Jungle January- dolls and claws!


This week a little lady I much admire got left out- as a bit of an Austen fan myself, my gal Molly could not be slighted! Here she is in her fab zebra! Please forgive me Molly and her friend Char! dsci0078

Now, since we have a few minutes while the jeep gasses up- how about a manicure? Gail has tips for predator style! She has also finished another top!!!! Stanley and Livingston heartilly approve! nails

Heather has seriously upped our posing stakes today- yes, the fabric spoke to her and she is ready to share! Monster grrr

By the way- Alyssa Milano turned up cheetah for the Project Runway Allstars Finale-  OK Magazine has the only pic I can find- it’s really not doing it justice, I think!PROJECT RUNWAY ALL STARS

Alright that’s all for now- signing off from the deepest style  jungle! Keep checking the Jungle January Pinterest Mood Board for inspiration and giggles!


photo credits: Handmade by Heather, Sew Beading, GKSagenda, OK magazine. All images remain the property of their original owners.

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