Butterick 5967- Connie Crawford purrs for me!


Yup, I’m a few days early, but that’s the prerogative of a hostess right? Of course. Lets talk about my new top: 5967

This vaguelly suicidal model shot did not inspire me. The tech drawing did. It has more shape to it than the model gives it and I think they used my fav technique of hiding figure issues with a gaudy print. What it Butterick- I’m having that copyrit!


I was hoping for a frisky little work  blouse and I got a bit of a cropped muumuu. I tapered the sides in greatly and even considered a back pleat, but I decided to just go for ‘figure skimming’. I’m pleased, I think it’s a cute little make and I enjoyed the sew.blue1

This pattern has buttons for show. Seriously, the little devil goes over my head without opening it, so I had one of my debates with the voices in my head. The 1st  voice said, be mature, make lovely button holes for the skill factor. By the by- it was windy at the museum!?blue3

the 2nd voice said ‘yay! I get to eat fabric!’ and sounded alot like Lily my sewing machine. The 3rd voice sounded alot like Edgar Bergen and was just reminding me to buy more postum. charlie

I ignored all three, I think and just sewed the darn thing closed. If the buttonholes aren’t for function, why bother?


Ok, so what is all this leading to? JUNGLE JANUARY 2- Return of the Grrrrrrrrr! 


Yes, this week we gather our pith helmets, set them at a jaunty angle and return to the sartorial jungle! blue6

Remember last year? No? Well where the hell were you? Don’t miss it! Flickr group here! Go reminisce and plot.

JJ1 (2)

****Also, little Anne needs some help. The Blog Button Gods are not happy with me. Any tech help on making the above into our shiny new buttons would be appreciated!

photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, google images, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

88 thoughts on “Butterick 5967- Connie Crawford purrs for me!

  1. Yay! Jungle January 2!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this! I so wanted to take part last year but couldn’t find any jungle fabric I liked. This year I’m well-armed!

    If you can’t find anyone else more expert than me, I’d be happy to help you with the badges. I’ve done it successfully One Whole Time!

    New top is super cute!


  2. OMG Anne – I love this top. This is another time when your make poos over the photo on the pattern. I hadn’t even noticed the pattern before and as Mrs Mole said – the fit is great. Did you add any length? Yours seems to end just at the right spot where the models are unflatteringly (is that a word??) short. If you didn’t lengthen it – do you mind my asking how tall you are?

    After your lovely version this is going on my “to buy” list….

    And bring on the animal print!!


  3. Can’t wait for JJ 2, I’ve been waiting all year! Your top is supercute, I think it fits well, with Mumu tendencies completely in check. I’ve not made a button before but what if you looked at the buttons code that you’ve grabbed from other sites and just copy and paste, substituting in your links?


  4. That top is wonderful on you! I always like to check out the line drawings too – the photos alone are very deceptive. Good move with the buttons too, by the way. And I love that you are also an afficionado of my favourite technique “hiding figure issues with a gaudy print”. Now I need to dive into the stash to find some fabric for jungle january!


  5. redsilvia says:

    I’d want them to just show line drawings instead of photos of actual humans, but that would deprive us of so much comedy.

    Your shirt is cute, you are freaking adorable and I’m already planning on calling in sick in January to have sewing time from JJ’14.


  6. You are looking very fabulous here and rocking the print too!
    hmmm Jungle January, I want to participate, but can’t find an animal print that I would like to wear. It always looks good on other people, not me 😦


  7. OK, I’m slowly evolving to appreciate animal prints and your top shows me that they don’t have to be all that realistic – not just black and white – but look like they come from Avatar. Nice!


  8. I admire your ability to ignore the voices in you head. I have been hankering after a formfitting leopard dress for months, but my inner congress stops me: where would you wear it? Your mother would get a heart attack,( nevermind that I am 34) Sew something practical! Sad but true. Maybe I will start with a leopard skirt to show myself how awesome it is?


  9. Love the top!

    I had a go at a button using an image embedded in this post but it came out scarily large. I think if you can re-size the images that you’ve already got then this HTML will work:

    Just pop in the location of the new, smaller image where it currently says ‘name of pretty button image.jpg.



  10. Shar says:

    Your blouse looks tons better than the one the model is wearing! I just looked up the line drawing since you can’t see any of the interesting parts based on the pattern picture. This looks great on you (love the sleeves)! I stayed up late last night ordering my JJ14 fabric. I cannot wait to join the safari again!


  11. Béa says:

    I love that print, and the top looks fab on you. I wholeheartedly agree with ignoring the voices in your head- Decorative Buttons are just as valid as Functional Buttons.

    I’m feeling all inspired and eager, though I can’t do anything to get ready for Jungle January in practical terms as I’m away from home. So I’m having to make Srs Planz, so that I can get started as soon as I’m back. I’m looking forward to grabbing a badge just as soon as one becomes available.


  12. Don’t risk button holes that serve no purpose!! Good call.
    Maybe I should take part this year. I’m a little nervous though. Only animal print I own is a cheetah print fedora. Maybe a coordinating skirt?


  13. Well book me a ticket on this adventure, I’m up for a bit of Jungle Rumbling to kick start the year off with ~ but is the jungle ready for all of us ?!? … J


  14. I love your posts, and in this one I notice that you are reading a very fun book as well — hope it wasn’t just all for styling… 😉 When I finally cut my hair a few years ago, from waist length to bob, I took this book in with me and showed my hairdresser Dorothy Parker 😉


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