Low 5- The misses of 2013


Well, children, if you have a top- you have a bottom. can

Let’s explore mine, shall we? Stop that laughing in the back row- we do this for science! low5

In theory, I just love Vogue 8901. But I can hear it- it’s noisy, rustly, distracting. I feel like I should be strapped to a mast and helping argyle Vikings make it to port.

#4 is a phantom. Its Vogue 1343 and when you see ‘recommend with modifications‘ on it’s only reviews on Pattern Review- translate that in your heads to ‘remake using another pattern’ and walk away. Even the model looks disgusted. We had a little Vogue funeral by the curb for the remains.


Ok, more meh ahead!


Sometimes bad ideas come inย  very fluffy packages. This was a skrimp to get enough fabric, too clingy of a choice and just ungainly. I was flipping past that hanger so quickly in the closet that I think the top thought it lived on a dry cleaners conveyor belt. Nope. Just nope.


I’m just not comfortable with a fitted top and bottom in a style. Newlook 6000 is a pretty frock, but I felt really exposed in it. Odd, right? I know you all must think the bunnies are scared of the dark, since I almost always let them out of the tops I make, but this felt too revealing! crowd

Ready for the beast of 2013? Here we go- Simplicity 1619. I think if I add a few more gathered areas and attach more cording it would make an excellent shower pouffy for a giant. low1

Well, I’m not so sad over this. The list took a long time- I was so glad my sucky group wasn’t as massive as the things I’ve worn and enjoyed. Is this the part where I’m supposed to say that I learned something- I did. I’m getting better with knowing whats right for me and incorporating skills and details I want to try into appropriate shapes for me. I’ve sewn less wadders this year. Phew!

Oh, and don’t forget:


Multiple badges to fit your style are forthcoming!

photo credits: meadhawg, Crafting a Rainbow, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

31 thoughts on “Low 5- The misses of 2013

  1. Well, I can see why some of those might be on their way to the curb except the argyle. I love that dress on you and I would think it matches doxies quite well. You are brave though, my fails have all hit the trash. A short bolero I “modified” and a few others, which I have cleansed from my mind and can no longer remember except for the Archer Shirt. Boy, the Scout Tee is TNT for me, the Archer looked just plain awful. Oh well, life and sewing goes on. New patterns to try, old favorites to bring new life to and all that. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  2. Piper Springs says:

    Even your fails are pretty on you! But I get when something just doesn’t feel right. Thanks for showing hits and misses; it is encouraging.


  3. I can see the “floral floppy fail”, though I think it’s more of a disconnect between pattern and fabric than anything else–happens to even the best of us (or so I hear, since I’m not a “best”, I wouldn’t know first hand).

    The others are quite wearable, but if they don’t scream “wear me”, they should be given to someone that will wear them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Overall, I’d be very proud if I were you of the wearable-ness of even the “fails”–still better than some of the stuff designers make! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. From an outsider’s point of view (read: person not wearing the makes), none of those are horrible, and I especially like the style and fabrics of numbers 2 and 5! Of course, I completely understand not feeling comfortable in an outfit even if it looks okay in the mirror. Some things just don’t feel right for whatever reason. May all your future “misses” be as minor as these! =)


  5. Awww I love New Look 6000 on you. Perhaps you could make it as a cocktail number because you look fabulous in it.
    Although I get not feeling comfortable in fitted things – it’s never been my forte either ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. The New Look is divine and if you just added a feathered fascinator headpiece…you would be the belle of the ball. You are a brave girl to expose yourself this way but that is what we love about you! Hope you have a really Christmasy outfit for Wednesday!


  7. Oh, I can’t believe that lovely pink dress is #2 on your 2013 dud list! The dress is lovely. You look lovely in it. But I guess if you don’t feel comfortable in it then you don’t. Still…sniff sniff.

    And #3’s fabric is quite beautiful too. Can’t you salvage it? Is it see-thru? Maybe you can stick a jungle print under and make it more you? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  8. I think the New Look is great on you too – but I guess you have to feel the love yourself. Maybe the argyle would be better with a trim? It is a lovely dress maybe a knee length?

    Looking forward to JJ.


  9. Thanks for celebrating your “fails”; I find it weirdly inspiring/comforting! Unfortunately this January I’ll be living in temporary housing, my sewing machine and animal print fabric packed away on a container traveling the seas to my new home in Berlin. I look forward to lurking the sewalong though.


  10. Oh I do love your blog! Thank you always for your entertainment & style rustling (I don’t know what I’ve just described, but it just sounded too good to delete)
    Hope you have a great holiday & looking forward to Jungle January – that last pic is just unbeatable…:-)


  11. I so love these posts! None of these garments really look like “you”– it’s always so fun to experiments with new shapes and fabrics, and sometimes you have new favorites when you do that, but other times you just don’t. I love that even though you know what you like, you’re really fearless about trying new things. That’s probably why it’s so fun to read your blog and see what you’re up to! Re: feeling too uncovered in NL6000, I totally have odd standards for what I feel OK in. I will wear a short skirt and feel OK with that, but wearing a knit dress makes me feel like I’m naked, even if it’s not tight! It’s really silly, but we all have our own standards for feeling good.

    ALSO. Cannot wait for Jungle January 2!!!


  12. Well, we sewists know that path to sewing nirvana is littered with “blechs” and “mehs”. At least you have a dachshund to console you in the dark times. (I have one too, a short haired black-and-tan standard).


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