is it active wear? An homage to active wear?




First the personal trainer will explain how to put this on, then we’ll head over to the equipment…..


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

34 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday shows VPL

  1. In the uk “vpl” stands for visible panty line. No we don’t get to see the behind of the model but I’m guessing total vpl is going on back there. It’ll be adding the classy final touch to these horrors!


  2. hmmmm, there are lots of things I find fascinating about these designs. It’s a bit Drape Drape Does Exercise. Shame about the hideous styling. Someone should go punch that stylist and photographer. There is nothing stylish about these images and the whole point is to sell the clothing but indulge someone’s creative vanity…


  3. I don’t do sports because I’m partially afraid that I’ll look ridiculous. After seeing this, I’m never feeling worried again 🙂 So I’ll have to come up with a new excuse why I don’t exercise 🙂 Also, what’s up with the shoes…


  4. It’s really a wax figure from the early 90’s. God awful and people say sweats and a T look bad to work out in….I’m feeling downright fashionable compared to that selection. I suspect the model had been so starved in her life that she can’t even left a bra strap up…assuming she had one….


  5. These garments must have been designed for people recovering from severe burns and to prevent the skin grafts from dropping off. And Lordie, the shoes, has that poor girl been getting ankle surgery too? The last photo was just thrown in for those who are into bondage…yuck


  6. Ahem! (grabs mic) Well, here’s a little info about Ms Bartlett’s DESIGNER line of clothing, courtesy Wikipedia:

    VPL started in 2003 as a women’s underwear label, expanding into a full women’s wear collection in 2006. VPL, which is shorthand for “visible panty line” and “it’s meant to be seen” according to the founder Victoria Bartlett, who started the label because she was “fascinated with the style of vintage swimwear and athletic wear from the Olympics.” VPL sells ready-to-wear apparel, swim, intimates, loungewear, accessories and footwear. Its footwear is designed in collaboration with Tiffany Tuttle of LD Tuttle. Diffusion line VPL TWO was spun off in 2008, which includes tanks and underwear. In 2011 the dress line VPL-X was launched as an extension of the original underwear brand.

    There you go. Your panty lines are supposed to show….


  7. There is really no practical real life use for these garments… in the gym? no… at a yoga class? no…. in the office? no, no, and more no LOL. Who would wear this stuff? I like to think I’m a nice person but I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t snicker if I saw someone walk in wearing one of these getups, and i CAN guarantee I WOULD do if it came with six inch heels ^__^


  8. Oh, man…what a completely useless collection (OK, it’s good for a laugh, I’ll give it that!). Personally, I think each and every designer ought to be forced to WEAR their own pieces for at least a 12 hour period before it walks down the runway. That goes for the shoes and other ‘accessories’ as well…!

    …and what’s with the metal ‘props’? Seriously, that girl gets near a gym, she’s going to get laughed right out of it! (Either that or all those straps will get her caught in the machinery…!)


  9. Shar says:

    I think this may be the perfect gym attire for me. After struggling to put it on I could feign complete exhaustion! Hmmm, I wonder if all those straps could help with my computer induced forward shoulder issues.


  10. mrsfrippery says:

    The leggings in the middle and last looks would be suitable for cycling. I’d wear them in public to ride in, but as a cyclist, outrageous clothing is expected.
    The rest of it is hideous and awkward. The last model looks like she got her bra on backwards. The wooden tree things remind me of some Barbie doll stands I used to have. Perhaps they were expecting a long day and had them at the ready to prop up the weakened models?


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