As we travel deeper into the Jungle!


Well, I must say the Jungle smells relaxing and therapeutic today- must be the lovely sachets PennyLibrarian left about out camp. Isn’t she thoughtful…..and stylish? By the by- this is our first knitting project! Flannery says you can start making these with catnip now!  img_2429

Sue Parrott has made a cardi that I heartily covet. NO! NO Sue you may not turn around. They must go see your blog for a better view- I’m about teasing today! McCalls Sweater back

Kathy found one of my fav species in her stash- purple cheetah!!! She’s on a top sewing mission….094

Sherril took a t-shirt pattern and made it glam snake gorgeous! I really love this fabric combination!


The no longer Blogless Anna is in her 2nd year of cruising with us and marked it with 2 makes! Here’s one- go see the other! 11827294405_e5f85540b3

Racing toward species supremacy is Gail with a 2nd make already!!! Now I can’t decide which of hers I like best- maybe if there was a third…..


Now Jann may be a jungle queen, but the real Queen  of the World is of course Barbie, so it’s only fitting that she join us here to show off some Kadiddlehopper style!  She’s giving us the serious ‘come hither’, isn’t she? IMG_5636

Until next time…..


photo credits: pattern review, google images, Penny Librarian, Ilove2sew, All images remain the property of their original owners.

15 thoughts on “As we travel deeper into the Jungle!

  1. Another great selection on the grass runway. I should have one (or maybe two if no wadders) items for the next cruise.

    Love the pic of Clemmons in the tweet sidebar


  2. I must confess I’m an animal print virgin (yes, I have never,ever worn animal print – the horror!) but this makes are all so much fun that I’ve been lurking the flickr group since the month began. I may just have to join in, after all, there are still three weeks to go, right?


    • I think animal print gets such a cheesy rap- Jackie Collins, mafia brides- it can be a great pop of fun and even a neutral! Come on, try it! All the cool kids are doing it!


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