Wearable Wednesday Honor

I’m really loving these shapes. I have a new designer crush.


Part pilgrim, part evil doll. I like that.


Check out the little sequinny urchin things on this one!


These lapels!


Someone needs to tell me know to make this blouse! I want it!


Hmm- you know what would make this better? Yes! Animal print! Don’t forget that today is the first day of Jungle January 2- dazzle me!! Just like Marlin Perkins, I will be watching and waiting in the tall grass…..


photo credits: style.com, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

56 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Honor

  1. Holy 2014, Batman…is this a trend for the year? Beautiful well fitting clothes with perfectly balanced lines and features? That perfect blouse with triangular inserts is just princess lines with flair…you can do that! The last dress, waiting in the tall grass has a secret back apron for sitting…did you see that? Great collection!


  2. I love the structure of those pieces and the weight and drapes on the fabrics. I would love to see the back on that blouse and dress but I have an idea of how it was done. I hope Mrs. Mole comments! The back butt flap on the last dress doesn’t send me
    and the print on the white dress looks like someone pulled the wings off a bug. Kind of a yucky gross thought for me. They could lose the lace tights, unless of course one is 4 years old and going to Easter Sunday Mass.


  3. Marsha says:

    I’m confused. Where are the nipple-exposing sheer fabrics? The designs that point to the crotch? The shoes that look like medieval torture devices?

    The designer must be smoking something. These are actually modest, comfortable designs. Some of the dresses actually have SLEEVES after several years of nothing but sleeveless dresses!


  4. Wowee — pretty! The coat and blouse in particular are making me swoon. My first thought upon waking this morning was, “Yay, Jungle January begins today!”. I’ll be stash-diving for animal prints as soon as I finish my coffee :D.

    Enjoyed the Marlin Perkins reference too!


  5. If loving the blouses in this collection is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The blue one is gorgeous–somehow the cutouts look elegant instead of trashy (though I’ll confess that I loves me a trashy cutout too!!) and those flowy sleeves…! I love flowy sleeves! I sure hope they are back “in” for good! I’m not a fan of those super tight ones that have been “in” since I was in junior high. 😦


  6. Love your description “part pilgrim, part evil doll” and these looks were all wonderful. I think that blouse would be fairly easy to make, it’s basically just an added style line (sheer insert) on the upper front piece right up to the collar piece.


  7. Shar says:

    The fit is perfect on these! For some reason I’m getting a Haunted Mansion vibe from the first two outfits (I think due to the coffin shaped bodice piece and the brick wall). Love the 5th look (the color combination, cutouts, fabric). I’m just waiting for my jungle fabric to be delivered!


  8. You’re right! These are all gorgeous. There’s plenty of things here I would happily add to my wardrobe πŸ™‚ I love the way the designs incorporate botanical & biological elements without looking too twee. The cicada wing dress in particular is a winner in my book πŸ™‚


  9. Really lovely designs! And HOORAY for Jungle January 2.0! Me and my fellow Wellington Sewing Bloggers are off to the zoo at the end of the month to celebrate!


  10. Susan Snow says:

    What if you used a pattern for a blouse with princess seams in the front and cut out wedges like in the picture. The piece with the wedge cut out would have to be doubled so you’d have a facing on the edge. Then make little facings for the other edges. Alternatively you could put a sheer or lace insert where you cut out the wedge piece. Would be a cool way to showcase a little smidgen of really neat fabric.


  11. The cutouts on that blouse only go to the shoulder seam… you can sort of see the purplish line of the fabric at the back. I thought at first It was kind of like a more dramatic version of the Crescent blouse, with princess seams.

    I kind of like this collection. I’m particularly drawn to that third dress, if they’d lose the sequins.


  12. Oh My goodness, I’m so in love with these, I can’t even stand it. The model’s expression, combined with the pilgrim-esque look does remind me of Children of the Corn, but if you were to put the clothes on somebody a tad less intense, I could see these rocking for really any occasion.


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