“Me Tarzan, you very on Trend! “


I love an inbox full of gorgeous animal prints! Lets get started- what do I see first as we cruise the paths less taken? Hmm….Here’s a little Snow Leopard from Sarah! M5436 #4

A hearty predator welcome to Susan! I warn you tho- many a sewist has started out subtle and ended up pure carnivore by their 2nd year! We’ll be watching for you! Jungle January 7

You know Marrie, if you pose frisky, I must use that picture!!!! I have this pattern- a copycat will occur!!!


Now what is more fierce than a snake print moto jacket? A Viking wearing a porcupine as a codpiece. But we will  show lovely Sue instead!!!!

Marie Jacket unzipped

Dang, Barbie! Stop showing off!!!! We get it, you are an icon!!!


I have a skirt crush. It’s SewingElle and it’s a zebra like no other!!!!


This pose! I just love it! Please Juliet! Make this the best 2014 Christmas card ever!!!!DSC05325

Gail is back! She is a real Darwinian dream this year!


I loove meeting new bloggy pals- especially when they have an eye for the slinky! Check out Miss Virginia!


Last year Anne W adorned her offspring with much cattery- this year she is back and it’s all about her!


Gillian, you know I can’t resist an action shot!!!!



photo credits: pattern review, meadhawg, Musings of a Seamstress, Sueparrot, Marrie, SewingElle, Crazy Gypsy, Gillian,Susan, Gail,   Anne W. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Its not a hat- it’s Simplicty 1623


As a hostess, I am a little late. But in fairness, I did jump the gun with my purple cheetah Connie Crawford. That last sentence has never been uttered before, I’m sure.


Let me also share that Mr B hates this pattern. Seriously. It has a mini-mullet hem, it is empire waist and it has a funky gathered business that hikes up one side. Well, cheese and crackers, when you put it all together, I’m not sure why I like it. But I do. Hey, did I mention we are in the midst of Snowpocalypse? Yes! We got 1 inch. Its was devastating to our natural order. These pics show my dedication to showing you chubby girls in foolish fashions! fro1

I love a flowy, fluttery thing and this does that. It’s probably a fabric better suited to a little blouse, but hey, in for a penny, right?


That big old gathery business hides an immense pocket. Seriously, it’s like oven mitt sized. I can carry Flannery in there if I wish to. I’m not sure she’d like it, but I could!


Woo- she is fierce! As fierce as a day-glo python? I know I am! Bodice detail:


Check out my moves! See me terrorize the villagers! Look out mongoosesmongeese? A mangle on mongoose? A whole mess of them, whatever they like to be called in plural!!


Pattern thoughts: why does a pattern designed for knits need a back zip? Does it help or just cut up my lovely gaudiness? I skipped it. I also used a charmeuse- yes- I am perpetrating charmeuse abuse! But it worked and doesn’t that make me quite the little rebel? heehee- also a charter member of Slytherin!


Wondering about the title? When I first tried this on it made me think about the Little Prince. Damn, I look like a snake that swallowed an elephant?!

its a hat

photo credits: meadhawg, google images, Patternreview. All images remain the property op their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Junya Wantanabe

Shredded is the new black.wat1

I’d like to thank my stylist- Frisky.   She made this look possible.wat2

Oh, how embarassing- she has it on backward- I’ll bet she feels foolish!


This would be my favorite. wat5

No, I lied. It’s this one. It looks like she violently melded with a surfing cowboy.


This is for all the Moms who ever wished they could just throw a trench coat over their childs outfit.


No, I didn’t need help getting dressed- why do you ask?


Wanda was never invited back to the Bird Sanctuary again after the incident.


I’m sorry, embellished hems are just silly looking, what was the designer thinking?!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Deep, deep into the jungle- where the animals are Fancy!


Lots of things happening in two’s and three’s this year! Sharon is on a 2nd safari and tho not so happy with her make- I think it’s gorgeous!!!

McCalls 6839 front and back

Patty has a public service announcement for us: Bundle up at night, it’s cold in the wilds!


Katie is on a serious roll this month! She and Myra are here- ever see an Archer that is a cheetah? IMG_7908

How about an adorable scarlet zebra? Myra and company!



Now we’ve had repeat action, but this time we have a repeat pattern from last year- Amity is working her way thru the animal kingdom, 1 Giorgio at a time!


As you know, I am partial to a particular wild beastie- the dachshund. So is MaciNic and not only is her taste in dogs excellent- so is her print style!


For safety, I know you shouldn’t try to pet a cheetah or her kitten, but could you resist giving one of these  a stroke? Purple velvet and cheetah! Thanks Cari!!!!


Its scarf time! Heather and Nanna made predator infinity scarves! I demand that you go and see them!!!! What are you waiting for?


Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, Patty, Sharon, Katie,  Lolita Patterns, MaciNic, Cari .     All images remain the property of their original owners.

Dress up GRRRRR!


Tia Dia shows us the romantic side of animal prints with her Burda top-  this has some very nifty sleeves!


Enter Rawring is the stage direction for LizaJane! She is making me declare this the summer of the swishy skirt!

Lizajane sews

And now, a strange tale of 2 Jersey girls who grew up  just townships apart, but ever so close in style! Cuckoo Chanel rocked BUtterick 8815  and made me love it too!  jungle twins

Whats a jungle without a Scruffy Badger? Winnie will now answer the question of what runs faster-


Anna brings us some old school gorgeous in her new hat- I think Mr Dylan would approve.


