More Jungle Love!


Ah me…..its been a long week- but look what I have spied from my observation tower in the trees! Lurking in the tall grasses are some very stylish sewists! Here’s Kathy! Go see her in her native lair at Kathy Sews!



Hmmm- who else do I spy? Oh- here is ones! Look it’s Tracy! Plantains and tigers ahoy! This is a new fav blog for me!


Oh, Down in front! I can’t see Thornberrys lovely Lola! Well, go to her blog for lionless details!


Katie loves some jungle stashbusting!!!! Roaring Renfrew, Batman!


Well, I could use a rest- what about you?


Lynn gave me a really good idea for making New Look 6209- check her out!


Ok, I want this next outfit!!!! Can you bear the cuteness of this?? Dottie Doodle, you are getting the Auntie Mame award!!


Eleyna has made some tights that might even get my butt to excersize……maybe after I finish my book….and my bonbons…if I can get Bruderlein off my lap. Ok, but you go Eleyna- you look amazing!! Foliage will not stop her! Action shot:


Woo! I am all tuckered out- until next time Safari femmes!

photo credits: meadhawg, Katie, Kathy,  Thornberry, Tracy, Lynn, Eleyna, Dottie Doodle. All images remain the property of their original owners.

17 thoughts on “More Jungle Love!

  1. Martha says:

    I would love to be a part of Jungle January. So thanks for your query over on my blog. How is it done? My email is martha dot myers at gmail dot com. Not sure why I spelled out the dot. Anyway thanks for asking.


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