Wearable Wednesday Alexander Lewis

Ok, I have no idea what the gold thing is. I assume the model is stored in it. What do you think?


I like these shapes- love the fabrics, but they seem like they may be too stiff for practicality-


What does this skirt do when you sit down- which normal people not stored in tubes do-


Good shoes tho-


Even tho Veronica was CEO of Hoof and Halter, she still liked to strap on an apron and work the forge like one of the guys-


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the thing on her head appears to be a matching scrunchie. Please people, donate your extra fabric to charity, don’t get crazy!


The models expression is less Blue Steel and more ‘you talkin’ ta me?!’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

47 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alexander Lewis

  1. T says:

    I love these posts … I shall be keeping an eye out for the model storage basket when I’m out and about … I didn’t know people lived in them! 😉


  2. Are those things on her neck control collars , like on Star Trek, or anti bark collars? Maybe they help,her relax when she is in storage in the tube. I do like the strong clean lines of the clothing.


  3. Shar says:

    I think with the gold props, the designer was looking for urban glam – ‘Just paint the litter strewn chain link gold’. I’m not sure if I like these looks or not. Except for the second to last one, they look too much like something I could wear to work!


  4. Well, they are very sophisticated and elegant. But, that mini-skirt….ummm, no. And that tube!? Kitty will inform you that it is a Kitty tube! You race through it when the imaginary doberman is chasing you. You wait for your human to throw spongy balls inside to chase. And, you lie in wait inside for the dog to pass by and spring out and attack! Thanks for clearing that up, Kitty.


  5. She may be starting a new version of the priesthood. Take note of the blue collar!! At least it’s a little more fashionable than the basic white 🙂
    Thanks for once again, another fun post.


  6. Stiff fabrics, stiff model, stiff plastic neck band and stiff gold reed baskets or kitty caves…and matching shoes…all OK compared to some weird stuff recently. Soften the fabrics, add some color and even that forging apron might work but the hair scrunchie has to go.


  7. Our model of the perpetual sneer. And to think she gets a GOLD model cage! I like the shapes and the cut on some of these a lot, but thos fabrics do look about as soft and comfortable as Tyvek. Okay, maybe that would be okay for the apron….


  8. Love these fabrics and shapes, although yes, they need some finagling to be non-model appropriate. I do like how the shoes texture matches the fabric, but yeah the scrunchie is taking styling matchy-matchy a BIT too far 😛 I totally adore the idea of models being stored in tubes – hilarious ^__^


  9. LOL at the gold cage! I think the designer means for her to be perceived as a kick-a%^ female executive…because any successful professional woman wears skirts slit up to there in the workplace 😉 I mean, can’t you just SEE these in the boardroom?! The maroon pieces are obviously for the corporate retreat…

    One thing I DO like: THOSE NAVY SHOES! Want, want, want! 🙂


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