Guess Who’s on Safari!


Every morning as I enjoy my mocha portside I see more and more stylish strutting on the blogosphere!

Check out Starryfishathome!

Ruth! Just unleashed her SWAP- thats sewing with a purr, thank you very much!

Martha is making me want to get a raiding party together and steal her dress!!!

Stitchparade is starting off slowly- dipping her toe into the spotted waters- check out her pretty pink dress with hidden cattitude!

Vicki, the Sewing Scientist has an enviable Obi on the flickr feed- go see her wonderfulness!

The vivacious Velosewer is teaching us to collar a zebra this week!


Where are the pics, you ask? Well, in the interest of being cruel/clever- I’ve disquised each sewist and you must go find their blog to see if you guessed right! Ready?






Still need inspiration for your cuddly quest? Check out the Pinterest Board!

photo credits: google images, meadhawg, Core Couture, Velosewer, Buerre Blanc, Starryfishathome. All images remain the property of their original owners.

19 thoughts on “Guess Who’s on Safari!

  1. Ha ha ha!!! Fantastic Idea!!! Our favourite is, naturally, the Kitty, but elephant head also gains smiles of respect! Monkey head is sized just perfectly for the person! 🙂


  2. I guessed right – do I get a lollipop? Great examples of the unleashing of the beast here. I am wanting starryfish’s tunic and Velosewer’s blouse. I could also happily take on Ruth’s whole wardrobe. *sigh* everything is just lovely.


  3. LSV says:

    I looked at your Pinterest link, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the leopard shirt (another archer!) under the sweater – but I can’t find fabric anywhere! Any ideas??


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