Safari of Stylish Delights!


Do you know what I love even more than animal print? Free patterns using animal print!!! Go see that stylish enabler that is Ms Thornberry!


Barbies dress came from  some fab skinnies from the Kadiddlehopper girls! I can’t believe Myra let Barbie show off first!


Well, Stacys first entry has embarrassed the locals! Go see her scanty work! Stacy, I hope you consider this an honor!


I’d like to welcome Heather to our cruise- I stalked her on twitter when I saw Simplicity retweet this top-  come on Baby, give us a GRRRRR!


Sharon is teasing me with an OOP pattern- in purple no less- has she no  compassion for we pattern hoarders?


Over on the Jungle January Flickr group, Vcki shared this gorgeous slitherer with us- go see it bigger and better!


I believe that there may be no stronger power than sewist enabling- welcome to the spotted side, Jenny!


I have to brag on the husband for a minute- all my live animal shots are his- he can’t make me look thinner, but he does great work with giraffes!

Miss Beajay– it is rare for me to be distracted from a print- but those shoes are making the Covet Fairy hover over me and work the wand!


Photo credits: meadhawg, flickr, Kaddidlehopper, Thornberry,Jenny, Sharon, Vicki, Beajay, Heather/twitpics . All images remain the property of their original owners.

27 thoughts on “Safari of Stylish Delights!

  1. Oh I must get busy too. Will my psychedelic zebra skirt make it before the end of January?? She keeps on telling me she’s not really an animal print, but I’m not convinced…


  2. These all look great. I’ve got my silk pre-washed and I’m hoping to get the printing done by the end of this week. I’m rather nervous about it, but I hope to have giraffe print to sew.


  3. Just wishing there was a snakeskin wedding gown heading toward my sewing studio now!!!!! It is just a thrill to see so many happy women wearing their jungle garments with pride! And including the kiddies who will be the next generation to carry the torch through the jungle!


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