Wearable Wednesday explores Ports 1961

I’m not  a big button down and high collar girl, but I will restrain my ‘free the larynx’ movement for now. Mostly because I’m loving this coats fabric!


I’m not loving the tribble vest- sleeveless turtlenecks have always confused me.  po2 This next one attracts me while repelling me. I’m not sure thats good.  po3

Is this made of bark?


Phew! A print! I feel back in my collarbone exposing gaudy comfort zone. Me likey. Especially that business at the waist.po5

Contrast pockets and a hood. It’s like Paddington in mourning- but I like.  po6

Ok, if you change he collar detail to military insignia you have the formal uniform for a militia I would be comfortable joining- but we still need to do something about these boots. po7

photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday explores Ports 1961

  1. Kat says:

    Amusing and fabulous as usual – love wearable Wednesday! I know what you mean with the sleeveless tribble vest – I saw a sleeveless wool coat the other day – seriously? Why waste your time sewing that?


  2. Overall, not bad. Actually wearable except for a few details like the sleeveless turtleneck? I’m with you on that one. The print dress is my favorite and I sort of like the last outfit. I’m very attracted to the boots in the first two pictures. They’re awesome enough to get me to wear high heels. .


  3. That print dress wins hands down but that last sparkly skirt could really attract attention if paired with some decent high heels. makes me wonder how that last model manages to stuff a turtle neck UNDER the white blouse and tuck all that into her waistband and still look thin? Magic?


  4. starryfishathome says:

    The socks baffle me, they remind me of my Polish ex MIL. Not a good look for anyone over 16. The print dress is really lovely, but wearing a sleeveless turtle neck under a slip dress?


  5. Mini Me says:

    Tribbles! I loved the Tribble episode in Star Trek I even named my guinea pig Tribble as he looked so like the creatures on the Enterprise and now I think of it – the fur in that vest!


  6. I like these. I will confess, I like sleeveless turtlenecks. They’re good for layering, but not under slip dresses. That is just… weird. Of course, I thought wearing t-shirts under slip dresses was weird in the 90s… oh, please don’t let this become a trend!


  7. LOL at the repel/attract dress…you’re so right! It’s that darn turtleneck again! And, yes…that suit is made of bark 😉

    Fun commentary, as usual. I do like that white blouse and would LOVE to see that skirt fabric up close and personal!


  8. The black socks with sandals look is what every older woman in Chinatown in Oakland wears, nothing new about that. Would I emulate it? Only if I wanted my daughter to put a pillow over my face… And that last look reminds me of the early 90’s – pencil skirts, Donna Karan blouses with the leotard bottoms and crotch snaps and the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation influence. THAT one I might wear again : )


  9. I think these garments are so elegant. They look very timeless to me, I like them. And, I know, I know, I may not be popular in my opinion, but I LOVE high necked collars on sleeveless tops and dresses. There is something so couture about it, probably because it’s so oddly impractical.


  10. So behind! But, I love this, well most. Love the coat, the black skirt, there is a lot to love. And, still with the socks and heels. I love the look but am afriad I’d never wear it tho.


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