Wearable Wednesday parties with Vera Wang

Ah the holidays. Vera Wang understands your need to multi task during this hectic time. Outfits must work in many locales! Like caroling with family- Granny doesn’t know you got that One Direction neck tattoo-vw3

Midnight mass and a party at your favorite upholsterer-


Cocktails followed by doing dishes at a soup kitchen-


Midnight Crossing guard duty at the Nativity play-


Glam hunting with Uncle Floyd-


‘Dang- I thought this was my coat, but it’s actually Miley Cyrus’s backpack-‘   An unfortunate moment at the coat check….


Nothing says, ‘Back off from that misteltoe, buster!’  like razor sharp couture accents!vw4

May your holidays be sharp, shiny and lovely!

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

17 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday parties with Vera Wang

  1. Oh please tell me she turns that fur back pack inside out and the critter who had that walks off with his fur intact. Glam hunting eh? LOL, I bet Uncle Floyd is better dressed. Those are some pretty uninspiring styles and colors, although I’m sure a few would benefit from someone with an actual shape instead of a human wire hanger. Happy and Merry to all, May all the Grievances be small.


  2. Midnight crossing guard could have been good but my goodness if the front pulls up on a girl with no boobs…what happens to that dress when real boobs move in? The fabrics are all nice and they do make a statement…I am cold, don’t approach me, and I don’t want to walk too far in these shoes, buddy.


  3. Shar says:

    Ahh – the last Wearable Wednesday of 2013! Thank you for keeping me laughing every Wednesday with your always insightful commentary! I’d like to cut the Crossing Guard dress off at tunic length and pair it with leggings and I agree with sewbusylizzy on the skirt. Other than that, I think I need to have the poor girl over for a hearty Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


  4. Dear Anne, Thank you for all the laugh out loud comments. Love the grey pleated skirt but worry about the muff-backpack-fur creature…I mean what is it? A purse, a muff, a vest ….


  5. Thanks for yet another fun Wearable Wednesday! That backpack reminds me of an OLD ‘Twilight Zone’ episode where the furry pin comes to life and…well, better we don’t talk about it. Suffice it to say at some point it closely resembles that furry piece!

    Agree about the crossing guard dress, too…! How can you send a dress out on the runway pulling up in the front like that? Is that REALLY intended? *Sigh*

    Thanks for another year of wonderful, fun, inspiring posts! Looking forward to all you do in 2014! Merry Christmas!


  6. I had to laugh with the covering up the tattoo remark. My neice covered up her tattoos at family gatherings until her grandmother died.
    I hope your Christmas was merry and I wish you great brain power for the upcoming year so you can continue to entertain us with the insightfully funny Wearable Wednesday posts 🙂


  7. Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great one.

    These clothes are all rather sad. Like some poor waif trying hard to dress up and look festive. The “crossing guard” dress is at least shiny. Give me some of that fabric to play with. The shoes sort of confuse me and the socks don’t help.


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