Pretty Predators of Jungle January


Welcome to the Jungle, Lisa– we’ve got fun and games! I’m adding Vogue 2064 to my shopping list- this is definitely style of the fittest!


Hey, don’t forget to get some ideas and inspurration (see what I did there? ) with the Jungle January Mood Board at Pinterest! I am on the hunt for multiple sized prints now to try this- valli

Ready for an eye opener? Frau Fleur has made some killer pink leggings! She will not be blending in with the herd this day! I love waking up to new pretties on the flickr group!


Now- this next one- Ms Montana did a wonderful job of incorporating her print into a sassy dress- this is a teaser- go see more!


Ahem- gir1

Don’t miss the next cruise and remember- the first rule of the jungle- always accessorize!


Photo credits: google images, Cultured Expressions, pattern Review, pinterest. All images remain the property of their original owners.

24 thoughts on “Pretty Predators of Jungle January

  1. Such a nice start to January Jungle…love the cat-like poses too! Pink leggings! OMG…we have gone wild this year! Love them and snakes too…it’s getting scary now!


  2. Oh! I just visited the Jungle January board at Pinterest. Some great stuff there. I love when they do animal prints in colors you would never see in the wild – like that sky blue pantsuit.


  3. rory says:

    For additional feline fun, do a search for leopard eyeshadow. One of the lovely sewing bloggers recently sported spotty eyes in a post — I just wish my neurons were firing properly so I could remember who it was.


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