Angela of Collected Yarns made a leopard print print skirt and was a little worried that she was late to the party, but we all know you just can’t make a cat come when you call it- it decided when the time is right!

collectedyarns2014 - 10

This week great minds thought alike and brought together a girly pattern and a fierce beast. I love animal print as a dichotomy- here are Leila and the designer herself, Amity in their Gunmetals!


Shoe specialness from both ladies! amity

Now remember, it’s never too late to join this gorgeous herd! Here’s the Pant-tone color chart as a reminder and inspiration!

Pant-tone 2014

Photo credits: meadhawg, pattern review, LIzaJane, Tia Dia, Cuckoo Chanel, Scruffy Badger Time, Anna in Technicolor,  Collected Yarns, Leila, Lolita Patterns.     All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Alexander Lewis

Ok, I have no idea what the gold thing is. I assume the model is stored in it. What do you think?


I like these shapes- love the fabrics, but they seem like they may be too stiff for practicality-


What does this skirt do when you sit down- which normal people not stored in tubes do-


Good shoes tho-


Even tho Veronica was CEO of Hoof and Halter, she still liked to strap on an apron and work the forge like one of the guys-


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the thing on her head appears to be a matching scrunchie. Please people, donate your extra fabric to charity, don’t get crazy!


The models expression is less Blue Steel and more ‘you talkin’ ta me?!’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.


Guess Who’s on Safari!


Every morning as I enjoy my mocha portside I see more and more stylish strutting on the blogosphere!

Check out Starryfishathome!

Ruth! Just unleashed her SWAP- thats sewing with a purr, thank you very much!

Martha is making me want to get a raiding party together and steal her dress!!!

Stitchparade is starting off slowly- dipping her toe into the spotted waters- check out her pretty pink dress with hidden cattitude!

Vicki, the Sewing Scientist has an enviable Obi on the flickr feed- go see her wonderfulness!

The vivacious Velosewer is teaching us to collar a zebra this week!


Where are the pics, you ask? Well, in the interest of being cruel/clever- I’ve disquised each sewist and you must go find their blog to see if you guessed right! Ready?






Still need inspiration for your cuddly quest? Check out the Pinterest Board!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, Core Couture, Velosewer, Buerre Blanc, Starryfishathome. All images remain the property of their original owners.

More Jungle Love!


Ah me…..its been a long week- but look what I have spied from my observation tower in the trees! Lurking in the tall grasses are some very stylish sewists! Here’s Kathy! Go see her in her native lair at Kathy Sews!



Hmmm- who else do I spy? Oh- here is ones! Look it’s Tracy! Plantains and tigers ahoy! This is a new fav blog for me!


Oh, Down in front! I can’t see Thornberrys lovely Lola! Well, go to her blog for lionless details!


Katie loves some jungle stashbusting!!!! Roaring Renfrew, Batman!


Well, I could use a rest- what about you?


Lynn gave me a really good idea for making New Look 6209- check her out!


Ok, I want this next outfit!!!! Can you bear the cuteness of this?? Dottie Doodle, you are getting the Auntie Mame award!!


Eleyna has made some tights that might even get my butt to excersize……maybe after I finish my book….and my bonbons…if I can get Bruderlein off my lap. Ok, but you go Eleyna- you look amazing!! Foliage will not stop her! Action shot:


Woo! I am all tuckered out- until next time Safari femmes!

photo credits: meadhawg, Katie, Kathy,  Thornberry, Tracy, Lynn, Eleyna, Dottie Doodle. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday explores Ports 1961

I’m not  a big button down and high collar girl, but I will restrain my ‘free the larynx’ movement for now. Mostly because I’m loving this coats fabric!


I’m not loving the tribble vest- sleeveless turtlenecks have always confused me.  po2 This next one attracts me while repelling me. I’m not sure thats good.  po3

Is this made of bark?


Phew! A print! I feel back in my collarbone exposing gaudy comfort zone. Me likey. Especially that business at the waist.po5

Contrast pockets and a hood. It’s like Paddington in mourning- but I like.  po6

Ok, if you change he collar detail to military insignia you have the formal uniform for a militia I would be comfortable joining- but we still need to do something about these boots. po7

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Jungle January- dolls and claws!


This week a little lady I much admire got left out- as a bit of an Austen fan myself, my gal Molly could not be slighted! Here she is in her fab zebra! Please forgive me Molly and her friend Char! dsci0078

Now, since we have a few minutes while the jeep gasses up- how about a manicure? Gail has tips for predator style! She has also finished another top!!!! Stanley and Livingston heartilly approve! nails

Heather has seriously upped our posing stakes today- yes, the fabric spoke to her and she is ready to share! Monster grrr

By the way- Alyssa Milano turned up cheetah for the Project Runway Allstars Finale-  OK Magazine has the only pic I can find- it’s really not doing it justice, I think!PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS

Alright that’s all for now- signing off from the deepest style  jungle! Keep checking the Jungle January Pinterest Mood Board for inspiration and giggles!


photo credits: Handmade by Heather, Sew Beading, GKSagenda, OK magazine. All images remain the property of their original owners.